Murkowski, who has been a champion of abortion, can still do the right thing



God not only gave us this glorious gift of life, but He also trusted us enough to manage that gift by granting us all free will. He could have made us puppets. He didn’t. That’s why the world is such a mess. It’s also why the world holds such wonder, majesty, and beauty. 

Mankind has proven itself through the years capable of great courage, nobility, and virtue. But we’ve also seen displayed a capacity for unspeakable evil. 

Using cold, sharp instruments, saline solutions, or powerful vacuums to kill a defenseless child living in the peace, comfort, and sanctuary of their mother’s womb is the vilest evil of all. To deny that vulnerable baby the gift of life or the option of adoption solely for the sake of convenience is indefensible.  

Abby Johnson worked for eight years at a Texas Planned Parenthood clinic. Her last two years she managed it. Johnson ran the clinic but was not involved directly in the aborting of babies. One day, the nurse normally tasked with viewing the abortion procedure through an ultrasound monitor in a viewing room was sick. Johnson filled in for her. It was the first time she viewed live a baby being vacuumed out of a woman’s uterus. Johnson says at that moment, she knew abortion was wrong. 

“I just thought I can’t do this anymore, and it was just like a flash that hit me, and I thought, that’s it,” said Johnson.   

Lisa Murkowski is about nothing if she’s not about defending and funding abortion. Even if it’s up to the point of birth. It’s long been her priority. 

I wonder if Murkowski’s cold, hard heart for the unborn would tenderize, if, like Johnson, she too witnessed live a defenseless baby being sucked out of her mother’s womb.  

Murkowski’s defense of the cruel procedure of ending the life of a baby at the hands of an abortionist has won her praise with Planned Parenthood, the deadliest organization in U.S. history. Planned Parenthood abortionists have murdered close to 8 million babies since the evil organization began its killing spree in 1973.

Planned Parenthood President Cecil Richards praised Murkowski in 2017 when the Alaska senator cast the deciding vote that blocked President Donald Trump’s attempt to repeal Obamacare. Murkowski voted against the repeal because the bill called for defunding Planned Parenthood. Imagine being so loyal to Planned Parenthood you’re willing to save Obamacare for it. 

In 2018, Murkowski was one of just two Republicans to vote against a federal ban on abortions after 20 weeks and up to the day of birth. But Murkowski’s most consequential move to preserve the barbaric killing of millions of American babies came when she refused in 2018 to vote to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Murkowski, in a most cowardly move, voted present. That allowed her to maintain her sycophant status with Planned Parenthood without voting no. 

Now Murkowski is a big question mark on the next Trump nominee for the High Court. On Friday, Murkowski said she would oppose a vote on a nominee to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg until the next president is elected. But on Tuesday, after Trump hater, Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah came out and said he would favor a vote, Murkowski waffled. Now she says she won’t rule out voting for Trump’s nominee. 

Murkowski finds herself in the middle of what’s at the heart of the cultural and cold war raging in our country. You may think the war is over racism, socialism versus capitalism, or police brutality. It’s not. 

Just as Democrats and the Left were obsessed with preserving slavery 160 years ago, the same is true today for abortion. They were willing to do anything, even die on the battlefield, to keep slavery legal. The same is true today when it comes to abortion. 

Don’t count out anything in the days ahead in their attempts to block Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court.  

Murkowski is a general in the movement to promote the culture of death through abortion in America. It’s not too late to change sides. Hopefully, she’ll have an awakening and do the right thing and support our president’s nominee. 

Dan Fagan hosts the number one rated morning drive radio show in Alaska on Newsradio 650, KENI. He splits his time between Anchorage and New Orleans.  


  1. How sweet, a radio host gives his prejudiced feelings invoking an imaginary friend to bolster credibility on his barbaric and antiquated mentality of power and control over women.

    “Plan B is given in the Bible,” Numbers 5:11-31
    “Thy shalt not mess with women’s reproductive rights,” Fallopians 19:73.”

    The legal and moral rights of women trump religious and moral beliefs. Abortion in the US is legal and patient wishes and informed consent always come first, second, and last in the conversation about whether or not to terminate a pregnancy and what to do with those remains if termination takes place. Deal with it or go and join your like-minded theocratic ilk in ISIL where you have a home with fascist religious extremists.

      • Yeah. Little baby killer. I’m not sure how the murderers can sleep at night? I wonder if they watch those videos of a actual abortion where the baby’s spine gets spun around and around like it’s in a margarita blender and while the baby’s still alive it’s trying to get away from it. it’s actually trying to defend itself it wants to live. But no they’re denied the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    • Bob….I have no clue what your are point really is except confusion ..I am glad to note that you mention a book and chapter of the Bible and now recommend you spend some time reading the rest of it and finding a good bible teaching Church.

  2. The ‘lovely’ senator lisa has been selected as the most liberal, leftist ‘republican’ senator. Conservative Alaskans, in our fight to be represented as who and what we are, have been let down time after time by lovely lisa. I don’t know if it is the infamy of being a traitor to her constituents or her delight in being the object of public attention, even as a rino, that makes her dishonest to the oath she took, with Alaskans counting on her to represent them, not the left. In any case, if the senate vote winds up where her vote doesn’t make her critical to the outcome, she will surely vote with the unbeatable majority, not for Alaska or America specifically. Just like her daddy.
    Voting got her there. Voting can take her out, politically.

  3. Well written piece again Dan….the first three paragraphs say it all and say it well..keep writing as you are making a positive difference….

  4. The thing that confuses me about people like Dan is that they care so much about “life” before birth, but after that the mother and the child are on their own. There are way too many homeless, hungry children in Anchorage. There way too many children who are being physically and emotionally abused or neglected. Has Dan ever focused his outrage on this horrific crisis? It is elementary that being pro-life should mean that you also care about what happens after that innocent baby is born. Dan believes that two things are evil: abortions and liberals.

    • Eric: you are wrong about Dan not speaking out about the homeless and families being raised without a father in the home….he often expresses solutions to these problems….and the need for more treatment facilities and facing the issues within our laws now on the books….

  5. Lisa has just pounded the proverbial final nail in her coffin for her political career if she does not do the job she was elected to do for her constituents. She keeps on spouting off about it should be up to the people to choose the next SCOTUS. We are the people, and we elected you to do what we are telling you to do, and that is to confirm the next SCOTUS justice that your president selects.

  6. “Daddy’s little girl”. I didn’t like how “Frank the Bank” passed the crown to his daughter to fill his Senate seat. She showed here true colors while in the State Legislature, then fooled voters again and again. If Joe Miller had more credibility, she would be pounding sand now. As far as a practicing Catholic, she fails miserably at that too. RINO indeed!

  7. 100% of the population is atheist. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself if you believe in Honuman the Monkey God.

    Atheists are everywhere except some of them believe in one single exception and it’ll be whatever goofy entity they were taught was real as a child. It’s ok to believe like that but even the best of objective arguments fall apart when you introduce even a smallest bit of religious kook into the argument. The real question to ask yourself where abortion is concerned is what type of people are relying on those services to the greatest degree?

    Societal detritus relies on abortion far more than the rest of society so if you want more self important young people with no manners, a complete lack of respect and little ability or interest in making a positive contribution, consider eliminating abortion. Look closer at the stats and you’ll see that there’s an unfortunate end game if you ponder what might happen were those programs to be killed.

    Access to abortion keeps the democrat population in check.

  8. Thank you for this article, Dan. You are 100% correct that -God have mercy on us- the fate of our nation hinges upon whether or not we will continue slaughtering the Innocents. There will never be peace in our nation if we allow it to continue.

    Please pray for Murkowski!

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