NAIA rules transgenders can’t compete in women’s sports in sanctioned events



The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics said Monday that transgender women may not participate in women sports in their sanctioned events.

The policy posted on the NAIA’s website states that “Only NAIA student-athletes whose biological sex is female may participate in NAIA-sponsored female sports.” The policy also states that women beginning hormone therapy are not eligible to participate in women’s sports.

“This policy will be subject to review in light of any legal, scientific, or medical developments,” the policy stated.

The Associated Press reported the NAIA Council of Presidents approved the policy in a 20-0 vote during its annual meeting in Missouri.

The NAIA has 240 member colleges and has produced NBA Hall of Famers Scottie Pippen, who played at Central Arkansas, and Dennis Rodman, who played at Southeastern Oklahoma State.

“The NAIA becomes the first national college governing body to mandate athletes compete with their sex,” Riley Gaines wrote on X. Gaines has become an advocate for single-sex sports after she competed in college while at the University of Kentucky against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, who was on the University of Pennsylvania team.

“Yes!! @NCAA – your move,” wrote former Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly on X.

The Human Rights Campaign criticized the decision.

“Today, the NAIA decided to bar an entire category of people from competition simply because of a right-wing outrage campaign that purposefully misrepresents and distorts the realities of transgender athletes while doing nothing to support women’s sports,” said Kelley Robinson, president of the Human Rights Campaign, in a press release. “The chilling message this sends not just to other sanctioning bodies but also to youth sports leagues across the country is dangerous and it must be stopped in its tracks.”


  1. “The chilling message this sends not just to other sanctioning bodies but also to youth sports leagues across the country is dangerous and it must be stopped in its tracks.” Chilling message is a governing body of college sports is keeping women’s sporting competitions equitable, requiring biological women to compete with biological women? The greater chilling message the so-called “human rights” campaign seems to be that if you identify with your biological sex, you’re worthless. We all know what has happened when a governing body politic has deemed certain people as “worthless.” Notice the silence among the “feminists”; tacitly consenting to their own devaluing of women to mere property.

  2. Pity then”Human Rights Campaign” doesn’t care about the human rights of women.

    Yet most women, God knows why, will vote for the party that endorses this insanity.

  3. I recall Soviet female athletes were caught doping (cheating) in the 1970s. This type of cheating has simply taken another form whereby men use dope (hormones) to claim the privilege of cheating in women’s sports. What’s really amazing is how sports authorities have been so stupid to allow such nonsense to occur. Not to mention leftist media pundits supporting the charade. Anyone who plays along with men cheating against women in sports is a disgrace to humanity. Call it out.

  4. Check out the website for Human Rights Campaign. Lots of sponsors, I wonder how many were coerced into paying to avoid a smear campaign. If you want a good chuckle check out the staff photos, Lefty poster children.

  5. How long will it be before the extreme, radical right wingers start posting oh, they’re protesting, disrupting, insurrectionists?

    • Ya we are real radical 3rd gen. Good god your a nut case baby killing war starting lunatic. You and your left are the worst problem in this country, you are ungrateful for the freedoms we have, you think you deserve this country. I think you should be ran out of it. Go smoke another joint and watch CNN.

  6. Well, at least somebody hag the strength to do the right thing.
    All women should get behind this ruling and push for equality.

  7. In Nebraska there was a bill to ban confused men from girls locket rooms, bathrooms, etc.

    It died because two Republicans abstained from voting after saying they would.

    This is a classic example of why we have Trump. The GOP is like a sick old dog who needs to be put down for its own good.

    Sadly, when Grandpa Bloodstains Michigan voters who chant death to America get their way, this won’t be an issue. The confused will be removed from society. Forcefully. Along with the women they pretend to be.

  8. Woohoo Ladies!!!👍 We must fight these brainwashed mental defectives and never allow it. This is a good win!!!

  9. Hey! The NAIA also produced NHLer Gary Sargent and two Olympic silver medalists in 1972: Jim McElmury and Charles Brown … all three from Bemidji State.

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