Notes from the trail: Bear Paw weekend, and a fundraiser for Kathy Henslee that was a smashing success


With 32 days left until the exciting Alaska primary (and special general election for the temporary congressional seat), it’s time to make sure you are registered to vote. Register or update your registration by 11:59 pm on July 17 at Division of Election regional offices will be open Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm, and Sunday from noon to 4 pm.

Fundraisers: Kathy Henslee fundraiser on Thursday netted her campaign for Alaska House of Representatives about $12,000, which should help greatly. There was a good turnout, including Mayor Dave Bronson, pictured above.

Another good turnout was for the Nick Begich for Congress fundraiser at Matt and Laurie Fagnani house in Anchorage, with lots of new faces in the crowd at the lovely home.

Nick Begich getting rained on at the Bear Paw Festival in Eagle River.

Bear Paw: In Eagle River, the Bear Paw Festival got underway this week, and we spotted Nick Begich campaigning for Congress in the drizzling rain on Friday. We also saw Rep. Ken McCarty, who is running for Senate for Eagle River, cooking hot dogs with candidate for House Dan Saddler. Nancy Dahlstrom, running for lieutenant governor with Gov. Mike Dunleavy, was also making the rounds.

Dan Saddler and Ken McCarty cooking up some hot dogs for the crowd.

This weekend is when the action really starts in Eagle River, and you can expect that Jamie Allard for House will have the most festive and fun-loving entry in the Bear Paw parade. Watch for her group. (Alas, Must Read Alaska will not have an entry this year.)

Endorsements: Les Gara for governor got the endorsement of Betsy Peratrovich, granddaughter of Elizabeth Peratrovich. Carole Triem of the Juneau Assembly, also endorsed Gara, because he is pro-abortion.

Alaska March On, radical group from the far, far Left, endorsed Pat Chesbro for U.S. Senate, Mary Peltola for Congress, and Les Gara for governor.

Jim Winegarner endorsed Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate.


  1. Dan Saddler is back in the game again? Last time he was in an elected seat to represent Eagle River, he voted to not give us the statutory pfd. Cut from the same cloth as Bill Walker, and Kelly Merrick.

    Makes me reassess my potential vote for McCarty as well. Birds of a feather…

    • Indeed. Sharon Jackson is running for the House seat that Saddler thinks he is entitled to along with more binding caucus maneuvers. Don’t let the bullies win. Vote for Sharon Jackson!

  2. Does Dunleavy even come out of his COVID Bunker to campaign? Pathetic is as Pathetic does.

  3. Maybe someone can ask Ken McCarty why his campaign sign now replaces our neighborhood sign in Chugiak at the four way stop at the start of Northwoods. Not only is it tacky but it’s pretty terrible that someone pushed down our neighborhood sign and somehow his is the only one still standing.
    Alaska seems to be the only place with these overly gigantic campaign signs you can’t see around, that make a hazard for drivers and then never are taken down in a timely manner after the vote.

    • Ken McCarty also unilaterally torpedoed the funds that had already been allocated to repair the badly-degraded bridge over Peters Creek on Starner Street. Not only that, but McCarty personally persuaded the governor to veto those funds, and now consistently refuses to explain to anyone why he decided that a number of households on Starner and Aurora Borealis, who are cut off from access in one direction by the blockage of Aurora Borealis Road since last November, should be fine with being put in danger of losing ALL access to and from their homes by the imminent condemnation of the decaying Starner St. bridge.

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