Must Read Alaska Show wins gold medal for podcasts


Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals awarded the Must Read Alaska Show a gold medal in its 2023 AVA competition in the category of audio production/radio podcasts.

The episode of the show that won the award was the John Quick interview of Pastor Ben McBride.

Link to this show at

AMCP was founded in 1994 and is one of the top evaluators of creative work in the marketing and communication industry. AVA stands for Audio Visual Arts.

The Must Read Alaska Show was launched in September of 2020, and has broadcast some 279 episodes with over 204,000 downloads I 18 months. The show has at times ranked as high as #38 in its category on iTunes.

“It has been an awesome experience interviewing guests — from the president of the island nation of Palau to the governor of Alaska,” said Quick, who took over as the primary host of the show last February. “The interview with Ben McBride was special to me because he is a friend of mine who is trying to make a difference in some of the toughest cities all over the United States.”

On Friday, Quick interviewed Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson. Earlier this week, he was joined by Rep. Sarah Vance of Homer.

If MRAK readers know of someone who would make a great show guest, contact John at [email protected].


  1. Congratulations Suzanne!!! Keep doing what you’re doing!! Your research and total reporting are great assets for your continued success!! My hat is off to you.

  2. Thanks Susan and associates.
    How I wish that when I walk through the many reception/ admin areas throughout my work day. i.e. Providence, Local / State buildings. People could glance at MRA instead of that rag that’s got to be furnished for free. Paid for by that billionaire that has dual citizenship.

  3. Congratulations Keep up the good work. I am disgusted with the ADN/WashingtonPost paper here Their latest
    comments on candidates running for the Assembly confirms for me they are not Journalists, but left wing Activists promoting the left woke agenda and favoring only Democrats. They do not provide the TRUTH.( do I read or subscribe to ADN NO, I get information from a neighbor}
    Suzanne: you are the Best.

  4. Congrats, MRAK offers more solid articles than most all National Newspapers I’ve read, and I’ve only been following it for a short time, keep up the great work by keeping the people informed of what’s really going on!

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