New decade: The Next Roaring Twenties?



In 1920, the Greatest Generation was coming into the world squalling and kicking, as babies do. They had no idea what was ahead of them.

The generation that earned the name “Greatest” grew up during a time when soldiers came home from World War I. The kids went to school during the Roaring Twenties, felt hunger during the Great Depression, went to war in World War II, and some returned home to rebuild the nation.

They are all but gone now; the average lifespan for a male born in 1920 was 58.8 years, for a female it was 60.6 years.

On Wednesday, Jan. 1, the calendar turns to the next decade — the 2020s, and a very different generation will emerge.

Millennials? No, those are yesterday’s kids who are now heading into their 40s and shaping public policy and life as they become grandparents and hit their career stride during a time of unprecedented national prosperity.

The children being born now don’t have a code-name identifier, such as the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X, or Gen Z. Today’s generational personality won’t be settled upon until marketers observe how events unfold for these youngsters, and how they typically respond.

What we can predict about the babies born today is they are emerging into a world light years away from that of the Greatest Generation, and even far from that of their Millennial grandparents.

They will be a diverse lot. The babies born today already represent no clear racial or ethnic majority, according to Census Bureau population estimates.

These children will navigate a complicated world. They’ll be taught that climate change is settled science, but gender is choice. They’ll compete in the workforce against robots and automation.

There are similarities, of course. As it was in 1920, America is starting out this decade with an economic boom unlike any other, a time of immense prosperity and growth. These newbie Americans inherit that promise of prosperity.

Under the presidency of Donald Trump, America has gone from being one-fifth of the world’s economy to one-fourth — in three short years.

Back in 1920, fascism was on the rise in Germany and Italy. And, in spite of capitalism driving innovation and wealth accumulation in the United States, socialism was beginning to be fashionable. A robust manufacturing sector in America gave rise to unions, and unions hitched their wagons to communism.

Socialism, the experiment that stifled progress and resulted in the deaths of millions, had all but faded as a fashion by the 1980s. Few talked about it as a viable economic model for America.

But today, Socialism has become part of everyday dialogue in post-Obama America, a time when Democrats long for an even bigger government footprint in their lives. A declared socialist — Bernie Sanders — could very well be the Democrats’ nominee for president.

Those who lived through the Roaring Twenties saw the economy come tumbling down around them in a stock market crash, and resulting Depression. The sudden reversal of fortunes was a result of unregulated markets, when people borrowed money to invest it.

Today’s newborns are entering an America where markets are soaring more and more people are coming off of welfare. Nearly everyone who wants a job can get one. Hispanics, African Americans, women, and blue-collar workers are thriving under the policies of the Trump presidency in ways they have never before succeeded.

Economic events of today’s Trump economy will shape the perceptions of today’s newest Americans:

  • The economy has added 6 million jobs in the past three years.
  • Unemployment rate dropped to 3.6 percent, the lowest level in 50 years.
  • Economic growth rate is 2.1 percent. The ideal growth rate is between 2-3 percent.
  • Median household income has reached $65,976 – an all-time high and up more than 8 percent in 2019 dollars under the Trump presidency
  • Middle-class incomes, after adjusting for inflation, have surged by $5,003 since Donald Trump became president in January 2017.
  • The poverty rate and food stamp rolls declined 15 percent.
  • Stock prices rose: The S&P 500 index was up 29.8 percent.
  • The number of murders dropped 6.9%.
  • The FBI’s annual crime report, shows violent crime rate dropping 4.6 percent since President Trump took office, reversing an uptick in violent crime that occurred under the last two years of President Barack Obama.
Making America Safe Again.

The 1920s was also a decade of technological advancements. By the end of the decade, there was one car for every household in America, and families had radios and telephones.

Today, the pace of technological change happens so fast that babies born into this 2020 generation will experience reality in a way unimaginable to the Greatest Generation. Artificial intelligence is baked into their every transaction and surveillance tracks their movements from the moment their parents put a crib monitor on the wall of the nursery.

Just as likely, the children born today will not be able to easily distinguish what is real from what is fake, as information and the warping of it comes at them more quickly than their human brains can assimilate.

Will peace prevail during these children’s formative years during the 2020s? Will lifespans increase for today’s toddlers, who are predicted to live until past the year 2100? Will prosperity continue to lift up the poor?

America has yet to see the end of the current Trump economic expansion. It could go another five years, or it could come to a screeching halt in November, 2020. Much of it will depend on the biggest voting bloc: Millennials.

Thus, 2020 and the decades that follow will be the era Millennials fully shape and control. The 71-million-and-aging Baby Boom generation is handing over the reins to the 76 million Millennials. Boomers are transferring wealth to them, some $30 trillion in personal wealth  in these next few years, likely be the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Whether Millennials lean toward free markets or embrace Socialism will shape the world for babies born into the New Roaring Twenties. And how Millennials vote this coming election cycle will say a lot about the future of the American experiment. It will be an election year for the ages.


  1. Good article except for the the bs comment “and unions hitched their wagon to communism “ . Should read and “ and unions brought higher safety standards, wages and benefits to all the working class so that a sold middle class America emerged with the finest technology and personal wealth ever achieved for the masses in history”.

    • The article is ridiculous. Pitting free market capitalists against the socialism of Trump (farmer bailouts, anti free trade, border wall, tax incentives for hedge funds, etc) is my favorite though.

      • The border wall is socialist?? Sorry, comrade, the US is a nation, not simply a destination for the 6.5 billion non-US citizens in the world.

        • Really, some of this is re-hashing The Fourth Turning book (Howe and Strauss), which focuses on turmoil and generational conflicts. There is a lot of that conflict now ongoing which helps to shape the outcomes of present and future debates about politics, wars, and social engineering. And on the climate change issue, people may be taught it is “settled science,” but it is not. Not even close.

        • Tony, you want a wall on the southern border funded by the government? It certainly is not an aspect of free market capitalism, is it?

          I just love how Republicans have gone socialist but claim socialists are bad. Too funny.

          • You need to understand what the government should do and should not. DO: protect our borders – DO NOT: Tell me how I should purchase my health care. See? Pretty easy!

      • Do you truly understand what socialism is? Socialism is a political and economic means of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned by the community as a whole. Government doing things to benefit society is not socialism at all. Please understand what you are saying and not just give people the same old platitudes.

        And you do realize that Socialism is responsible for the deaths of more human beings just last century than of all of human history combined. Please understand what you are saying without truly understanding the meaning of what you are claiming.

        • So we should have no social interaction: Just us against them! Humans are the dominate force on this planet because they are social, because they support each other. Our physical skills suck compared to most animals.

          • Don’t conflate being social with Socialism. Nothing could be further from the truth! Socialism is a sick, dysfunctional elitist movement that has failed wherever it has been tried. Look at Venezuela for a clue!

        • Your last comment regarding Socialism and the deaths it had wrought was right on. But what you described earlier is actually Communism. Socialism involves government control of the economy – production, distribution and decisions involving same.

      • Trump a Socialist, LOL Maybe that’s why Obama, OAC, Sanders, Biden, and all the Socialist Media love him. Your just another one of the the morons with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

          • Communism and socialism are not one in the same. You might want to inform yourself before spouting this nonsense. Because it renders your comments meaningless and your credibility nil.

      • Therapy begins on January 2nd, Rich. But keep taking your meds and up the dosage, especially the psychotropics. Heard they do a little good for old, obstinate Democrats like you. Happy New Year.

      • Perhaps my intel is faulty, but doesn’t the immensely profitable NFL pay basically zero corporate tax?

    • Undoubtedly unions are controversial and a rich subject area, but history belies your reference to the quote being a bs comment.
      That’s okay, though. We all have our own blinders of one sort or another.

    • In some cases, you are correct about unions and safety standards. On the other hand unions do or at least did bring on a communistic approach. Then there the was the teachers union, the nea, who were supporting and defending a child molester in Chicago. Unions have just about priced themselves out of followers and don’t bring much to the table anymore. I never needed to join the union. Good work ethics was all I ever needed to get a good raise and job security.

    • “and unions hitched their wagon to communism “

      Actually totally happened. Perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but look into it. There were a lot of communists in the United States during the late teens and early twenties (relatively/comparatively speaking).

    • Although Unions did do all those things, they succeeded and are unneeded since OSHA and EPA and a host of other govt agencies now exist to continue those safety standards. It is a well known fact that unions are in bed with the bureaucracy and the entrenched democrap (sp intentional) administrative state. Govt employees tend to be democraps, and now all Unions are good for is pushing more of that liberal agenda.
      Less govt = more liberty.

    • A few trade unions have. The vast majority have enriched themselves at the expense of their members. The education unions give millions to democrat politicians , heck the IBEW Union does too. The UAW just caught their leaders stealing millions for themselves, including $8,000 just for fancy cigars.

    • I agree with John H Slone. Some of the Union members maybe were leaning to the left,but majority respected democratic elections whitin the Unions. Quality of a product and safety standards was a must for the union members.

    • Except unions only serve the elite few. The great majority of workers get no benefits from the unions and instead scrape by with the leftover work. Unions just don’t help the working class as a whole.

      • Internally, union’s are run autocratically…….actually, dictatorially. If a union member bucks the corrupt union bosses, and seek fairness, or disclosure, or exposure,
        ……that member can be expelled from the union without due process, or……….murdered.

      • How about paid vacations, medical not company doctors. 40 hr work week , holiday pay. Do you want to lose this because the big companies will take it back in a flash.
        Yes unions have problems because big money means corruption.
        Unions have voted Democrat for years because Democrats have been corrupt for years.

    • Don’t whitewash unions’ flirtation with Communism. It was REAL! Read your history books. From the 1930s the 1950s unions tried their best to turn the US Socialist. Socialism, as Lenin said, is the transitory phase to communism, and US communists knew unions were the key to turning the US Socialist. If you doubt me, Google it! Thank goodness their flirtation with communism failed!

    • Perhaps you have not seen union bosses in person, in their offices as I have, charging their Cadillac bodywork to office slush funds. Nasty little guys, living the nightclub life, fifty years ago. Full disclosure: They did throw me some country gigs, so feeding the band on cookie crumbs paid off, I guess, so we could make dues.

      Have you noticed how they contribute only to politicians who promote dictatorships, enjoying their old-boy network dachas. By the way, modern dictionaries explain that “dacha” these days means “gift,” although only thirty years ago it meant “country house,” paid for with starvation-wage sacrifice of non-Party slaves.

      Bosses live well, historical outliers like Cesar Chavez and the Mahatma notwithstanding.

  2. Strange that Donald Trump is being thanked for the growth in economic output of the US driven mostly by the states that voted against him in 2016 and have diverging economic policy from the GOP. Where does this notion come from that Trump should be given praise for the economies of New York and California? Especially since these economic drivers are in place not because of but despite the trump presidency. Very odd the false notion of this propaganda piece.

    • Rich,
      Is that your name or what you want to be? If your eyes and ears have been open, you should know that America was on an extreme down hill spiral, economically, politically and morally, before President Trump took up the reins. Starting with tax cuts, then more jobs, better pay, companies moving back to the U.S., more rights for families, women and children. Speaking of New York and California, they’re not only the least free, but the least financially secure of most all the States. They have homeless problems that are not being addressed, due to leftist policy, that are dragging the entire states down. The highest taxes and strictest laws in the nation (and now Virginia). Free rides for illegal “immigrants”. Crime rampant and a two tiered justice system. One for the elite and one for us. Is that what you want for your kids and grandkids?

      • outstanding ,thank you ben you ”get it” but im afraid millenials do not. November will be a historical watershed. as ben franklin said.when asked what form of government have you given us…….. we gave you a republic,if you can keep it.

    • Nice try, Skippy. Where were the economies of NY and CA during Hussein Obama’s years? Answer – just barely breaking 1% growth. Now (miraculously!) under Trump the whole nation is booming. It just gets under your leftie skin, doesn’t it? Hey, enjoy another 4 YEARS OF TRUMP!

    • Ungrateful, silly children know nothing of why their much wiser parents lead and discipline them. But the worse among them stand to profit the most from that stern discipline.

    • California is only a “driver” of any sort because of the economic activity that remains in the rotting corpse of a once-fantastic place. People are leaving faster than they are arriving and New York is seeing the same phenomenon. The economy we are seeing is Trump’s economy. Now, any pitfalls (recession, retraction whatever) they will be his as well. But there are no indicators of any of that in the offing.

    • The policies that the Trump administration have implemented has benefited all Americans including The leftist Californians and New Yorkers. They benefit strictly by being a member of the club, even though they are very costly to maintain.

        • Well, I’m not a Trumpist, but I was certainly more than happy when the GOP/Trump did a lot of deregulation in 2016-2017. My partner and my small business was seriously hurt by some of Obama’s ridiculous regulations. True free market capitalism doesn’t have government regulations and oversight. Both the GOP and the Dems (just like both Trump and Obama) can be criticized for their continual intervention of our economy.
          My partner and I also gave a huge sigh of relief from the tax law changes. Personally, we shouldn’t even have an IRS and forcing people to pay taxes just to be spent on corporation subsidizes, wars, foreign aid, piss poor public schools…

  3. Yes, Donald Trump is doing a fantastic makeover in America for the good of everyone, but yes unions are communistic, even though I was in the Carpenter’s Union for many years before I realized it and am drawing a retirement from them today.

    There was a huge cloth sign on the Carpenter’s Union Hall that was printed in the “Anchorage Daily News” in the early 1970s that was put up in 1930’s that said, “United Socialist Workers of America.” Socialism is the root of Communism. It covered the whole side of the two-story log building.

    Also, we were not founded as a capitalist country, but instead as a “free enterprise” country. A very big difference because free enterprise believes in a republican form of government, as guaranteed to us in “Article IV, Section IV” of “The Constitution of the United States”. A capitalist country is controlled by the capitalist bankers.

    President Donald Trump once said in a speech, “I don’t know if Communist China or the Federal Reserve are our greatest enemy.” If you check we are living all “10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto.” You can buy a copy of “The Constitution of the United States” with many other Founding Documents from Tyler, Texas which even has the “Preamble” to the “Bill of Rights” and a copy of the “Communist Manifesto”, that is not printed in most other copies. It also has the “Common Law Jury Rights” printed in it. It’s called “Citizens’ Rule Book” for only about $1, if you buy several to pass out to friends. It is the most complete copy I know of. Seymour Marvin Mills Jr. sui juris

  4. Hopefully, the Millennials have matured enough and have seen the benefits of America having a President “for the people.” Einstein: ” A person’s education starts immediately after graduation.” We could have easily had the other option, had the crooks, cheats, manipulators and phony “voters” (see Democrats) been successful. Now, in less than a year, America must once again conduct an election that will be the most important in our history. From what I’ve seen, there isn’t a plan for America amongst all the Democrats combined. Just Socialism. They offer only hate-filled, power-hungry, pseudo “representation” for the people. Just like they’ve accomplished in the last three+ years. Nothing.
    C’mon Millennials. Vote the choice of reason, rights, justice, increased income, and all the perks of voting for our current President, Donald Trump.

  5. Generally speaking the Millennial Generation started in the early 1980’s, making the oldest of the generation not quite 40 years old. Many reached adulthood under the Obama economy and have just recently started to experience success in life.

  6. A good piece Suzanne. However, I think you were bouncing around the true parallels by omitting that WE got Coolidge/Trump after Wilson and Harding/Obama and then WE got Hoover/(who will be after President Trump this time arround?)….

    Again, very good piece. Thank you and I’m waaaay down here in Reno, NV.

    God Bless America

  7. I stopped reading when I got to this sentance, “The 1920s was also a decade of technological advancements. By the end of the decade, there was one car for every household in America, and families had radios and telephones. ” This is a real stretch. Most homes didn’t even have electricity yet, much less phones and radios. Great research. /s

    • Fantastic piece, Suzanne. Clever and thought-provoking. Demography, statistics, political direction, history…..all without the kind of anger and hate that some of the Lefties, like Dermot Cole, get kudos for by their Democrat readers. May 2020 bring you continued journalistic freedom and success.

  8. It surely will be interesting this future as most youth leaving college is academically water boarded with the notion Socialism is good for all. That enough should should scare the bejeezus out of us all.

  9. Just how right of right are you.

    2018 GDP 2.8
    2019 GDP 2.9
    Yearly trillion dollar deficits
    FEDs pumping hundreds of billions into the banking system to keep it from collapsing
    NO average middle class American has made 5K more this year
    US farmer bankruptcies are up 30% in some states
    US manufacturing is at a LOW in a decade — its only people now spending that is keeping thjis economy afloat
    Obama still has MORE monthly job creations than Trump

    In short – you have any money in STOCKs, you’re a lunatic

    • Hahaha, the sky is falling and the economy is horrible!!! You live in an alternate reality. I’m an average middle class American that has made 5K more this year, and I know plenty of others who have also.

      • Live in a bubble much? Time to step outside to get a better gauge of what’s going on in the rest of nation. Eventually your bubble will pop too, then things will make more sense.

        • The bubble I live in is called reality and middle class America, all are welcome including yourself. Maybe things are different now with your government job, you are still welcome to join us here in the middle class…even if it is below what you are accustomed to.

    • Are you bragging that Obama gets to brag he was in office during a 1-month upward bump in employment? What month/year was this?

  10. Try as they might, the corrupt/socialist/communist left cannot change the truth that the further away we get from obama and democrat/socialist policies and rule, the better things get for America and it’s citizen, at a steadily accelerating rate. They can try to deny the obvious truth and facts, but anyone with more than three functioning brains cells knows this to be 100% true. The entire democrat leadership, house and senate, rightfully should be rounded up and permanently exiled to Venezuela, where all of their political dreams have already been fully realized.

  11. The economic expansion of the so-called ‘Roaring Twenties’ was primarily due to the rapid adoption of the moving assembly line perfected by Henry Ford’s engineers in 1913. The moving assembly line revolutionized manufacturing and realized real economies of scale that resulted in significant reductions in the price of consumer goods. For years, the price of a Ford automobile decreased from the previous year as manufacturing efficiencies increased.

    In point of fact, the middle class was NOT created by unions, but the rapid adoption of the moving assembly line throughout industry worldwide. At their height, unions represented only 35% of the US workforce. Consumer price reductions resulting from economies of scale benefited every consumer in every market in which they were adopted. And while the ‘Greatest Generation’ is to be lauded for their sacrifices in WWII, without the moving assembly line churning out the weapons of war, their sacrifices would have been far greater.

  12. you obviously know as much about socialism and communism as you do about Venezuela. my guess is all of your knowledge on any of these subjects comes straight from Tucker and gang.

  13. “shows violent crime rate dropping 4.6 percent since President Trump took office”
    I find this interesting because currently illegal border crossings are at a decade long high. Now according to the President these immigrants are here to commit crimes. If this is correct then shouldn’t the violent crimes rates be increasing?

  14. Um, I’m 27 years old and am a Millennial, pretty sure the Millennial generation range is commonly accepted as around 1982 to 1995 (give or take a year or two).

  15. Seems to be a bit of a mistake, references to “Millennials” should instead be to generation X, since the average Y is around mid 30s, while the average X is more mid 40s. The average gen Y will never catch up in this broken so called “economy”, nor will they take any significant leadership positions and shape policy when the USA won’t exist any longer by 2024, especially after the massive depopulation that will take place. Maybe in the North American Union, those who survive might do as you described.

    The US is a post-Christian nation, everyone can kiss it goodbye. GOD warned US and only a few listened.

  16. The new decade starts on January 1, 2021…next year is the last year of the current decade…hence, I stopped reading.

    • Jeff- I used to adhere to that system but have been persuaded it makes more sense when it starts at the year’s or decade’s “moment of conception.” What do others think?

        • Decades are ten year increments. Ten is an even number. Why would you start and end your “decade” on an odd number (year)? For instance, you don’t hear the 20’s referred to as the 20’s plus one and so on.

          • Because there is no year 0. The first decade of the first millennium was 1 AD to 10 AD, the second decade was 11 AD to 20 AD, etc., etc. on to now, when the second decade of the second millennium is 2011 to 2020, and the next will start in 2021.

      • Do you start counting at 0 or at 1? Does the hour change at 59 minutes and 59 seconds or at 0 minutes and 0 seconds? When a child is born is that their first birthday? The decade ends at the last day of the year in that decade, that is why a child becomes 1 year of age only after the 365th day of life…but the hour starts at 0 minutes and 0 seconds.

        When it comes to the celebration of decades, popular culture has assumed the position that when the clock changes from a 9 to a 0 a new decade has started. While it isn’t so, it has become the way we celebrate rolling in a new decade.

        Both are correct, but for different reasons. You can read more about it here if you care to do so

        As far as the “hence, I stopped reading” comment, near as I can tell this is part of the cancel culture.
        Ignorant folk who wish to remain ignorant and are (for some reason) proud to announce to others they prefer to remain willfully ignorant. Although I have a theory that it has more to do with the Dunning-Kruger effect than it does with sheer ignorance…only time will tell if it is a trend or not.

  17. Do you clowns think Gen X will have anything to say about Boomers ‘transferring’ all that wealth to millennials?

    • Don,
      The democrats will have plenty to say about any “wealth”. They want it. They have more to spend it on than the owners of it. Many actually think they are entitled to it. If dems ever get control of America, there will be so much tax on inheritance (except for them), most people won’t have any inheritance left. Or much of anything, for that matter.

  18. Climate change isn’t “settled science” with thousands of disagreeing scientists being censored by gatekeepers hell bent on a global carbon tax scam designed to enrich euro autocrats and centralize global resources.

    Gender is not a choice. It’s a biological fact and anything else is pathology masquerading as lifestyle.

    We are raising our children on these truths as well as the truth of the absolute authority and dominion over existence by our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

    Not all of the future is bought and paid for…yet.

    • Historically, Climate has NEVER Stopped changing ! Civilizations large and small have been wiped out by heat, drought, flood and ice, al brought to you by “Climate Change” ! The Dark Ages suffered a Mini Ice Age. Crops were wiped out for a few years, starvation, famine and Disease were the Historical Result…. But hey, what fun is it to debate the Truth, when both sides can spit Propaganda ?

  19. I do not always agree with President Trump’s decisions,but I know one thing for sure. He is all for USA, even at the meeting with world leaders, he was not beating around the bush.He told them straight, “I’m for America first,” same as anyone else is for their country.This man is straight, and he is not afraid to say what he stands for.

  20. Well of course more people are working. With mostly Low Wage jobs, everybody has TWO Jobs ! Hurrah ! Employment is up !

    • Well I suppose it’s better for the President to force his ‘health care plan’ down everyone’s throat and LIE about it the whole time, or go around the world putting your country down at every opportunity like oBama did for 8 years.

  21. People seldom repeat the mistakes of their parents, but often repeat the mistakes of their grandparents.

    With the increases is socialism being thought of again as a “rather good idea” , antiSemitism on the rise once again as the cause of all that is wrong with the world and fake science being impregnated into everyone’s brain I believe we are setting ourselves up for another miserable collapse.

    Yep, we will say we almost had it good.

  22. Many unions are corrupt and shouldn’t even be allowed to exist, one perfect example is that of unionizing federal government workers, an absolute joke and breeding ground for government waste!

  23. What a bunch of self righteous propaganda! Look out! The gender-changing climate-caring millennials are gonna socialize up your America! What rubbish! In three short years, Trump (who inherited Obama’s boom) can barely maintain 2% growth despite ballooning the US deficit to TRILLIONS. You can’t live on borrowed money forever and soon Gen X and the Millennials are gonna have to pay for the Trump tax cuts given away to wealthy investors AKA the super rich.

    Typical GOP: the wealthy and powerful get more so, while scared old people get a Boogie Man: “Beware the multicultural youngsters coming for your money!”. Are these “socialist” Millennials gonna be eating Tide Pods too?

    • You are funny! – Inheriting Obama’s boom?

      Obama rang up the deficit 300% from $6T to $18T to “fix” the credit crisis, and had nothing at the end to show for it. He passed that credit card bill to President Trump who, thank God for a smart person in the WH finally, has a list of accomplishments that would make any leader envious for a temporary increase in deficit of only an additional 0.86B which then starts to reduce in 2021, when Obama said that 2%GDP would be the new “normal” Please provide us a list of Obama’s wonderful accomplishments to substantiate your rant… – just a rampant liberal Dem who cannot stand the reality of facts.

      btw – Obama, the man who said that ““at a certain point you’ve made enough money” is now not only making more than any other President by exploiting his former position but is also now costing the taxpayer $1.176m dollars annually – he is just another deceptive thief praying on ignorants like you.. 🙂 MAGA

      • Wild1 has a damaged brain and probably TDD. The economy has never been better than under Trump. Look at the stock market and the interest rates. The most reliable indicators of a nation’s economic health. Unemployment, investment, new jobs, earnings to debt ratio, strength of the dollar overseas. Go back to your booze, drugs, and Obama rhetoric, Wild1. You clearly don’t read or think critically. You just parrot other Trump haters with their pathetic logic and hateful propoganda. Enjoy the next 5 years of Trump. Because that’s what you’re going to get!

      • Geez Phil, do you have any idea what the Trump admins deficit spending is and how fast our national debt is skyrocketing? and at a time of economic boom? Not beating you up… just saying.

        Too much Trump Kool-aid is not a good thing either! 🙂

        • Although I agree that our deficit spending is skyrocketing, I do find it amusing when people try to blame the current president. The president doesn’t make budgets. The budgets start from Congress. And Congress doesn’t even create actual budgets anymore. The president can either sign or veto the budget that started at Congress.
          Our 2020 “budget” Congress managed to create a couple weeks before the federal Government would shut down if wasn’t passed was full of things that weren’t even related to an actual budget. Like the new federal nicotine law. There were also an awful lot of subsidizes and handouts specific to some states that also shouldn’t even been on the 2020 budget at all. .
          While I’m not a Trump fan, I blame Congress for our deficit spending, not the current president (I didn’t criticize Obama either).

    • “Obama’s boom” now that is some funny stuff right there. Even the most devout leftists would never claim there was a boom under Obama, unless they were talking about the boom in food stamps and other government handouts!

  24. The major threat with socialism and communism is that it gives birth to fascism, which is basically a progression towards full scale war and violence against anyone who doesn’t drink the cool aid. The only way that works though, is to identify a group of people to blame for societies “problems.” Create monsters. Create heathens. Create infidels. Create boogeymen. The economy and jobs don’t matter. Some people just want the world to burn. Some people just want everyone to be miserable. Some people hate success and happiness of others. The only way socialist, communists and finally fascists can win, is with an established world government (the U.N.) that is able to militarily occupy nations with soldiers from foreign nations, who will have no problem using force to implement the fascist utopian manifest. It will be so wonderful though! You’ll be so safe!

    • I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said, ” Those who want to trade freedom for security will end up with neither freedom nor security.”

      The allure of Socialism is its promise to remove uncertainty from one’s life by giving control of it to those who ‘know better.’ It will not and can not. But is sure can wreck your life. Ask the average Venezuelan!

  25. Suzanne has gone national with this story. I went to the Drudge Report and clicked on this article title. There you are! Congratulations!

  26. Ah yes. How lovely the bubble world you must live in.
    Meanwhile Alaska’s infrastructure is being destroyed by the impact of climate change, a fact that you completely ignore.
    In Australia, an area the size of Japan has been burned to a crisp with record temperatures being set all over the continent.
    Repeat after me: “Not all conservatives deny human-caused climate change, but ALL climate change deniers are conservatives!”
    In the words of the philosopher who is an idol of the new conservatives, Ayn Rand,
    “It is perfectly possible to ignore reality. It is not possible to ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

  27. This isn’t really an article at all… Its a pointless, rambling and vague attempt to draw comparisons between those who experienced the roaring 20s vs those in today’s global economy, with a list of pro-Trump talking points, and confusion between the meaning and impact of Socialism vs. Communism thrown in.

    Suggestion to author. When writing an article, try and just make ONE good solid point rather tying together a half dozen vaguely related and very complex ideas spanning 100 years of American history.

  28. It’s beginning to sound like a bunch of damn Democrats arguing on when the next decade begins. The common era began at zero. That first year wasnt just lost in history. At 2020, it’s over. A new decade starts at midnight.

  29. I just turned 30 in December. I’m a millenial (1989). Didn’t know I was a grandparent. I think you’re forgetting Gen X? Also, I didn’t know I was prosperous, either.

  30. This is how America will fail, with normal lingo being used in a hate format. Stop just writing people off and educate them. Also, stop believing the masses, do your own research. Nobody should have a political party…. It’s literally just a gang in politics. Parties aren’t anything, votes barely matter anymore, Congress is bought and most of all, our presidents are damn-near puppets at this point. Stop separating yourselves because you can’t understand another person’s beliefs. Sit down and listen to each other so you both can be educated on perspective. It’s sad how divided we are when we have terrible healthcare and homelessness threatening our lives. I don’t even know why I’m venting, half you guys are arguing about a damn date.

    Just FYI, I’m 26.

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