Obamacare in Alaska: Abortions on demand, subsidized by taxpayers



Alaska is one of eight states where 100 percent of healthcare plans offered in the Obamacare exchange provide for federally subsidized abortions.

Alaskans who wish to buy health insurance on the private health insurance market must sign up by Dec. 15.

26 states do not allow elective abortion coverage in any plans offered on their state exchanges.

Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska (5): All plans cover elective abortion in 2020.

Moda (4): All plans cover elective abortion. Reentered the Alaska market for the 2020 sales year after being out for three years.

Abortion critics say paying for abortions with the use of federal health insurance subsidies is a violation of the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits using taxpayer dollars for elective abortion.

The average subsidy for Alaskans on the Affordable Care Act plans was $718 in 2018.

Read the details about Alaska’s Obamacare plans at this link.

Enrollment in Alaska’s health insurance exchange peaked in 2016, when 23,029 people enrolled in private plans. Since then, the number of enrollees has dropped sharply:

  • 19,145 people enrolled for 2017, a 17 percent drop from 2016. Most states only saw a 5 percent drop that year. Alaska’s percentage drop-off in enrollments was one of the biggest in the country. But prices on the Alaska healthcare exchange are some of the highest in the country, and the individual mandate (law that you must buy it) has not been enforced since President Trump took office in 2017.
  • 18,313 people enrolled for 2018
  • 17,805 people enrolled for 2019
  • The drop in enrollments from its peak in 2016, when Obamacare was still in a “forced buy” category, to 2019 is nearly 23 percent.



  1. This why we need Medicare for All. As a DC, Obamacare has cut into my client bases’ ability to afford my services and insurance covers less chiropractic even though our clients are more satisfied than with MD’s. I myself have not been able to afford the premiums for Obamacare even with a subsidy. Healthcare should be a right!

    I’ve observed since the 2008 recession that there’s been a slow burning down of people’s resilience financially including the closing of many long-time businesses.

    Credit card debt is now higher than it was during the 2008 recession and Student Loans are over $1.5 trillion – 500 billion higher than in 2008. When the next recession hits, it’s gonna be a Depression!

  2. Black’s Law Dictionary, “Perpetuity, Life or lives in being plus 21 years, plus ordinary period of gestation.” Everyone is living people from the moment of conception. Everyone has a God given right to their parents property from the moment of conception. Abortion is murder. All Socialist societies practice murder and call it something else. Seymour Marvin Mills Jr. sui juris

  3. Thank our idiot Senator, Lying Lisa Murkowski for this problem now and in the past. Expense, and taxes? Oh come on! The state of Alaska sponsored over a thousand abortions in the state for 2018 and more than likely the same amount or close to it this year, because Murkowski determined this state should pay its fair share of killing and billing to have the public pay for the habits and mistakes of her sponsorship and vote in the US Senate. She speaks with a forked tongue!! She is a Catholic, taken all the sacraments, hides the fact she is a Catholic and continues her sick minded habits. She has been removed from Diocese news bulletins, conflict of oaths. When is the next bishop or Archbishop going to make an effort to refuse her in communion in public? Not soon enough. She has a love for Planned Parenthood and will not vote them out of taxes to pay for their illegal antics. So, who pays for the votes of this disgraceful Senator? We do…. Murkowski walks around with a smirk on her face and thumbs her nose at anyone who is against that issue and vote. I can’t believe you should be complaining when you know she voted for our tax dollars to pay for foreign appropriations which includes 280 billion for international abortion clinic’s expense. You are complaining? Really? Well, quit voting for her!!! Obama Care? She voted for that and continues that path.

  4. Strange and sad how the dems and associates/rinos are glorifying abortion, even after birth. Like Stalin said: “Kill a few and it’s a crime. Kill millions and it’s a statistic”. Those that claim it’s their right because it’s their body and killing other human beings in the womb and after birth is a right for themselves and no one else, are hypocrites. Those human beings/babies being denied the right to life could say the same thing, once given life outside their temporary haven, the womb. Genocide. That word defames rulers/dictators, emperors and others, for the ignominious deeds of murdering thousands, millions of souls. When brought to justice or dethroned, whatever the case was, those murderers claimed “right” was on their side, because they were who they were. This period (now) in the devolution of humanity is the nadir or human existence, as far as I’m concerned, for the human right to life. I oppose taxpayer/public funding for abortion. I don’t want to aid, abet or be any part of murder. If someone wants it, let them find their own means, not mine.

  5. Money to save Native American women…
    Money to kill American babies…
    A lobbyist-legislator team too obsessed with getting PFD money to give a damn about either…
    A medical-pharmaceutical-insurance-government team happy with things just as they are…
    Productive Alaskans unable to do a thing about it…
    Is Alaska a great state or what?

  6. Wayne Anthony Ross once noted that He was so Pro-Life that he was against the death penalty. A concept that liberated me. I don’t need to play God with an opinion about who lives and who gets killed. Life is sacred, in the womb or beyond. Human life has lost value in our society since Roe. We need to reaffirm the value of life as a people and as a nation.

  7. If a woman’s “right to choose” is sacred, why does the education industry oppose school vouchers that let women choose where to educate their kids? You know, the kids they choose not to murder.

    If the “right to choose” is sacred, why can’t women choose NOT to fund abortions with their taxes?

    Or are women only allowed to “choose” as long as they do it “the right way”?

    I’d think women would be offended by an entity telling them that. I know I am.

  8. This is Alaska rule. Alaska state insurance (medicaid or Denalicare) was expanded to cover abortion. This is how the Hyde Amendment is circumvented, by states expanding their medicaid coverage to include abortion. It makes sense too, since abortion is a medical procedure.

  9. Abortion being paid by we the taxpayers is disgusting… And by the way abortion IS MURDER. Period.. Maybe if they focused on more prevention OF pregnancy rather than being irresponsible and sleeping around… I hate that our state is funding this…

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