Notes from the trail: How can you watch the Trump event in Anchorage on your phone, Rumble and RSBN website?


Photo above: Tara Sweeney, running for Congress, and Bill Walker, running for governor, together in Utqiagvik during the whale festival. Credit: Bill Walker campaign.

Right Side Broadcasting Network’s new livestream partnership with Rumble means as of July 1, all of the President Donald Trump rallies and speeches will be aired only on RSBN’s Rumble channel, the RSBN mobile app, and its website. Must Read Alaska will also be inside the arena and live-streaming on Facebook, if our news organization is allowed to do so by the Trump organization (to be determined).

“We will no longer have full live coverage on other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, although we will air limited portions of our Trump rally pre-show coverage on those platforms,” RSBN reported.

“Please be aware that you can only access President Trump’s remarks LIVE on RSBN’s Rumble channel, mobile app, or website. We encourage you all to join us on Rumble to help us defeat Big Tech censorship! For updates and notifications when we are LIVE, add your name to our email list at,” said RSBN.

New polling information: Alaska Survey Research latest poll shows Nick Begich winning, ahead of Sarah Palin in the race for Congress, when factoring in the ranked choice voting scenario and other variables.

“Nicholas Begich beats Mary Peltola 57-43 in an RCV final pairing on August 16th, with Sarah Palin eliminated first. The 3-way result is: Peltola 40 Begich 31 Palin 29,” the pollster wrote on Twitter. In a “hypothetical” Sarah Palin-Mary Peltola final two, Peltola wins 50.7-49.3. “Palin’s negative rating? Exactly 60%!”

The poll, for an unknown client, was conducted July 2-5 among 1,201 likely voters in Alaska and the pollster assigned a margin of error of +/-2.9%. Moore polls notoriously skew to the left. The polling analyst firm FiveThirtyEight says that of all the polls Moore does within 21 days of an election, he is right just 44% of the time.

As for the Murkowski-Tshibaka-Blatchford-Chesbro-etc. race for Senate, the pollster says this:

1st Round:

Tshibaka 43%

Murkowski 35%

Chesbro 17%

Darden 5%

2nd Round:

Tshibaka 45%

Murkowski 36%

Chesbro 20%

Final Round:

Murkowski 52% (+4)

Tshibaka 48%

Mary Peltola speaking to supporters from the balcony of the Mark Begich home.

Fundraisers: Mary Peltola for Congress had a big fundraiser at the house of Mark Begich on Thursday evening.

Nick Begich had a fundraiser at Paradiso’s in Kenai with 40 people. He was on the Duane Bannock Show and the Bob Bird Show, and then visited people at the Soldotna Wednesday concert series in the park.

Nick Begich speaks to supporters in Kenai. He is the Republican Begich running for Congress.

Jamie Allard, running for Alaska House District 23 was the focus of a big fundraiser in Eagle River on Thursday.

Jamie Allard and Mayor Dave Bronson speak to a room of supporters at Chepo’s in Eagle River.

Appearances: Shoshana Gungurstein, running for U.S. Senate as a nonpartisan, appeared on the Must Read Alaska Show, spending some quality time introducing herself to thousands of Alaskans. She said that as a nonpartisan, it’s hard to raise the funds to travel around the state.

Shoshana Gungurstein on the Must Read Alaska Show on Thursday.


  1. Don’t believe polls, the sewer Republicans are doing everything possible to damage Palin. She deserves to represent Alaska just for that.

    • Ms. Palin raised taxes (killed jobs) on our oil industry w/ ACES …. just what Progressives want.

      IN 2006 Ms. Palin vetoed a conservative bill that banned “domestic partners” from receiving State benefits of the State worker they “lived” with’ requiring that the benefits only go to “married couples”
      Gay groups across America applauded her for that support she gave them & straight partners, shacking up w/ State employees, also benefited from her veto.

      Then she endorsed Alice Rogoff’s pick for Governor Bill Walker.
      She quit & helped stick us w/ Walker.

      I realize Evangelicals see her as blessed or chosen, but she’s a self centered populist & a progressive.

  2. The poll is a joke. 1201 “voters”. If Nick wins, Alaska will continue to be a colony and never be transferred the land the feds owe since 1959. Unbelievable crap.

  3. Suzanne your best news site in Alaska fun and so informative thank you so much miss integrity. The ladies union is on it ma’am. Hope to see your team at the rally team Alaska let’s welcome the best ever president. Trump rally eve.

  4. Ha, ha, ha! Nick Begich wins over Sarah Palin when ranked choice voting is factored in! When Dominion Voting systems, mail in ballots, ballot harvesting, etc. is factored in Nick Begich gets 99% of the vote total. The fix appears to be in.

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    Cut the cord and stop your $ going to those tabloid super spreaders

  6. I hope the good people of the North Slope remember what China Walker did to the PFD,. We need to keep that AH out of our Future,

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