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Thursday, September 23, 2021
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New Anchorage acting mayor hiring code enforcers

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The acting mayor of Anchorage intends to keep people in line in Anchorage, during the coronavirus outbreak.

Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson is hiring three more code enforcers for the municipality to enforce the emergency orders and to “determine if violations exist; initiate enforcement actions to correct violations through negotiated compliance and/or administrative actions. Gather evidence, prepare and present enforcement cases and defend appeals before various judicial, quasi-judicial and administrative bodies, such as court proceedings, the Administrative Hearing Office and Zoning Board of Examiners and Appeals.”

The enforcers will also review plans and applications and conduct business inspections, and … related duties as assigned.

A high school diploma and three years of code enforcement or public contact experience, such as debt collections, is all it takes to become a Senior Code Enforcement Officer in Anchorage, Range 11, making $21.54 to $27.40 an hour.

The Anchorage Assembly is discussing how to keep its emergency orders in place, even if the governor’s emergency declaration is not extended or if a new emergency declaration isn’t in place after Nov. 15, when the current state emergency declaration is set to expire.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Talk about totalitarianism. The mayor is a communist oppressor.

    • This is exactly what the acting MOA should do.

      While the majority of us observe the stay at home precautions, limit our interactions with the masses, there are a handful of non-thinkers, showing up at grocery stores like Fred Meyer, who does not enforce non-mask wearing persons who are risking other’s livelihoods.

      Walmart enforces. There has to be some type of action for those who decide they are going to endanger others.

      If our daily infection rate quadruples? How will our health providers keep up? People need to develop compassion, empathy and understanding of this plague.

      • The non-thinkers are people like you, who seem to think gestapo tactics are what’s needed to keep people who don’t live in fear and terror like you, in line. Most so-called Covid deaths are not from Covid, but rather underlying conditions that may or may not have been have been exacerbated by Covid. Sweden didn’t lock down or make masks mandatory and they’re in better shape than countries with extreme measures in place. Stop getting all your misinformation from the fakestream media.

      • Last time I looked Esther, we still live in America. The emergency orders are ridiculous and not backed by anything but thousands of people being tested and who the majority are A-systematic. Remember 99% survive this virus just fine. Flu and pneumonia account for more deaths yearly in AK than this virus. This is NOT a plague. It is a virus. Out hospitals are not overwhelmed.

  • You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to be a paid Nazi for Anchorage mayor.
    So sad Anchorage has become socialist.

    • I agree entirely. Just how much money are we talking about here? $25 per hour, times a 40 hour workweek (because there are just SOO many “scofflaws” roaming around, who need to be brought to their knees). That pay scale will cost citizens $ 1,000 a week, or $ 4,000 a month, times three enforcer goons equals $ 12,000 every month.
      What happens to those jobs if and when this pandemic is ever declared to be over? No doubt, the “enforcement officers” will be kept on the payroll, to enforce some other oppressive enactments. This is how governments expand to monstrous proportions.

  • It is time for business owners to take back their lives and start standing up together against these criminals running the city. There are laws against the oppressive dictatorship being imposed on some businesses and the obvious proof is the Muni is not imposing their will on huge corporate interests in Anchorage as they employ fleets of lawyers that know the law.

  • No authority I would tell them to leave my premises. Mayor is not a Queen she can not force any edicts on we the people.

    • 2A baby!

    • ROFL

  • How nice. Code enforcement is our growth industry.

  • How do these Californians keep ending up as our mayor? We need something added to the city charter.

    • Ethan Berkowitz…California.
      Austin Quinn-Davidson….California
      Al Gross….California
      Alyse Galvin…California
      All socialists.
      All bad for Alaska and Anchorage.
      Com’on man…Stop electing these Leftists turning Alaska Blue

      • Anchorage is becoming San Francisco light.

      • Boycott fruit and nuts.

      • That explains a lot.

      • Immigration reform?

    • Get rid of Anchorage’s mail-in-ballots else it will only continue electing these candidates no matter how huge the turn-out agianst. Right now, I am sure AK Democrats are working on next years Anchorage Mayor setting up their win thru mail-in-ballots. Cheating takes discreet pain staking strategy not to make it look obvious.

    • They don’t follow the charter (90 days special election when a mayor steps down for any reason) or the law (PFD Juneau?!) so like the 67,000 guns laws in the U.S. only the law abiding follow?!?’ Adding anything to something not followed gets us no where sadly?!?!

  • Californicating control…………

  • Reckon they’ll be armed so it’s a fair fight?

  • If Dunleavy and the rest of the GOP in the Legislature allow this “emergency situation” to continue into next year, I will have lost all respect for those who claim to be “conservative” in our great state.
    When the emergency status ends at the state level, then all this BS in Anchorage will slowly go away…please remember this when you ask your representatives to end the emergency declaration.

  • Seems reasonable to me. A law not enforced is worthless – worse than that: It encourages contempt and lack of support for government. If it’s not a good law then repeal it, or take it to court.
    Similarly, what good are unenforced laws against vagrancy, theft, breaking and entering and rioting in the streets if the authorities aren’t willing to enforce them.

    • I don’t believe the Corona Edicts are laws. Our representatives haven’t presented a bill, negotiated it, voted on it, and had the executive, mayor or governor, sign it. Rather they are orders stemming from our city’s charter regarding emergencies.

      Does anybody know how long an emergency lasts?

      When is the other Berkowitz shoe going to hit the floor? There must be more to the story.

      • Joel:

        The Anchorage emergency declaration is set to expire on November 30, if I remember correctly. The Assembly is going to extend it. (Of that I am 10,000,000,000% sure.) There is an opportunity to provide testimony (if the Assembly actually allows testimony) for or against the extension two weeks before the end of the existing Emergency Declaration.

        The Emergency Declaration does give the Mayor’s edicts the authority of law. Which is all the more reason to end the emergency declaration, and return governmental authority to the representatives, instead of allowing a single individual total authority.

        Please take the time to contact your assembly representatives, and the Mayor’s office. There is no reason why a single person should be allowed to wield almost unlimited authority in a representative government such as our.

        • Especially when that person is not who was elected for that position!

          • Especially when the Lower 48 are praising Anchorage for electing their first gay mayor?!?! 7 or 8 of the Assembly did?! Not the people of Anchorage?! Fake News strikes again?!?!

      • Berky’s shoes are already on the floor, unless he stashed them somewhere – they weren’t on… He’s done, gone, and trashed for all history. His legacy is the alt-left Assembly trying to pick up where he left off – drunk with sudden power and very little clue as to what to do with it. “Oh but you Republicans just don’t care.” Open your eyes – we may disagree about what to do about many things, but we’re involved because we care.

    • Do they ever repeal bad laws? They just add more on top – bad on bad!!!

    • The mandates are not actual laws.

  • Why do these Californicators come up here to try to import the same stuff that caused them to leave? Keep Alaska for Alaskans, not as a Petri dish for social experiments. We need to vote them out!!!

  • Wow! Just in a week and barking orders! Hungry with a little power!
    Are you?

  • She looks like the spoiled brat girl from Willy Wonka trying to lie and cheat her way to the prize. We all know what happened to her in that story. ?

  • Well, then, I guess she better have them learn firearms training as well, since they are going vigilante on us. Since when does the acting Mayor pass laws that are binding upon the citizens? I’m sorry she feels she must enforce her temper tantrum, but it just isn’t going to work.

    • Funny, she’s not wearing a mask in that picture…
      Main exports from California: fruit and nuts. You know what you need to do Anchorage…

  • The term for these people is

  • And some thought Anchorage couldn’t do any worse than Ethan. Sad thing is, the leftist judiciary will support the tyranny, under the guise of “emergency power”. The police? Who knows. If Anchorage police would work for the people (the oath they take) instead of a petty dictator wanna-be, things might turn around. The people have more power than is being realized. Enough ‘protests’ will catch a lot of attention.
    One thing for sure. If you don’t vote these excuses for representative government out, it will get exponentially worse. Tuesday is a big day. Vote.

  • So hiring an army of mask enforcement goons is ok but it will cost too much to put together a vote for replacement Mayor?!! Come-on-man..!!

  • Wow, one dictator out, another one in. I’m sure glad I don’t live in Anchorage. Now they want to hire brown shirts to sniff out and punish non-compliant citizens? It’s like bizarro world!

  • So, one has to assume that masks don’t work, because Anchorage has had a mask mandate in place for months, yet is now experiencing a larger uptick of the virus than any other city in Alaska. And now the latest Natzi in charge wants to tighten the noose by hiring SS officers to round up those who dare defy her orders? I feel for you who live in Anchorage. I hope these new dictates will open the minds of those who thought socialism was a good idea.

  • Thats why we need a special election to get ride of dictators. Code enforcement officers will do very little to control this virus. It is easy to see it is out of control and will run its course now.

  • So much whining over having to wear a little mask to help protect yourselves, and those around you! A teeny-tiny mask is all it takes to get you folks all worked up into a lather.

    And you call us liberals Snowflakes!

    I can only imagine how much louder the whining will be on Wednesday, after the results of the election become known…

    • There is no chance that the election will be called on Wed…more like we are going into a similar situation as in 2000.

    • If you’re wrong, do you promise to throw yourself from a tall building, dog?

    • Whidbey, its not about the “teeny tiny mask,” it’s about losing the right to breath freely, literally and figuratively. And you are a snowflake because you simply melt in submission to your masters.

    • This has to do with a LOT more than masks. It has everything to do with businesses not being able to operate without incurring further debt at only 50% capacity with no one allowed to sit at bars, not even food bars, despite social distancing, requiring extra staffing to enforce the rules and maintain sanitary and sign-in stations. This is what happens when people that have never ever run a private enterprise, let alone owned one, make up rules. The folks on this assembly and she, the new mayor, are absolutely clueless as to the hardship they are causing and obviously thoroughly enjoy their emergency powers.

    • If you think a face covering is going to keep you from spreading or even being infected by ANY virus, you are just plain stupid. Keep that brain ‘smooth’ liberal.

    • It’s about pitting ourselves against each other. Look at you as you insult everyone who is simply against enforcing strict mandates that imply people without a mask will kill you. Do you even pay attention to the stats of the infected? 85% say they always wear a mask when in public. Do they only get infected during the brief moment when they walk past someone that believes prolonged agony is worse than accepting the inevitable? Give me a break. You are a snowflake. You can’t blame a virus. You have to blame everyone who doesn’t 100% agree that your devine mandates aren’t enough, we have to have code enforcers. This belief that 90% compliance in Anchorage is not enough is truly gestapo type stuff. Many people are getting infected inside people’s homes. Should these code enforcers be walking down the street enforcing new mandates that reach into your home? Go move to New Zealand if that is what you want. Seriously, it’s beautiful there and I believe they are all about open borders, right? Right? Or are they racist xenophobes? I really do think you will love everything about it. It’s a no brainer. I prefer to live in the last place on Earth that still tries to limit government power whenever possible and believes that the government should trust people so people can trust the government. This is a belief that exists everywhere, but people like you want to squash it because you blame opposing beliefs for all the problems of the world. There wouldn’t be a spike in cases if those 10% in Fred Meyer were wearing a mask. Shoot, there would be no virus at all if Trump wasn’t elected and we had Hillary enforcing even more strong mandates since February. So go to your utopia. I think they just make you take an overly sensitive test, then quarantine you with guards for 14 days and then won’t let you leave until you test negative on an overly sensitive test that is admittedly testing positive 60-90 days after an infection. Go do that. EZ PZ Don’t be a snowflake.

      • Feel better now? Great.

        If your doctor required you to put on a mask to visit your sick family member in the hospital, you’d conform immediately, and also insist that other visitors do the same. Society is asking no more or no less from you at present.

        So, please start focusing more on your duty instead of your precious rights.

        That is the sign of a real patriot.

        • Boy you’re being dense. So you think there is no weighing of liberty vs safety? You don’t want to hear any push back on enforcement and you are going to attempt to shame people using that ridiculous false equivalencies. Despite people still testing positive who are religious about wearing masks and avoiding people who aren’t wearing a mask, you still believe that 90% of the people conforming isn’t enough. That 10% needs to be hunted down and fined. I think you know there is a balance of how far the measures should go, it’s just that you believe liberals are the only ones ordained to know where that balance is and liberals will never talk about less restrictions because they have to fight against conservatives that will fight that side of the argument prematurely according to your opinion. Guess what. You guys need us to have that end of the argument. And ya, 90% compliance is plenty and that 10% isn’t who is in the hospital or who is infecting the people in the hospital.

          So please, use the thing between your ears, and actually pay attention to what people are saying and quit being so black and white. Maybe it’s time we focus on things that aren’t controversial, like boosting personal health, vitamin D and C, and protecting the vulnerable.

          And don’t tell me about being a patriot when my concern is not letting a virus tear us apart by eagerly pointing fingers and blaming every death on each other.

          This article isn’t about wearing masks. It’s about enforcing mandates.

          George Orwell: All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.

          • You’re bringing data to a values fight, my friend.

            You know, if we didn’t enforce drunk driving laws 10% of the time, the nonconforming portion of the cohort would still be deadly to you and your loved ones.

            So, I’ll happily wear my mask knowing that it protects me, and that it protects others – even those like you who only do so grudgingly, if at all. And if someone politely reminds me to put it on when I forget it, I’ll kindly thank them.

            That’s just how I was raised, and that’s a better world to live in.

            Now you have a good day Justin.

  • If anyone cares to see how Anchorage, or for that matter the United States will look if the Democrats take control on November 3rd, just Google Communist China’s Cultural Revolution. Truly scary stuff & the current Democratic Cancel Culture is right out of China’s playbook.

  • Anchorage: take back your city. What more do you need to see?

    • I’m trying, but I only have one vote. We are getting out numbered by all of the environmental scientists, baristas, and whatnot that move to Anchorage. We need to make it less liberal friendly I’m afraid, to take it back. The best way to do that is to wear our opinions on our sleeve and arrogantly assume everyone should hear them because they are fact, then when someone wants to disagree and step out of line, grimace and say something like “I didn’t know you were a racist nazi white supremacist sympathizer and a fascist. Your privilege is showing and you should spend more time listening to people that have done the work”. At least that works on me. I hate being around that.

  • Call your state representatives and the Governor and tell them to stuff it. Resist at every level and demand a special election. Get these socialist parasites out of our state. Send them back to the places they totally screwed up and then left. These vermin are destroying Alaska as fast as they can. Don’t forget the traitor socialists on the Anchorage Assembly.

  • You guys are scary! Hospitals filling up, people are actually getting sick, lives are being impacted everyday by the virus, and only negative comments? No real solutions to protect the health of families and promote healing in the community here, heartbreaking! It’s like reading the words of a bunch of educated savages, Lords of the Flies!

    • And you guys are brainwashed idiots.

    • Read the CDC information on this virus – not the lefty media. It’s hardly worse than the common flu for most people – it just doesn’t warrant the continuing hysteria. The initial reaction from before we knew much about it was the right thing to do. And I get it, no one wants to get sick. But enough is enough already. The hospitals are not full, the death rate would be the same as the common flu if we hadn’t stuffed Chinese virus patients into nursing homes. Masks are of dubious value unless one is sneezing or coughing or around others who are. Cleanliness is a good thing. Nothing of any reasonable reaction requires the soviet socialist republic of Anchorage to exist, let alone hire goons at a lower wage than the usual rent-a-cop (a temptation to shakedowns). Vaccines are promised shortly – get yours asap, help build herd immunity, and off the paranoia.

    • Lord of the Flies? Really? Here we are not being represented by our city government who is going to hire enforcement because too many people want to think for themselves, and you think we are the savages? You think you are with Jack or the fickle mob? How about focusing on the vulnerable while the cases are spiking? This is the time to do it, no? How about the effectiveness of ventilation? How about making sure everyone gets vitamin D and C and stays healthy and fit and active because, get real, people are wearing masks and it isn’t stopping positive test results? How about liberal egos in epidemiology and our assembly quit thinking conservatives are the soul reason for spikes and point fingers while they go to the streets and party and protest and celebrate. How about just trusting the public without using laws and mandates? How about the concern of maintaining civility during any pandemic?

  • They will be attacking small restaurants and bars

  • Another despicable Californian who does not represent who we are as Alaskans. She represents the worst of the worst and should have never been elected to any office outside of California. These liberals need to leave Alaska and go home. They will never be welcome here.

  • Anchorage has fallen. The rest of Alaska to soon follow…

    How are they winning? Makes no damn sense!

  • Reminds me of Hitler and the Brown Shirts…

  • Unless business join forces and unite this will continue!!
    Case against these unconstitutional mandates has already been won!

  • If you spend any time looking at who ran against this woman, she basically ran unopposed and still couldn’t get more than 65% of the vote. We need better people running for city assembly. Ok…. NOT IT!

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