New York Times calls for Biden to leave campaign: ‘He struggled to make it to the end of a sentence’

First Lady Jill Biden calls Trump a "liar" at an after-debate party with Democrat supporters on Thursday. Some observers say that the First Lady is the only person who can get President Joe Biden to drop from the race, but that she doesn't appear likely to do so.

In a major turn of events, the New York Times, the nation’s leading Democrat Party bullhorn, has called for President Joe Biden to step down from the race for reelection to the presidency.

The newspaper made the call in a Friday evening editorial penned by the newspaper’s editorial board. The board wrote that while Donald Trump is unworthy to be president, Biden can’t take him on in his addled condition.

“Donald Trump has proved himself to be a significant jeopardy to that democracy — an erratic and self-interested figure unworthy of the public trust. He systematically attempted to undermine the integrity of elections. His supporters have described, publicly, a 2025 agenda that would give him the power to carry out the most extreme of his promises and threats. If he is returned to office, he has vowed to be a different kind of president, unrestrained by the checks on power built into the American political system,” the newspaper wrote.

“Mr. Biden has said that he is the candidate with the best chance of taking on this threat of tyranny and defeating it. His argument rests largely on the fact that he beat Mr. Trump in 2020. That is no longer a sufficient rationale for why Mr. Biden should be the Democratic nominee this year.

“At Thursday’s debate, the president needed to convince the American public that he was equal to the formidable demands of the office he is seeking to hold for another term. Voters, however, cannot be expected to ignore what was instead plain to see: Mr. Biden is not the man he was four years ago,” the Times wrote.

“The president appeared on Thursday night as the shadow of a great public servant. He struggled to explain what he would accomplish in a second term. He struggled to respond to Mr. Trump’s provocations. He struggled to hold Mr. Trump accountable for his lies, his failures and his chilling plans. More than once, he struggled to make it to the end of a sentence.”

The newspaper then called Biden an admirable president and said the nation has prospered under his leadership, and that “the wounds ripped open by Mr. Trump have begun to heal. But the greatest public service Mr. Biden can now perform is to announce that he will not continue to run for re-election.”

A week earlier, the same newspaper said in a headline, “How Misleading Videos Are Trying Biden as He Battles Age Doubts.”

The New York Times is the first major newspaper in America to call for Biden to drop out of the race and make way for someone more competent to take on Trump, the man who the mainstream media helped take down in 2020 and will not want to see as president again in 2024.

Numerous times this year, the Times has run opinion columns about how Biden’s age is a perception problem, not a governing one. But since early this year, the newspaper has been increasingly critical of Biden’s mental capacity to govern.

Earlier this year, Special Counsel Robert Hur, investigating Biden’s handling of classified documents after he left government in 2017, reported that he did not think Biden could stand trial for the offenses because of his incapacity to remember important events, including the death of his own son.

The Hur report described the 81-year-old president as an “elderly man with a poor memory.” Unable to take the stand in his own defense raised questions about whether he can be the leader of the free world.

House Republicans want the audio recordings of that five-hour interview with Hur, but Biden has asserted executive privilege. House Speaker Mike Johnson said the House Judiciary Committee will file a lawsuit against the Justice Department next week to enforce the subpoena for the tapes.

Rep. Mary Peltola of Alaska voted against the subpoena of the audio of the interview. On Meet the Press in December, Peltola defended Biden as mentally sharp and that  “as a native person, I think age is a good thing. Wisdom and experience are a good thing. I think that Joe Biden’s mental acuity is very, very on. He’s one of the smartest, sharpest people I’ve met in D.C.”

Peltola has endorsed Biden for president but in an effort to change the subject, she has focused her campaign on fish.


  1. The most stunning thing about the debate happened right after the debate was over. CNN, MSNBC and others who pushed the lie that Biden was fine cognitively suddenly started chiming in altogether that he was not. Their credibility is shot. That might be why they never answer the question about “what lies” Trump told. Biden has certainly told many, the latest one being that the Border Patrol endorsed him.

  2. These people are psychopaths. Hard to take anything they say seriously. Problem is we are sitting ducks with 0 leadership from the Oval Office. Hope trump is wearing a flack vest the deep state is freaking out.

    • The old hackneyed “these people” argument here is pathetic.
      These people presumably means that the editorial board of The NY Times is a bunch of whackos with an unhinged perspective. Like them collectively or not and for whatever reason, the call by The NY Times for the current President to step aside is based on reality and a reflection that the republic needs new a superior leadership. Does any rational person who’s been paying attention the last seven years or so disagree?
      Calling on Joe Biden to step aside makes complete sense.
      This isn’t some “deep state” move. Instead, the call for Biden to get out of the race reflects the reality of his poor performance on Thursday night during the debate with former President Trump.

  3. “He’s one of the smartest, sharpest people I’ve met in D.C.”

    That doesn’t say much for either Peltola or Washington, DC.

  4. Dr First Lady Dr Jill will not go down easy. She controls Joe like he’s a little robot with bad batteries and a failing hard drive. I don’t think she can be paid off, the Big Guy gets 10% so she’s rolling in cash. She’s power hungry, this will be interesting to watch.

  5. Today the Philadelphia Inquirer asked for Trump to leave race. They went over the transcript of the debate and decided he is crazy. Not much movement in polls since debate. Kind of like when Trump got convicted and the needle didn’t budge. Irritating isn’t it?

    • Oh so you are one of the three people, who reads that paper….to each their own!
      Yeah claiming Trump is “crazy” is blatantly ignoring the elephant in the room of the 46th President of the United States being unable to actually finish a sentence coherently.
      Again to each their own.
      You know why the polls don’t move in your candidate’s favor, because Americans in the end are not the stupid stooges you think they are. They have eyes and ears and see how their world has changed for worse since Joe took the oath. They now have a direct comparison from one presidency to the next and all the mudslinging isn’t going to change that.

  6. Is that Dem Party rag still being printed? Well, I don’t need the NYTimes (or the selfsame ADN) as I do not have a caged bird. And no fish monger wraps their carp in a newspaper anymore. The NYTimes is a trash journal that aspires to be subversive of sound government and a sound culture. Into the trash.

  7. He is the man he was 4years ago.. Still a lying corrupt sleazebag, just demented on top of that. I worked around sick elderly people for many years.. He’s definitely not firing on all thrusters

  8. Two things here strike me as very odd: One, this is the earliest presidential debate I can remember, (and that was the democrats’ idea) . Two, I couldn’t help but notice the absolute unison of the media’s response. Reminds me of the “This is extremely dangerous to our democracy” narrative. Like it was rehearsed. The same media who, up until this point, defended Biden’s cognitive ability.
    My guess is that they have been planning all along to replace Biden. This was all set up just to make the transition. They know that after the world has seen old Joe’s metal state, claiming that he “won” a second time could very possibly bring the country to violence.

    • I don’t think replacement was in the cards. They like how things are going. The Supreme Court is turning the clock backwards but you win some you loose some. They foresaw this happening, that’s why he was in his hide hole during the last campaign. I saw a blade of grass almost trip home on the way to marine one. The legs are the first to go. Everybody knows that. But there are now doubts about the man’s ability. Jill can only protect him so much. Someone behind the scenes is calling the shots. Maybe several someone’s. We’ve known this. The deep state is more than one person. It’s a society. Keep tuning in. More to follow.

  9. The New York Times needs to leave the business of journalism; perhaps they could start a potato farm or walk dogs. They know very well Biden’s performance for the last 3.5-yrs in office was the same as during the debate. They’re just pretending to be surprised because the public will no longer believe their lies. What phonies.

  10. Ignore all the pretty words from the NY Times and others – this is ALL about a leftist clique holding on to power and making sure that others outside the circle do not have power.

    Unlike some here, I view Donald Trump as being more like the East Coast cabal than folks elsewhere in the US. He may be less like Biden and company, but only to a degree.

  11. Some think it would be extremely difficult to legally do a replacement. Could the cheating mechanisms compensate? Or will congress just do another coup like they did in 2020 that relies on ignorant Americans and an ignorant or complicit congress?

  12. Since it has been pretty much conclusively proven that President Biden does not have the mental or physical capacity to run the Executive Branch… the question is who IS running it?
    The secondary question is why does the American public tolerate an unelected official taking the place of the lawfully elected President?

    • I think he sorta is. His advisers feed him limited information on issues and he chooses from those.
      But he seems to be very carefully managed to make the decisions his “ advisors” want.

      Why we tolerate it? We’re conditioned to do so. Plus paid via pork and government giveaways.

    • It says he ran a bad campaign.

      Why do you come here? You snark, troll, and make noise but rarely actually add anything worthwhile to the discussion.

      Is your life so empty you need to troll people you view as chuds to give it meaning?

      • Fascinating. I could say the same about you. You seem more reasonable than many of the most extreme MAGA cult members, and yet you continue to respond to my comments. I comment on here as a contranian, yet you say my life is empty? Really? Do you not realize that MRAK is a far right, biased news sight? Feel free to not respnd to my posts, but I’m fairly sure you cannot help yourself.

        • At first I was going to do as I usually do when you snark. Ignore it. I’m old and frankly you’re not worth my time.

          But I’ll make an exception, even though you will see it via your myopia as playing into your hands. You’re not that clever to trap me. Especially since you insist on attempting to paint me with “MAGA” when I’m clearly not. I do not expect you to be able to understand the difference since it appears your small mind is incapable of non linear thinking. Or deductive reasoning.

          A true contrarian would put forward sound if unpopular arguments. They would be able to debate an issue on its merits, not just drive by posting MAGA, as if that means anything.
          You? Not so much.

          While you do occasionally make cogent points, eventually you fall back on trolling and yelling MAGA or some equally ridiculous nonsense. It shows you as a blind squirrel finding the occasional acorn. Not a deep thinker. Certainly not a contrarian.

          Why am I here? In part to hold my side accountable by reminding them of unpleasant facts.

          You? Until evidence proves otherwise, you’re just channeling your inner Jan Brady. Only instead of Marcia, it’s MAGA. Looks like a sad, empty life to me.

  13. Woe onto you if your spouse is like Lady Macbeth Dr. Jill Biden. She is one of the very evil people in public life today. Unless of course she too is being viciously blackmailed by a faction(s) of the oligarchy. If not, then what a black soul she is. Can imagine doing what she is doing to Joe to your own spouse?

    And in case you think I hold any affection or respect for Joe Biden here are a few facts: Joe Biden is a deeply corrupt career politician whose career mirrors the steep decline of our country. Joe Biden’s son privately refers to him as a pedophile. Joe Biden very likely sexually abused his own daughter, as well as many other women. Elder abuse is nearly too good for him, but he is so far into his dotage that he is an innocent and thus ought to be protected from his she wolf wife.

    Next time you think your family is a bit around the bend, imagine being in the Biden family.

    • Great name, Micah, and your namesake was a great prophet in the 8th century, BC.

      The good Doctor (lol) Jill now publicly claims that the estimable debater Joe Brandon is not only the BEST of the Democratic politicians for this presidential election – he is the ONLY one of ’em who can win it! Her power-hungry, delusional thinking is just one more of the pathologies – moral, behavioral, and physical – that infect the Biden household. But she might be right, since the King-in-waiting Gavin Newsom is a greater wretch than her husband.

      No, wait – we should not overestimate the wisdom of the east/west coasts and AWFL (look it up) voters. Newsom has proven that he can win big elections – in la-la-Californiaaa! So, as always, I will expect nothing but a bad outcome in this and any other election, but will rejoice bigly when Biden retires to enjoy his well-deserved dotage and obscurity.

    • Go back a little further and you will find a time when NYT and Washington post endorsed Hitlers movement…(before the well known secret got out)

  14. NY Times permutating the LIE of Agenda 2025. The hallmarks of this have been around since 1979 and were starting to be implemented by Ronald Reagan after his historic win in 1980. The basis for this agenda is returning the government back to the basic agenda that we were founded on. Limited Federal Government and more State control. “Democracy is worth dying for, because it’s the most deeply honorable form of government ever devised by man.” Ronald Reagan.. While I agree with Ronald Reagan the word Democracy overtime has become a catch all phrase to our original intent to have a Constitutional Republic. Every true democracy results in a tyrannical central government becoming overwhelming disdain for the very people who are to be in ultimate control.


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