Obama rewind: ‘After my election I have more flexibility’



  1. The propaganda media always deliberately misquote him as saying, “After THE election,” when in fact he said, “After MY election”.

  2. What a blast from the past. This is almost as bad as what Trump got caught doing — and we should have addressed it then. So let’s take a stand now! Let’s make an example of Trump so subsequent presidents don’t feel entitled to abuse their office. That’ll be the end of executive branch scumbags like Obama, Trump, and at a local level, Dunleavy.

  3. Exactly right. One of the biggest mistakes we made was to not carry out the impeachment of Clinton. After that, presidents decided that impeachments weren’t real threats and were even opportunities to shore up the base of their supporters.
    Executives serve the people and should always be fearful of the people. If the politicians aren’t serving us, if they promise one thing and deliver another, then we should remove them from office.

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