Nick says he’ll ‘rank the red,’ while Sarah and Mary dodge question at Anchorage Chamber of Commerce


At a candidate forum for the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce on Monday, a question was posed by the moderator: Who would be your second choice on the ranked-choice ballot?

Neither Sarah Palin or Mary Peltola would answer the question and moderator Julie Hasquet was willing to let the candidates skate on it altogether.

But then, congressional candidate Nick Begich grabbed the microphone and said he will vote for Sarah Palin second on the ranked-choice ballot. Presumably that means he’s voting for himself first, then Palin.

On the Aug. 16 ballot, the Republican candidates for the interim seat in Congress are Begich and Palin; Peltola is endorsed by the Alaska Democratic Party, while Begich is endorsed by the Alaska Republican Party and 60 Republican elected leaders around the state; Palin is endorsed by Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Ted Nugent.

Republicans have been advised by some party leaders to “rank the red” on the general election ballot; in other words, they should remember to rank the Republicans first, second, and third (if there is a third Republican.)

On the lightning-round question about the Pebble Mine, Palin was a thumb up, Begich was thumb sideways (he said it was to represent the need for seeing a responsible development plan), and Peltola showed her thumb down.

Surprisingly, Tara Sweeney attended the forum and sat in the back of the room at the Dena’ina Center. With getting less than 6% of the special primary election vote, she did not make the cut for the special general election ballot for Congress but will be on the regular primary ballot for the seat and intends to be a come-back candidate.

On Sunday, the three special general election candidates were at a forum with the Alaska Black Caucus. When asked if they support teaching Critical Race Theory in schools, Peltola said yes, Begich said no, and Palin said that it’s not clear what Critical Race Theory is.

On another question, Palin said she would not know how she would vote on the Democrats’ HR 1 bill, as she was unfamiliar with the bill. HR 1, offered by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, would federalize election law and take power away from states to run their own elections. Begich was a no on HR 1, and Peltola was a yes.


  1. Julie Hasquet is Nick – and Mark’s – business partner in the Aviator Hotel.

    No conflict there.

    Would not surprise me if he got the questions early.

    • They all got the questions early, mailed in advance. Sorry I didn’t make that clear. – sd

      • Thank you Suzanne for working so hard so we can get the real news on Alaskan Issues! We love you!!! God Bless!!

    • Can any responsible person confirm or deny this statement? First I heard of this partnership!!

    • James, it appears that all of the candidates got the questions early, see Suzanne’s comment below.

      Like many Alaskans I have partnered with Democrats in the past, despite being a Republican. Alaska is a small State, we all do business with people who we politically disagree with, in fact that is the beauty of our Capitalist system. The unseen hand if you will. I rent cars from Halcro quite frequently, work with IBEW members on a daily basis and fly on Woke, excuse me Alaska Airlines several times a month. Am I conflicted too? BTW if Nick was a closet democrat controlled by his Uncle, why did his Uncle Mark endorse that pathetic Anchorage Assemblyperson?

  2. Drama queen Sarah ducking questions again.

    And you’re gonna put this fraud in Congress.

  3. Sarah Palin, you are not known for being wishy-washy in your answers. Alaskans are done with fence straddlers, crossover candidates and RINO’s. Either be the fiery, straight talking, stand up and fight for conservative values or sit down!!

  4. If the questions were given to the candidates beforehand, why didn’t Sarah do her homework and learn about HR1? Sorry Sarah, you can’t be on the fence. This is important stuff. Let’s vote Begich with 2nd place Sarah and put Nick over the 50%.

  5. Sarah “unfamiliar” with HR1, just like when she was running for governor and could answer NO questions because she was unfamiliar with all the issues, but just spouted off-topic platitudes as her answers.
    And once again the low info voters will vote for her because……….she’s pretty? Because she spouts nice bumper sticker slogans?

  6. More evidence that Trump’s endorsement of Palin is nothing more than a payback appeasement. Both Donald’s adamantly opposed the development of Pebble. Sarah’s thumbs up shows her disconnect to her boss from Florida.

    • Vote for me
      Chris Bye
      Simply put you can make better decisions than professional or groomed politicians. Don’t settle for the lesser of two evils.

  7. Yep, that’s RINO Palin!!! It’s funny how both sides of her mouth takes turns!!! Isn’t her 15 minutes of fame long gone?

  8. You don’t need to rank your votes. So, Sara would be better (probably) than Mary Sattler – Kapsner-Peltola, but you can just vote for your first choice … period.

  9. Sarah doesn’t pay close attention to to every Bill that the democrats want to pass And HR1 never had a chance to pass the Senate. And she is more concerned about security in schools PLUS the way Sarah thinks about school issues is because several people in her family are school teachers. Sarah is NOT a RINO, fact is that she is friends with many of the most conservative members in both the House and Senate. Plus she wants to get more drilling in Alaska thus more jobs for the people of Alaska

  10. If it wasn’t Suzanne writing this article, I would have called it propaganda. I support and will continue to support Sarah Palin with the caveat that if she wants to win the congressional seat, she needs to be more informed and take a strong stance on the issues at hand. HR1 & CRT are 2 critical issues that any person can easily research. These 2 subjects are a no brainer for any conservative candidate and should have been summarily dismissed by Palin as leftist tactics to take over our State Elections and brainwash our kids. A Trump supported candidate should be prepared for these questions and I believe Trump would be appalled by these kind of answers from one of his candidates. Come on Sarah, you are better than this!

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