National poll finds Trump just as likely to win now as he was before conviction



A new poll found that former President Donald Trump’s conviction on 34 felonies in New York hasn’t dented his support with voters. 

Forty percent of voters said Trump’s criminal conviction of 34 felonies does not impact their vote this November, according to a new Emerson College Polling national survey. Another 33% said it makes them less likely to support Trump and 27% said it would make them more likely to back Trump.

“Trump’s support in our polling remained the same before and after his conviction,” Spencer Kimball, executive director of Emerson College Polling, said. “A majority of Democrats say it makes them less likely to support Trump (51%) and a majority of Republicans (55%) say it makes them more likely to support Trump. A plurality of independents say it makes no impact (41%), while 38% are less likely to vote for Trump and 21% more likely.”

The poll found Trump had a narrow lead over President Joe Biden, with 46% of voters behind Trump and 45% backing Biden in the 2024 presidential election. Nine percent were undecided.

A jury convicted Trump, 77, of 34 counts of falsifying business records to cover up hush money payments to an adult film actress. The judge in that case has scheduled sentencing for July 11, four days before the 2024 Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where Republicans are set to select Trump as the 2024 nominee.

Under New York state law, falsifying business records in the first degree is a Class E felony, punishable by a maximum of four years in prison per count.

Voters won’t have a say at sentencing, but if they did, 40% said Trump should get prison time, 25% think he should pay a fine, and 15% think he should get probation. Twenty percent were unsure, according to the Emerson survey.


  1. All the people that have been victims of the corrupt justice system are looking at this right now, and saying ‘TRUMP 2024’ Even in the ghetto.
    I’ve even seen black reparations groups on YouTube telling people that Biden is an old fossil and don’t vote for him. He’s doomed, Suzanne

  2. Not surprising, really. As far as the MAGA crowd goes, Trump hates who they hate, thereby validating their hate. And sadly that’s all that they need to vote for him.

    A more interesting poll would be to ask the MAGA respondents if they want their children to grow up to be like Trump. That result would certainly expose their depravity and mendacity.

    The dirty little secret in all of this is that most MAGA disciples actually despise the man, but pretend to support him in order to be accepted in their social milieu. MAGA excommunication can he so harsh, you know, and maybe even a little dangerous.

    • What is it with you leftists and “hate?”
      Seriously, between apathy and hate are about a billion different levels of emotional reaction, and you leftists always go straight to hate.
      I guess it is easy, for the simple minded, to assume the worst about other people. It makes their ability to sustain bias and prejudice so much easier.
      Tell me, who, exactly, does Trump hate?
      And, what evidence do you have to support that statement.

      • Really? How about this:

        Muslims – tried to stop them from entering the country.
        Immigrants from Mexico – listen to him calling them criminals and rapists.
        Anyone who challenges his authority – look at how many he’s denigrated and then fired.

        He is filled with hatred.

        • No, he tried to add extra scrutiny to muslims coming from countries known to harbor, train, and deploy terrorists. Does not mean he hates anyone.
          No. He stated that Mexico is not sending the US the best and brightest citizens, instead they are encouraging the less desirables to come across the border. And, that means he hates all Mexicans now?
          Firing incompetent and insubordinate individuals? That means he HATES them?
          Not seeing the hate from anyone except you here, Hans.

    • Psychological projection again by another leftist, or maybe the same one with a different moniker. Those of us that want to return our nation to the republic it is intended to be can clearly see the corruption and injustice in the performance we just witnessed in New York. You and your fellow ‘ Disciples of Darkness’ are blind to evil, corruption, and the ultimate leftist goal, of which you are only a useful tool in a vast array that the leftist powers that be really do not care about. The bigger picture has nothing to do with Trump. One can hope and pray that your eyes are opened to truth.

      • The leftists cannot help it.
        If someone says it is a bad idea to allow military age men with MS-13 tattooed across their neck into the country, the leftists declares it is hatred for all Hispanics.
        Saying that you are tired of having pride month rammed down your throat every time you turn on the TV, radio, or computer, means the leftist will declare you hate all gays.
        It is called “closing the argument” a technique where the topic is changed to whether you hate or not.

    • Hans
      You’re so wrong about this complex issue.
      We are tired of all the lies and theft of Americans rights as one side keeps making bad decisions.

    • Hans, your inflated disdain for MAGA leads me to believe that instead of seeing this country and its people prosper, you are on the TAD (Tear America Down) team. The question then becomes, are YOU pretending to support Biden in order to be accepted in your social milieu or do you genuinely believe he is the guy for the job? Why not provide arguments to support your choice?
      You are welcome to your opinion, yet you seem incapable of respect for those, who support a different candidate? Isn’t the US supposed to be about free speech, equal treatment under the law and self-evident rights of the individual?

    • You couldn’t be more wrong. Some people just remember what it’s like to be free and have noticed how the government has utilized its own intelligence agencies and media to brainwash the gullible into giving up freedoms for the illusion of ‘democracy,’ a version of ‘democracy’ in which the elite maintain power and control over lives instead of allowing the people to thrive under freedom.

      Hate has 0 to do with it.

    • Keep up the narrative Hans.
      We have all been nothing but a basket of deplorables ever since Hillary labeled us so if that is what we are then we may as well embrace the label and carry on like soldiers do in the battlefield.

  3. Part of the reason why is because people supporting Trump, and many who don’t, recognize the trial and conviction for the political show trial it was.

  4. Only morons actually think Trump’s indictment, trial, and conviction were a proper application of the law, and that the treatment he and his defense team received during the trial was the equivalent of what every other defendant receives.
    Your average American can recognize a political hit job when they see one.

    • What’s going to be really interesting is what happens if Hunter isn’t found guilty.

      Convict Trump on a made up charge no one has actually heard of or seen (including his legal team) while Hunter walks? Are democrats really that myopic and arrogant?

      The Democrats almost have to toss Hunter to the wolves to keep their fiction of “equal Justice”.

  5. More likely to win. People are waking up to Joe’s senility, cause it’s impossible to hide. And the sham that is our justice system

  6. Here’s the thing. He got fired from his job. He got mad and wouldn’t leave. He stole a bunch of papers and wouldn’t give them back.
    Then he got a bunch of his friends to go down to work and storm the place. Now he wants his old job back so he can get back at the mean people who fired him in the first place.

    • Stole papers?
      You mean that pallet of boxes the GSA were demanding he remove from the Northern Virginia warehouse IMMEDIATELY! The one that the FBI messed up so badly trying to get a marketing photo that it is debatable if it could be used as evidence? And, when was Trump ever asked to give them back? Last time I checked, sending armed police to storm a private residence is not asking.
      Com’n Greg. Try reading past the headlines sometimes.

  7. To my dear fellow readers, as this election cycle continues forward, and as the left/marxist/socialists who, are entitled to their opinions even on a conservative blog site, literally do not deserve any responses. When you take the bait, you merely give them the credence that they do not deserve and you fill their narcissistic need for a minute. They are nothing but trolls, trolls who cannot comment on their leftist/marxist/socialist blogs because, to a number, none accept comments. Therefore, please simply ignore them. They are the squirrel and we are the bears.

  8. Damn, I almost didn’t reply to this anti first ammendment dribble. If you don’t like underwear, don’t wear any. They’re really just Commanch pants anyway. You know…they creep up on you and wipe you out.


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