Mutiny: Congressional staffers hide behind masks to protest Israel’s attempts to free people from captivity

Congressional staffers, hiding behind masks, protest Israel on the steps of the Capitol.

Over 100 congressional staffers who work for Democrats protested in front of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, calling for Israel to halt its bombing of Gaza City, where Hamas terrorists have imprisoned 240 Jewish hostages. The staff members wore masks and laid flowers for the fallen terrorists and others who have died in the Hamas-Israel war. A handful of them read statements. Others held signs calling for a ceasefire in Israel.

Israel’s response to a deadly surprise attack by Hamas on Oct. 7 has been wholehearted and devastating to Gaza City, which is now, according to satellite footage, more than one-quarter destroyed by the Israeli Defense Forces artillery response.

Estimates are that over 9,000 Gaza residents, nearly all Palestinians, have died in the war, which rages on. Some Israeli fighters have also died during the war, and the body count on each side is far from certain. The original Hamas attack took the lives of 1,400 Israelis.

The staffers, however, were waging their own wars — against their bosses.

“Most of our bosses on Capitol Hill are not listening to the people they represent,” said one mutinous staffer. “We demand our leaders speak up, call for a cease-fire, a release of all hostages, and an immediate de-escalation now.”

Some of the congressional staffers who participated may have had the blessing of their congressional member. A separate photo from Wednesday shows a group of the most radical members of Congress, inlacing Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Pramila Jayapal, without masks, standing in apparent solidarity.

But it’s unusual for a staffer or bureaucrats to insert themselves into an active and dynamic political situation, rather than what has always been viewed as a 24-7 job of supporting the representative.

The sit-in staffers were, in fact, disrupting diplomatic efforts, and elevating their own political views into the news cycle.

Congress has the power of the declaration of war, and to have congressional staffers pre-empt their own members by trying to steer the deliberative process in a public leveraging may have been a first in congressional history.

“Being a (good) congressional staffer comes with sacrifices. One of the biggest being: keeping your own political views to yourself and supporting your boss 100% of the time. You have no right to use your boss’ position to elevate your own political views. Nobody voted for you. If I was a member of Congress and found out one of my staffers was participating in a ‘staffer walk out’ they could keep on walking to another job,” said one former Hill employee.

Another said, “Nobody has a bigger ego than congressional staffers. Instead of desperately trying to make everything about them… they could literally just go back inside and convince their bosses to support a ceasefire. Like… they have direct access to elected officials.” They can already influence policy in a way that few other Americans can.

There are also consideration of the ethical violations, if any of the mutiny was organized or carried out on official time, or if taxpayers paid for any of the signage or materials used to stage the event.

More than 60% of the staff members of the House of Representatives are under the age of 35, according to the Federal Managers Association. The congressional offices, indeed Congress itself is being run by these individuals, who were raised and educated in increasingly radicalized schools of America that infuse them with the Maoist theory of “continuous revolution.”


  1. 1-it’s nice to see Congress isn’t exempt from the same crap most businesses have to endure.

    An entitled generation who thinks their job is to undermine their employers and still get paid handsomely.

    2-this is what 30 plus years of indoctrination over education gets you.

    3-if we’re not very lucky, civil war is coming.

    • Masked

      Do staffers give up their right of opinion when the take a job ?
      Masked maybe you should move to a stasi based country where everyone follows government and corporate rules with fail.
      Freedom of expression makes America greater.

    • 3. We are in one already, the battle is being fought in our culture. First shots were when normal people accepted the politically correct narrative and participation trophy crowd.

    • Ask Hamas who gleefully hides behind these innocents.

      Ghazi Hamad, a member of Hamas’s political bureau recently said “Will we have to pay a price? Yes, and we are ready to pay it. We are called a nation of martyrs, and we are proud to sacrifice martyrs.”

      • Steve
        Dont be stupid.
        Ghazi doesn’t speak for innocent children.
        Hes just a political hack .
        Innocent children dont want to sacrifice themselves.
        You are sick person to justify killing children because some political hack spouted off .
        Steve your mind is ill . Go find a doctor.

        • No Jeff, Ghazi Hamad isn’t a political hack. Ghazi Hamad is a terrorist who hides behind children. The fact that you can’t differentiate the two is very telling.

          • Steve
            The fact you decline to condemn israeli blowing up Palestinian children into pieces is whats telling. You are mentally ill. They are non combatants.
            Yes you see them as fair game. You are mentally ill.
            Yep ghazi is a terrorist . Hes also a political hack . Changing his position as the wind and battle blows.

            Those children you are fine killing had nothing to do with this and many of them are from a separate social group.
            The plo who is at odds with hamas . Yet you can’t differentiate. You are fine with genocide and openly promote it . Gross .

            Interesting fact – israel helped create hamas to battle and undermine the plo .
            Israel helped create the party who is attacking them .

          • Jeff,

            I’ve made it abundantly clear that I am 100% against Hamas using children as human shields, you have yet to denounce them for doing so…why is that? Are you OK with Hamas using children as human shields as long as it serves the antisemitic talking point that Israel is killing children? That’s certainly what it looks like since you’ve yet to admit the painfully obvious, even Hamas admits it.

        • Steve

          Are you replying to Jefferson or to me ?
          You seem pretty confused on everything.
          You keep saying jeffs name but replying to things I said.
          You need a doctor man or back off the booze .
          Many times I’ve condemned hamas for everything they do .
          From killing to human shields. Yet you can’t condemn Israel for their genocidal killing of children and targeting innocent Palestinians . You are sick man . You can’t even keep your arguments and names straight. Proof right here . Your brain is confused.

          • And what, pray tell, does your responding to comments addressed to Jeff say about your mental abilities? If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

            You keep saying that you’ve condemned Hamas but you haven’t actually done that, you’ve condemned Israel and anyone who supports destroying Hamas plenty, but not Hamas.

            This cartoon sums up what Ghazi Hamad and all those who are apologizing for terrorists using innocent women and children as human shields are saying.


          • Steve ,
            Jeff wasn’t involved with this comment thread about ghazi hamad but you knew that.
            Or should have .
            You were replying to my comments and using the wrong name .
            Your mind is addled. Get help.
            Jeff hasn’t been in a discussion with you for days .
            He’s living rent free in your empty genocidal mind bubble.

          • It took you two days to realize you were responding to comments addressed to Jeff…who’s mind is addled?

            Your comments and that of your other nom de plume give it away. You’ve even addressed replies to yourself.

    • Micah, how many more innocent Israeli children will perish from the hands of Hamas?

      Better question isn’t it? This is probably why Israel is rooting out the barbaric savages known as Hamas, they, Israeli ‘s want the killing to end.

    • How many schools, hospitals and mosques does Hamas have to hide weapons, command centers and fighters in before the innocents are not killed? To quote Golda Meir, Peace will come when the Arab love their children more than they hate us (the Israeli).

    • To all who respond, I am asking for the actual number.

      What number of deaths of innocents* would it take to pay the blood debt done by Hamas in massacring 1,400 Israelis?

      What is that number? Write it please.

      *(children under 10 y.o. defined as innocents)

      • Optimumly zero, however Hamas hides behind them since they are spineless cowards. Are you ever going to acknowledge that Hamas is to blame for proudly sacrificing Palestinians children? Should we allow Hamas to kill every Israeli and every Jew, as is their mission statement, because they are hiding behind their children?

    • Howdy Micah, At least 10 to 1 on a surprise attack on military personnel, 100 to 1 on surprise attack on adult at random civilians. 1000 to 1 on surprise attack on targeted WEAK civilians—infant, elderly, women walking alone, young people at a concert, killing them and or taking them hostage. Oh yeah, kill the killers, and those who are near and dear to them. It was Sherman’s March to the Sea that ended the Civil War, Hiroshima, Nagasaki in WWII., Trump on ISIS 2019. Let the Terrorist Reap What They Sowe.

      • That is an honest answer. Brutally harsh, but honest.

        With numbers tallied like that you ought to kill all of them, because when they grow up they will only have hatred and vengeance.

        Just like now. And in 2005…

  2. Load every single one of the protestors up and ship them to the streets of Gaza where they can support their true HAMAS leaders and start working to save those poor innocent terrorists.

    We will soon have the same war raging in our country when the illegal psychopaths Biden imported to reelect him decide its time for a civil war to take over their new found homeland.

  3. Idiots, don’t they see how all this fallout from a war started by a bunch of murderous ass backwards, born and raised to hate, “religious” group is effecting life here in the united States. They’re probably over there laughing about how this is turning us on each other. Maybe when these terrorists start striking here, again, the youngsters will stop and think…..

  4. More and more I’m disgusted about the type of people living in America that SUPPORT Terrorists like Hamas. Your little mask protesting just shows how UN AMERICAN they all are.
    Bunch of Communist terrorists in Congress that are on the side of the enemy of Israel. Guess what? It’s not our business! Unless you live there, and have lost loved ones to the Hamas Terrorists, you have no right to judge what they are doing to protect themselves!
    NO one in Congress should be supporting any of this on either side! Since when is America God Almighty?

    • I hope their phony masks are as useless protecting their jobs and positions as they are at keeping people from getting Covid. Aint happening.

  5. These Congressional Staff Members are the ‘untouchables’ with life-long employment and benefits and pensions. They play play for either side with impunity. They’re unaccountable for any of their actions, inactions, etcetera.

  6. “We demand our leaders speak up, call for a cease-fire, a release of all hostages, and an immediate de-escalation now.” Hamas escalated this or it wouldn’t be happening right now

  7. Yeah, I have gotten to where anymore, if I see someone with a mask on and they aren’t preparing for a surgery, I don’t even acknowledge they exist or interact with them.

  8. Israel will make the right choice for themself taking in their history with Hamas and remembering what it did on Oct seventh. They know themselves and Hamas better than the West knows each. Isreal is fully capable to defend itself and thoroughly knowledgeable over the region and its leaders. Israel will continue being carefully thoughtful how their actions affect the Region while they are batting it out with Hamas in the South and Hezebollah in the North.


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