Notes from the trail: It’s all over but the shouting


More than 121,000 votes were logged in as of yesterday at the Division of Elections for the special primary election for Alaska’s congressional seat. We’re now on the 24+-hour watch, with Division of Elections reporting out the majority (we presume, but they won’t say) of the votes by 9 pm on Saturday. Must Read Alaska will be reporting from Soldotna on Saturday.

Colony Day Parade: Look for lots of candidates to have entries in the parade in Palmer Saturday, including Rep. DeLena Johnson and Sen. Shelley Hughes. Nick Begich for Congress will have a truck, but we’re not expecting candidates Tara Sweeney or Mary Peltola to look for last-minute Valley votes. All of the candidates are going where the crowds are most receptive on Saturday.

Media gaffe: Bloomberg’s report, above, shows why congressional candidate Nick Begich has the highest hill to climb in this election. The report said “Mark Begich,” the name that is kryptonite for Nick, the conservative in the family who is always having to battle the old leftist uncles…who have endorsed rival Chris Constant for Congress. That is a groaner for the Nick campaign, which is now referring to him as NBIII, understandably.

On the other hand, at least the national news group mentioned Must Read Alaska, even if it was an old poll from April:

More media: New York Times has a roundup of the Alaska race at this link.

FiveThirtyEight, the Nate Silver polling and survey site, has a story here.

Slate jumped in with a story at this link.

Mother Jones got in on the action with this story.

Running through the tape: About 80 people attended the Nick Begich for Congress fundraiser at the Keith Manternach hangar in Anchorage on Thursday, and there were a lot of new faces. Photo at top of page captures some of the vibe, which was upbeat and casual.

Kelly Tshibaka and the bikers: Tshibaka, running for U.S. Senate, is on the Kenai with Chris Cox, founder of Bikers for Trump, and a lot of Trump and Tshibaka fans. They’re doing door-to-door campaigning.


  1. I would love to ride a motorcycle with Kelly T., but Lisa is so damn jealous of her, least of which Kelly only had to take the AK Bar Exam just once.

  2. This phony Election is going to be the biggest fraud in Alaska’s history! We have so much Govt corruption!

  3. I don’t think it’s an accident that Bloomberg got Begich’s name wrong. They WANT to confuse the voters.

  4. To all you citizens who did not vote read care love and are just to poor to pay attention to anything other than themselves. Congratulations our world needs coward cry babies with no life enthusiasm also. Voters your the soldiers in this war congratulations heroes integrity integrity oath integrity

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