New from CDC: Masks no longer recommended indoors


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says most people don’t need to wear masks indoors any longer. That includes schools.

The CDC says that about 38 percent of Americans live in a county where indoor masks are advised. Previously, the agency said about 99 percent lived in high-risk areas of the U.S. This new guidance by the CDC reflects a complete change in the federal metrics used to determine risk. The new guidelines are based on number of cases per 100,000 people in the past seven days, new hospital admissions, and percent of hospital beds used by patients with Covid-19.

The CDC’s website shows list of US counties and their current Covid-19 levels, a chart that indicates that only southern Southeast Alaska is in the “high” zone for Covid — Prince of Wales, Wrangell, Petersburg, and Ketchikan.

The federal mask recommendation has been largely ignored by many Americans in recent weeks. In Anchorage, Friday was the last day for masks to be mandatory in the public schools.

The easing of the mask recommendations by the federal government doesn’t apply to airplanes or other modes of transportation. On March 18, the federal mandate for masks on public transportation is set to expire, but it’s uncertain if the Transportation Safety Administration will continue the policy that has led to an epidemic of unruly behavior among passengers over the past 18 months. And the president has continued the “health emergency” status for the country, which gives him broad powers.

In spite of the new recommendation, the leftists members of the Anchorage Assembly continued to wear masks at its meeting on Friday regarding redistricting.

The leftist members of the Anchorage Assembly continue to wear masks on Friday in spite of the CDC’s new recommendation that they are not needed.


  1. Oh! Did the Science change again? It’s twice in two weeks the Science changed. You know, the Science they previously went to the wall over and locked people inside their houses for and forced people to get untested chemicals injected into their bodies for… That Science!

    • The science did not change at all. Not the science the CDC is following. You know, the political science. The restrictions were always set to expire as soon as the polls said they would hurt the Democrats.

  2. Of course, the CDC still strongly recommends mask wearing while showering, swimming, engaging in coitus, skydiving, and being embalmed.
    “If it saves just one life!”

  3. Meanwhile, JBER sent out its updated rules this afternoon and performative indoor mask wear is still mandatory.

  4. See, all that mask wearing has had a positive effect! Cases are way down as a result, and thankfully mask requirements can now be relaxed. As public health authorities have said from the start, masks were a temporary measure, and not a permanent assault on your precious personal liberties.

    Now, was all that fuss really worth it? Nope. You anti-maskers have been played by the far-right media, and we are all laughing at you now. And the tiresome Jefferson, well, we’re absolutely roaring at you.

    Took my vaccines, wore my mask, and never got Covid. Did the vaccines make my body clot up? Nope. Did any of my hundreds of acquaintances who were vaccinated clot? Nope. Was mask wearing inconvenient? Yes, a little, but it made me feel like I was a part of the team trying to beat this damn virus, and I’m pretty sure it helped at least a little. Even if it didn’t, I lost nothing by wearing one. Can people who wouldn’t wear prove that they didn’t spread Covid and inadvertently kill someone? No, they can’t.

    So be a real Patriot – do your part to vanquish Covid 19, and don’t just sit there sniveling about the loss of your rights. You probably already have more of them than you deserve anyways (like gun ownership without registration), and you certainly have more of them than anyone else on the planet. Work for the greater good, and put away your stupid selfishness. It’s not very becoming.

    • Nom Deplume – I took my zinc, vitamin D & Quercetin daily and didn’t wear a mask and never got Covid. See how that works? I also don’t have to worry about the more than hundred times likelihood of developing myocarditis associated with the vaccine versus those who are unvaccinated. I truly feel sorry for those Covidiots who willingly introduced a ticking time bomb into their bodies.

    • It’s funny how in the eyes of every radical leftist, “the common good” never seems to include guaranteeing, protecting, upholding or supporting fundamental rights and freedoms. No, instead EVERY policy measure goes straight to coercion, and to the individual being at the point of the governmental gun.

      • Uh, Jeff, sorry, but I don’t see any Governmental guns pointed at you. But I guess you, in your typical paranoid fashion, see them everywhere.

        What I do see, however, is Kyle Rittenhouse pointing his gun at us, Oath Keepers marching like Brownshirts through our cities intimidating citizens with their ARs, Trump supporters protesting in my town while openly carrying their MSRs, armed thugs assaulting our Capitol, and Right-wing racists like the McMichaels hunting down Black dudes in the street. So who’s pointing guns at who? I’d say you’ve got it a little backwards, which is so typical for you.

        • Nom, as usual for a clueless radical leftist, you deny the reality staring you squarely in the face.
          Try disobeying any of the innumerable tyrannical governmental laws, decrees, and mandates, and you don’t think that thugs with guns are NOT going to be drawn on you? You are both ignorant and naive.

          • You know, I really don’t worry too much about that. I follow the laws, and sleep soundly at night. You are familiar with the concept of Law and Order as a good Conservative, are you not?

            Now, as far as the gun you keep under your pillow goes, you might want to think twice about that strategy on the off chance that there’s ever anyone sleeping with you.

        • Sacrilege! Mr. Rittenhouse is a winner. You might also note that there is a reason for every behavior and when you find law abiding citizens in the street w/ AR’s and otherwise open carrying, and defending their neighborhoods from thieves…

          It’s simply an indication that mainstream Americans have had enough of the bulls*t. Enough of society’s excrement being touted as heroes and enough of the liar’s nonsense about how freshly stolen big screens and an armload of pilfered basketball shoes assuage the imagined tears shed over the unintentional death of a drug addled thug that liked to beat women. Better that you decide to join a more successful group than that you deride those that help take out the trash.

          You should move to Portland. No, really. Move.

          • They came for Jefferson because I wasn’t Nom……

            Really time to get engaged, being entertained is only great when your the lion.

          • Rittenhouse was a punk who should have stayed home playing video games, instead of deciding to play them for real out in the street.

            There’s a big difference between being legally not guilty and being morally innocent. This kid may play the part of the victorious vigilante, lionized and sanctified by the Right, but for the rest of his life when he wakes in the wee hours, he’ll be haunted by what he did. He will live with a lifetime of regret, and significant mental issues are sure to follow. Poor kid.

    • Nice to see ?? trolls here at MRA – a conservative newsletter.
      Nom – You showed your true colors as a whole – especially in the sentence when you begin ‘You probably have more rights than you deserve…’
      About your opinion: I’d say you wear the mask of condensation, pride and superiority very well.

      If it makes you happy…

      • Agreed. This is a particular gem:

        “…but for the rest of his life when he wakes in the wee hours, he’ll be haunted by what he did. He will live with a lifetime of regret, and significant mental issues are sure to follow. Poor kid”.

        Were I he, I’d go to bed early so I could be haunted sooner. Might even set a little JP Sousa mood music in the background. Something befitting a patriot as opposed to the pedophile, burglar, and whatever the other POS was that had been stupid enough to provoke and attack a peaceful man with a rifle.

        A more appropriate task for Nom would be to grow a pair and stop hanging off those of Mr. Rittenhouse (be His name ever so holy). If that’s not possible perhaps he could get us each a good deal on a big screen and a pair of overpriced court shoes; the type targeted at a demographic unlikely to make informed choices.

        • Ha ha! Right on target, TB!
          And by the way, very nice use of the subjunctive mood in the beginning of your second paragraph (“If I were he …”). One so rarely sees such grammatical perfection nowadays.

  5. How precious of them – lmao.
    The CDC “easing guidelines” isn’t a win. Accepting this continues to empower them. Disregard anything and everything they have to say. This corrupt criminal organization has no authority over you.

  6. Clarification, masks were never needed, period! You can’t stop a virus particle with a cloth mask and any moron that thought so should be ashamed of themselves. Any doctors that followed the unscientific advise of the CDC should have their licenses suspended. Now the CDC has admitted they withheld the true data on the vaccines but now are being forced by a Federal Judge to release their documentation which will implicate them for withholding data from the public, which is medical fraud!

  7. Only the POLITICAL science changed.

    The left has noticed that you, the average American, is fed up with the mask madness. They’re stepping back from their dictatorial mask mandates in hopes you’ll call that positive change and maybe vote for them.
    If you do then the mandates and more oppressive assaults on freedom will follow immediately.

    You’ve already been victimized. Don’t allow it to happen again.

  8. I read where the CDC change in mask wearing was for 3 reasons. Sorry, I forgot what they were.
    Oh I think I remember, Politics, Politics, Politics. (CDC Fauci and Bill Gates)

  9. Never got vaccinated. I took my vitamin D and zinc and never got Covid.. See how that works.. I was exposed to it too.

  10. If there were ever an action to confirm the questionable value of pandemic advice from the CDC, this is it.

    Businesses have been forced to failure, a huge number of people have been subjected to a series of shots that weren’t fully vetted, and now we have complete flip floppery from the CDC to suggest that the virus is now as well locked down as the most recent airline flight but ehh, ‘let’s be done anyway’.

    You’ve been had… and at the hand of an old and senile used car salesman that has made multiple attempts to force you to his will which is apparently some version of everyone must wear a cast in case one of us might break their leg. Amazing.

  11. Wearing a mask was as effective to reducing the spread of COVID as listening to talk radio prevented me from getting into car accidents. I have a clean driving record and I listen to Talk Radio. In the DC vernacular, THAT’s SCIENCE!

  12. Just a couple of observations to add. Checking the positive COVID tests for Anchorage, for the last seven days in a row they were below the cutoff for the red high alert(less than 100 a day). For the past three weekends they were below the orange substantial alert. Those weekends were in the green low alert range! At what point does wearing a mask become virtue signaling for a political position rather than a scientific strategy to lower spread?

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