Official Democrat newsletter says Liz Vasquez is too Trumpie, U.S. military vets are Nazis, while pansexual and diehard socialist are just perfect for the Legislature


You heard it first from the Alaska Democratic Party. That is, you heard first it if you get the Alaska Democratic Party’s radical newsletter:

The Alaska Democrats’ say that their candidate Jennie Armstrong, who has lived in Alaska for so few months that she has only qualified for two Permanent Fund dividends, is better than former Alaska Rep. Liz Vazquez, who checks all the boxes for “identity” but who supported Donald Trump in 2020. The support for Trump is a dealbreaker with the Alaska Democrats, even if Vazquez is Hispanic, first generation American, female, and a lawyer. The Democrats are going with the white pansexual.

Yes, Armstrong, running for the West Anchorage House seat, calls herself a “pansexual,” which means she is sexually attracting to whatever suits her at the moment. She is married to someone who identifies as a man, and the two have humans who identify as children.

Armstrong says she moved to Alaska in May of 2019; that would give her barely the time she would need for residency to qualify as a candidate, and the Division of Elections won’t pursue the matter.

The Alaska Democrats’ newsletter also calls Republican Jamie Allard a Nazi sympathizer, and then the newsletter throws shade on retired Navy SEAL Rep. Laddie Shaw for being an ally of Allard.

Allard is a U.S. Army veteran, a Latina, and an Assembly member who represents Chugiak-Eagle River on the Anchorage Assembly. Shaw, who served two tours of duty in Vietnam, is a decorated war veteran. The Democrats are painting them both as Nazi supporters.

Allard is running against a man with a long history of mental illness and extensive criminal court record, and Shaw is running against a Democrat who came to Alaska after being a member of the Occupy Wall Street, and Occupy Anchorage movement. You can read David Schaaf’s communistic views at this Howard Zinn website. To be clear, the Democrats would rather have a socialist representing Anchorage than a war hero.

The language of Democrats has become strident and increasingly radical over recent years. Now, the Alaska Democrats are openly supporting the most extreme candidates on the ballot.

Armstrong has been endorsed by all the extremist groups, such as:

  • Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates
  • National Education Association of Alaska
  • LPAC (lesbian political action committee)
  • The Alaska Center (for the environment)
  • Alaska March On (radical abortion activists)
  • Alaskan’s Together for Equality (radical educational and advocacy organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Alaskans)

Schaff has been endorsed by Big Labor:

  • Anchorage Central Labor Council
  • Alaska March On
  • NEA Alaska
  • The Alaska Center
  • Laborers Local 341
  • Teamsters Local 959
  • IUOE Local 302
  • ASEA/AFSCME Local 52
  • IBEW Local 1547
  • IUPAT Alaska Local 1959
  • Unite HERE Local 878
  • Alaska AFSCME Retiree Chapter 52
  • Plumbers & Steamfitters UA Local 367


  1. Surely(!), logic … reason … common sense will prevail. Sadly, we may just have to hit rock bottom before any chance at getting better. Hopefully, reasonable elected leaders can be elected to help guide our communities to better outcomes.

  2. Where is she from? I’m thinking San Fran. Perfect Liberal, crazy eyes and glasses though no green or blue streaks in her hair (is that a thing of the past?). Pansexual? I can’t keep up with all the new terminology and wonder which one actually birthed the children. I think she needs to be screened for Monkeypox.

      • Only the pans. The pots called the kettle black, instead of “cookware of color”, so they’re obviously racist; we can’t have any of that.

    • Naw. The lady (and I use that term loosely) pictured is an old meme of an anti-Trump lefty protester. It was from a video uploaded by InfoWars Jun 2016. She’s been rattling around the tubes of the internet for a while. Cheers –

    • If you’re referring to Jennie Armstrong, she’s from New Orleans. Forget about that, though. In the OEP and everything else I’ve seen, she gives her mailing address as 721 Depot Drive. In other words, she’s a very blatant stooge for Ship Creek Group. If people don’t pay proper attention, John-Henry Heckendorn and his clique (Dunbar, JKT, Jason Grenn, etc.) will have successfully hijacked the legislature. This district is pivotal because Turnagain, in just a few short decades, went from being one of the most conservative parts of Anchorage to being one of the most liberal parts of Anchorage.

      • A few short decades of government lawyers buying houses from old Alaskans & ruining another perfectly good neighborhood (although nothing ever happens to them – they’re rich)

  3. This article is a horribly disjointed attempt to throw shade–and it fails at even that. What kind of insult is it to say Democratic candidates are endorsed by Planned Parenthood or labor unions? I get that MAGA supporters think these are terrorist organizations, but is that what this blog is about? Posting a meme for the lead image? I thought MRAK was attempting to be more serious journalism/blog, so pretty disappointed that there was nothing of actual merit in this post. Maybe if the writing was organized in some fashion I would have gleaned a nugget of something informative–please start with an outline for the next post!

    • Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood as a way to cull black people from the population. She was an avid racist.

      Labor unions have a long history of corruption and ties to organized crime.

      But hey. If you’re good with that, knock yourself out.

    • MRAK fan, as a retired union member I dislike having my group lumped in with Planned Parenthood and anything as unnatural as being labeled “Pansexual”.

      Turns out that the big lies that the Democrat Ministry of Propaganda and yourself have swallowed and subsequently have pushed upon society do not resonate with the majority of the Adult Population. I think that the realization of the angst many have for your bravo sierra may soon be revealed by way of a thing called the mid term election.

      BTW , that meme is as I understand it a photo of a terribly mixed up young crazy who has been manipulated to be angry about some very silly things. But go ahead and defend your position, get behind your fearless leader Joe Biden as he blunders the country into economic crisis and WWIII. (how is that for casting shade?)

    • So you don’t like the message here, we get it.
      Instead of having a coherent argument why these candidates should make the cut, you complain about the messenger. It isn’t an insult to point out who endorsed these candidates. It is informative to know, who they will be beholden to once elected and endorsements do indicate overall philosophy of a candidate. Would YOU vote for a candidate with gun group endorsements, a thumbs up from the Pope and the Heritage Foundation? I bet not! Lastly anyone who is so wrapped up in their own body image and sees everything and all through that lens, strikes me as another Chris Constant, and we already suffer one of those.

  4. With children, errr… I mean leftist, err… I mean socialists…. sorry, Democrats, it is not about what you do, it is about what you are. The more labels you can identify with the more the children love you.
    Actual substance, experience, or competence is secondary.

  5. The left is the biggest disinformation lip flapping the world has ever seen. They will go down in history on the lies and hate they spew.

  6. My name is Joel Michael McKinney.
    I was born in Spenard, I live in Spenard, and God help me, I’ll die in Spenard.
    My father was born on Mckenzie Dr.
    My great grandfather homesteaded Fireweed Lane. Maybe you have heard of my family, maybe you haven’t. I probably cut you off in traffic more than once because I take pizza delivery too seriously – Sorry bout that. I ran AGAINST Liz Vazquez because I had my doubts…. When she clobbered me in the mid terms it became clear who the true power-house is. I talked to our mutual opponent, Mike Bekes, and we agreed to unify the west side of Anchorage under Liz. My leadership caught the eye of Mrs. Vazquez. Since then she has referred to me as her #1 volunteer. I am shocked that NONE of you are helping her. Good on you Suzanne. THANK YOU. Stop looking at the past and look into the future.. just for and second. We have a possible constitutional convention coming up.. be smart.. I am. New to advocating for a lawyer. K? but to be fair…. I have gotten to know her, and I must say. The State Legislature NEEDS her. Her radical opponent is … how do I say … the worst. You should see her Twitter ??… Liz and her husband are a super cute couple, and have BRILLIANT legal minds. I’ve seen her work at the anchorage assembly. She was once the municipal attorney, a municipal court judge, she also graduated from Cornell, and more importantly … she’s a REAL person. Believe me. I’ve seen behind the curtains. She kinda has a thing for dogs ? I am sure that together- we can truly represent Sand Lake, Jewel Lake, Collins way, South Spenard, all the way out to Wendys way, and the almighty Turnagain Heights. ???? and that’s my promise to Alaska, and the MRA readers.
    Gotta go … Liz is texting me about her Round Table Pizza event tomorrow Thursday the 27th at the dimond center. Did y’all see the flyer?! See ya there!

  7. And this tirade is part of their rhetoric about being bipartisan, cooperating, reaching across the aisle and getting along with the opposition? Cut the sh*t. Democrats are haters. And that’s why I vote ONLY for conservative Republicans.

    • Howdy Ted. Don’t forget the UNION ELEMENT. The rank and file members are 50% Commies, the other 50% are Sheepish Conservative. The LEADERSHIP is all Commie, and rule with an iron fist. My Guess is they own 2/3 of the Legislature, both Republican and Democrats. That’s why we have Republican Majorities joining Democrat Minority Caucuses and voting Pro Union giant budgets, that require Non Union Alaskan’s to give up their PFD CHECK. Mike Shower, Roger Holland, and Mia Costello are feeling Union Heat along with Liz. We need to support these Great People. They are the Firewall that is keeping Alaska from burning down. A perfect exame of what I’m saying is the Kelly Merrick story. Vote Mike Shower, Roger Holland, Mia Costello, Stu Graham, to name a few of the Great Ones.

  8. Very good, Suzanne. Overall, this election is “laughably serious!” Political discourse is nothing but babble; goodness, truth, and justice, but fading notions!

  9. “… and the two have humans who identify as children.”. Really Suzanne? Really? Have you asked them? Have you explained to them all of their options and how indifferent you are to all of them? Ya. I didn’t think so. You people make me sick. Maybe the children identify as adults who are old enough to follow through responsibly with anything they ever want. Besides what did a lgtqbti++++++ ever do to you?! What’s wrong with you!

    • I am assuming this is satire.
      Otherwise the more apt question is: “What is wrong with you!!???”. (actually you answered that question with you lobotomy handle) Have you noticed that none of the conservative candidates find it important to define their “pronouns” or explain their sexuality? Why? Because it doesn’t matter when you are setting budget for the state or debate a road project. If the only thing this person has accomplished, is to be confused about her biology, I don’t want her near any real decision making for the rest of us. I can see the likes of Louise Stutes wasting considerable time, waiving the gavel to censure Mike Shower, or David Eastman for using the wrong pronoun of the day and resolutions to follow….

  10. Candidate Armstrong has no clue regarding the AK State budget. Her web page says, “We spend more money incarcerating Alaskans than we do educating Alaskans.” How far from the truth can that be? Well, the State of Alaska spent $1.3 Billion on K12 education and spent only $379 Million on Department of Corrections in FY2022. She has a real problem telling the truth or even knowing the truth.

    Armstrong would do well to move to either Seattle or Portland. Alaska does not need nor want her in our legislature.

  11. Liz voted for the Fire Island Wind Farm, a corporate give away at the expense of CEA ratepayers. She is not responsible fiscally and will rank last on my ballot

    • Frank, good to see that you have principals and standards that guide you in who you vote for. She Voted for a Wind Farm? Goodness, yeah I wouldn’t cast a ballot for someone like that! I mean most if not all of the Obama Green Energy stuff was corrupt and tax payers picked up the tab while Barry’s Cronies raked in millions. Besides that Frank, the Damn things kill little birdies. Good call on voting for the woke “Pansexual”, wait didn’t Lisa vote for Green Energy too? I’ll bet Lisa was behind that wind farm in one way or another. You gonna vote for Kelly now?

    • Liz and I successfully fought Fire Island wind 2007 – 2010 on the Chugach Board. We did it in the face of strong support by the congressional delegation at the time (Murkowski and Begich).

      She lost her majority after I was defeated in 2010 and no longer had the votes to keep it from being built. If you oppose Fire Island Wind, you really need to talk with former Chugach Board member Jim Nordlund, who apparently worked on the deal for a while without approval of the Board. Cheers –

  12. Perfect example of the reprobates moving here and why Alaska is so troubled. These people are not your nice neighbors. They are destroying the fabric of society with thier unnatural, radical extremism. Perverted not just sexually but in every way. Given over to hedonistic thoughts and behavior. Violent and without desire to talk through topics. Many, not all, beyond help. Dont be welcoming, nice or polite to them. Give the impression they are unwelcome. Hopefully they go back to Seattle and Oregon. Not a political issue this is a cultural one thats being lost because we on the right are polite, kind and accommodating by nature. Time to push back and protect our culture and our families.

  13. I don’t see what having a sexual attraction to pots and pans has to do with politics.

    On a serious note, what happened to moral values? If she’s married, she shouldn’t be talking about sexual attraction to anyone but her husband.

  14. More of the same BS. When are we going to stop being stupid? Well we need to go back in time and have mental institutions for people who can’t identify as a man or woman. Biology and god says there are only two choices. This country is on the path to distraction and I can’t wait to see how these people will make it in the real world when the broke government can’t support their non productive lives. Go back to kalifornia.

  15. Well, it seems to me that Mrs. Armstrong is the modern version of a carpetbagger. This Cheechako thinks she has the right to tell us silly Alaskans how to run the state. Since she clearly believes to “know better” there will be no convincing her of the actual will of the people. I hope some one in her district files a complaint with the division of elections and the Lt. governor to invalidate her candidacy. If we do not enforce the rules, why bother having any??

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