New York City high school students evicted as campus is turned into immigrant camp


A high school in New York City high school is not having classed on Wednesday, after being converted to a camp for illegal immigrants. Some 2,000 illegal immigrants have been bused in from a former air field field in Brooklyn to James Madison High School on Tuesday evening to get out of the cold.

A storm moving through the East Coast threatened the tents that were set up for the immigrants at Floyd Bennett Field.

James Madison High School announced Tuesday that students would be learning “remotely” on Wednesday “to ensure a smooth transition for families temporarily sheltering overnight in the building.” All after-school activities were canceled for students, although boys basketball, swimming, and table tennis teams were still scheduled.

The high school, which has been in existence for more than 100 years, is the alma mater of Sen. Chuck Schumer and three Supreme Court justices.

More than 150,000 illegal immigrants have arrived in the city in the past two years, wrote the New York Times in December: “Nearly 70,000 migrants crammed into hundreds of emergency shelters. People sleeping on floors, or huddled on sidewalks in the December cold.”


  1. Gotta admire priorities.

    The only thing more important to Grandpa Bloodstains than illegals is the alphabet mafia.

  2. Keep voting for Leftists.
    What used to be a beautiful historic city, has turned into a dangerous cesspool. I will never go back😔
    I have so many fond memories. I visited often while living in North Jersey. I want to remember what NYC used to be.

  3. Biden and his handler’s America Last. Next, citizens will be forced from their homes in the name of equity (you’ll lose yours) and equality.

  4. Let’s just kick the natives out of Adak Island and let the “immigrants “ have it. Plenty of food and shelter, opportunities abound.

  5. Ha ha ha
    Biden is the worst.
    If you voted for him, you voted for this and the worst part is ….they even told you they were going to do it.

  6. Good.
    Leftists will never learn the folly of their ways until they have to suffer the consequences of their stupidity.
    Keep voting Dem NYC. See how well it works out for you.

  7. Just noticed this. That particular area of Brooklyn is something like a 90% GOP enclave.
    There’s a reason they put the illegal aliens there.

    • Really? If that is true, it just reinforces the reality that leftists will always spend other people’s time, money, and effort.

  8. Hey New York! You are the ones who WANTED to be a sanctuary city!!! What in the hell did you think was going to happen?? This is what happens when you follow the crowd… Two years ago they were crying we were being too mean to the dam illegals, now they are getting what they asked for! You do not get to complain after the fact. Deal with it or do something about it. This is what happens when a state is run by a leftist that wants to help cause the demise of the nation… NO MORE SANCTUARY CITIES!!!

  9. Brooklyn… that’s where our jewish friends have been digging tunnels beneath properties owned by others. Must be a crazy place to live where you occasionally hear yiddish spoken through your floorboards and now where kids are kicked out of school so 3400 illegal aliens and take a load off. Where might they put the other few million border cheats?

  10. The Americas got their help everyone spirit from the prosperity gospels that been taught through churches and ministries last thirty years. That we MUST lend a hand to everyone. We Don’t need to help to the point we are broke ourselves or that we so greatly disturb our own life for the well-being of the one we are helping.

  11. So much for the education president. This is January – what about the rest of winter? The rest of us are next. Either vote these people out or face more of these consequences.

  12. A family member loves to live in NYC. A bit on the woke side. This may jar him into moving. No, it won’t.

  13. How many other schools are experiencing overcrowding or are cutting back in order to accommodate non-english speaking students? Their parents are certainly paying any taxes to help the budget.

  14. They are going to come after your house next. “Spare bedroom? Here is your migrant.” Don’t like that idea? Vote carefully come April and November. Vote very carefully.

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