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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Obama forgot that Eric Holder dropped Stevens case



President Obama this week lambasted the Justice Department’s abandonment of criminal charges against Michael Flynn as unprecedented, but his Justice Department did the same thing in another highly politicized criminal case.

In April 2009, then-Attorney General Eric Holder pulled the plug on the prosecution of Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska, a liberal Republican who sided with Democrats on key issues including climate change and abortion.

The comparisons between Stevens and Flynn are striking. Both men faced the same criminal charges of making false statements, the same judge, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan, handled both cases, and each had their criminal prosecution undone by a handwritten note that was buried by federal prosecutors.

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Still, in a call Friday with thousands of supporters listening, Obama railed that Attorney General William Barr undermined the “rule of law” by dropping the charges against Flynn, who previously served as Trump’s national security advisor.

“There is no precedent that anybody can find for somebody who has been charged with perjury just getting off scot-free,” said Obama.

Although the Stevens prosecution began under President George W. Bush, conservatives at the time grumbled the case may have been initiated by left-leaning prosecutors looking to flip his Senate seat.

Holder dropped the criminal charges against Stevens nearly seven months after he was convicted by a federal jury. He cited allegations that prosecutors withheld exculpatory evidence.

Federal prosecutors accused Stevens of failing to report more than $250,000 in gifts from an oil company executive, including home repairs and a deal in which Stevens swapped a 1964 Ford Mustang for a new 1999 Land Rover Discovery.

[Read this column in full at The Washington Times]

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Ah yes, the railroading of Ted. It set a chain of events into motion that lead to his death. Make no mistake, Obama, Killary and the left are engaged in a war against America and they will stop at nothing to get the power that they crave. It will come to shots fired I guarantee it. They are enemies of the state.

    • Your straight forwardness is refreshing.

    • Stevens was killed in a plane crash in Alaska along with others on August 9, 2010. On September 26, 2010, one of the prosecutors involved in the case hanged himself.

      In November 2011, the investigation ordered by Sullivan was completed and, in a 500-page report, the investigators concluded that federal prosecutors in the Stevens case engaged in “significant, widespread and, at times, intentional misconduct.” The report recommended against seeking criminal charges

  • When was Ted Stevens convicted of perjury????

    • Later exonerated, but too late. It was the beginning of the current take of Alaska by a regime we now know all to well.

      • Yes there was.

        • On April 7, 2009, on a motion by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Sullivan dismissed the case against Stevens

  • Makes me wonder if Eric Holder was on that call and if he sat silent, knowing the entire time that former President Obama was making a fool of himself while furiously trying to kick sand on his tracks? Former President Obama is trying to hide his past misdeeds and is willing to say and do anything to keep them hidden. There was a January 5th Oval Office meeting that set all of this Russian collusion conspiracy theory in action and all the key players pushed a narrative to the public, but when asked under oath and threat of perjury they ALL admitted there was none.
    This story is far, far bigger than Whitewater. Former President Obama is thrilled that there is a global pandemic sharing the news cycle.

    • Stay tuned. Obamagate is just beginning this summer.

    • Welcome to the world of fantasy conspiracy. No documentation, no evidence, innuendo galore, and magical thinking.
      Be afraid.

      • There’s plenty of documentation and plenty of evidence coming out, check the 302’s that were wrote and rewrote after the fact and who wrote them and when they were submitted. Check the text messages that Strzok wrote about his falsifying the 302. Check the January 5th Oval office meeting and where the information from that meeting came from and where it went, check on all of the congressional testimony some that directly contradicts James Clappers testimony…somebody’s lying. Check the congressional testimony that admits there was no Russian collision from the highest ranks of the Obama Administration all while they lied to the gullible leftist in the media and in our country. Check the FISA warrants. No innuendo and no magical thinking. They lied to you Greg and you believed it all and you still believe them even though they have given sworn testimony about their lies…now that there takes some kind of magical thinking.
        There’s plenty of documentation and plenty of evidence, the problem is people who turn a blind eye for their political purposes…you wouldn’t happen to be one of those would you Greg?

        • LOL> No, just calling it like I see it as always. You will never see any spin here.

      • Hmmm, no. Someone has it all and all matters are playing out as they should. There is no stopping what is on the horizon for the corrupt. It’s going to be biblical.

  • The purpose of the railroading of Ted Stevens was to remove him and install a replacement that would go along with the liberal agenda of the Obama administration. That goal was achieved by ruining the reputation of a highly effective senator and replacing him with a political hack that was the swing vote on the ACA, the largest tax put on the American people ever.

    • Very correct!

    • Welcome to the world of fantasy conspiracy…

  • If we had a real news industry in America, this would be on every newspaper and every news channel. This is HUGE and it’s being ignored.

    Where are the headlines and breathless reporting about the coverup? Where are the headlines screaming accusations against Biden for sexual abuse? Check the ADN. Check KTUU. Not one word. Nothing to see here. Crickets.

    If it wasn’t for AnchorageDailyPlanet and MustReadAlaska there would be ZERO coverage for truly newsworthy events of this magnitude. And that’s pathetic. ZERO.

    • Welcome to the world of…

  • I followed this case. Stevens was convicted by a jury, and that conviction was later overturned due to “prosecutorial misconduct” when it was brought out that evidence obtained by the prosecution had not been shared with the defense, a serious misstep.
    The case was initiated by the G. W. Bush administration and was dismissed by the Obama administration when the misconduct came to light. Judge Emmet Sullivan was harsh with his criticism of the prosecution and dismissed the case “with prejudice,” meaning it could not be retried.
    When interviewed at a later time, one of the jurors said that the missing evidence would not have made any difference in the jury’s decision. What sold the jurors was a recording of Stevens where, and I paraphrase, he mused about, “…what’s the worst that could happen? A big fine or a couple of years in prison?” That’s why they voted to convict. Stevens knew what he was about to do was illegal.
    Turns out the prosecution could have shared the information anyway, got their conviction, and Stevens might still be alive today, having missed his plane ride into the great beyond while, instead, cooling his heels in the slammer. I doubt that Stevens could be considered a true “liberal” Republican. All of them had been weeded out long ago by the party apparatchiks. As I recall, serious recriminations were directed at the principals of the prosecution but no serious consequences resulted. Nothing could be proved that showed criminal misconduct.

    • Like I said, exonerated because he was denied justice and railroaded.

      • Perhaps we were denied justice due to misfeasance on the part of the prosecution. The jury thought so.

    • The Justice Dept. takes following the rule of law seriously, and when bad actors or dirty cops step in, they are quickly ushered to the whipping boy station. This was a set up. There are rules in playing the game.

  • Stevens was “guilty” and I am glad he was caught and gone!!! Corruption!! Big Time!!! No excuses by newspaper articles are going to make a bit of difference. He also had a relationship with Bill Allen, VECO, on corruption, and in it, allowing Bill Allen use his cabin to bring his underage prostitutes to his cabin for Allen’s crimes. Stevens knew what he, Stevens, was doing and agreed to the crime. I don’t care what new after the crime and trial investigation would prove. It was done…no turning back and that left Stevens right where he knew he would be. Sometimes, politicians are so engaged in covering each other up and protecting their crimes from public knowledge and view, they become a part of the crime. Stevens wasn’t stupid. He just thought he would get away with what he wanted to do. Now we have Murkowski lamenting the crime, saying its not true and Stevens was a good guy and is her mentor, today. So, “what goes around, comes around.” It’ll happen again! Murkowski is still working the cover-up!

    • Nobody here will tell you that Ted was bad for Alaska. Nobody!

      • He certainly knew how to bring home the bacon. And to make Alaska the vassal of powerful moneyed interests. Whether that’s good or bad depends on which side of the money you happen to be on.

        • He helped with the NCSA. The pipeline which gave us all goodies. Respected in the swamp of DC, which means you can’t get anything done without it.

    • DK, …….your hate, anger, depression, sophistry and psychotic derangement is drooling from your mouth. Seek counseling and triple your dosage of psychotropics. MRAK can advise that you are checking into API tomorrow. You’ll find your soulmates there.

    • So you’re happy they ruined the life of a National Hero.

      I find it comical that people get spun up over a BBQ, 40yr old car and a sled dog all while our front running presidential candidate has received millions from Ukraine and China in the form of payoffs to his family for “jobs” they aren’t even remotely qualified for. Then there are the untold millions Hillary and her husband bilked people for in the form of million dollar speeches and “donations” to their foundation.

      Ted Stevens was a WW2 Veteran and Hero……..He was brought down by his enemies over a BBQ, Sled Dog and 40yr old car. The prosecutions claims on value of these items was totally bogus. Seeking justice had nothing to do with it.

  • No he was not. The prosecution was dirty. Nothing else mattered with the rule of law.

    • All of that for a piddling free home repair? Think again. Obama and his Democrat gangsters wanted to get rid of Stevens from continuing on as the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, arguably the most powerful purse string broker in all of Washington. Crooked Democrat cops brought down Stevens,
      just like the Dems have been trying to do to Trump for four years.

      • Yup, hit the nail on the head.

        • Actually, the Ted Stevens fiasco was a diversion for the corrupt Obama Administration. Eric Holder was more interested in using DOJ as a war machine against Republican politicians, as he was ramping up efforts to bring more illegals into the US, and to transport guns into Mexico to beef up the cartels. This POS attorney general was another affirmative action appointee by Obama’s Admin. What else would you expect from the first affirmative action POTUS?

  • Hey, Maverick! The investigation was during the Bush Administration!! Look at your time line…and several legislatures and the US Sen. Lisa Murkowski was investigated. She did have to get rid of her illegally acquired real estate on the Kenai. Other legislature persons were indicted, brought to trial and some went to prison. “Big Dad Frank” was investigated as well. Ted Stevens should have been smart enough to say NO to corruption but he caved. Maverick…get it straight! Having an investigation on Flynn does nothing for Stevens. Sullivan hopes he can do something during an election year, and maybe cloud the thinking of voters.

  • DK,
    You mean Sullivan, the corrupt federal judge who presided over Senator Steven’s trial,…..correct? And Sullivan, the same activist Democrat judge who is a Trump hater and rules accordingly? That Sullivan?
    Dang DK, I just sent US Senator Dan Sullivan a check for a grand.
    ps…..did you vote for Lisa or Joe Miller in 2010?

  • Interesting! Obama. Holder. Emmet Sullivan. All far Lefties. Democrats. Trump haters. Beneficiaries of Affirmative Action policies. None very smart, or able to explain their actions in articulate summation. All African American. Interesting!

    • Now THIS sounds racist.
      You do realize that Emmet Sullivan (the other Sullivan in this conversation) was the jurist who dismissed Stevens’ conviction with, ironically, prejudice.

      • Judge Sullivan dismissed it only because Holder told him to. And Obama told Holder. Up the chain. Down the chain. No racism. Just CYA, as not to appear TOO stupid.

        • He may have known where the bodies are buried too.

      • It’s not. Just pointing out that they bit the hand that fed them. Golden Boys.

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