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Monday, January 17, 2022
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Murkowski super-PAC filed by Lottsfeldt

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A political action committee to support the campaign of Sen. Lisa Murkowski was filed on Tuesday by Jim Lottsfeldt, of Lottsfeldt Strategies.

Lottsfeldt is a longtime political operator in Alaska associated with mainly Democrat and Big Labor candidates.

The filing for Alaskans for Lisa was made with the Internal Revenue Service and is the first true sign that Sen. Murkowski is going to run for reelection in 2022. She has been a U.S. senator for Alaska since 2002 and most politicos expect her to form up her campaign committee soon. She is being challenged by upstart candidate Kelly Tshibaka, a Republican, and a likely Democratic Party challenge by State Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson.

On the super-PAC filing, the treasurer is listed as Murkowski’s former chief of staff Michael Pawlowski, and the address is on the same floor in the Peterson Towers as Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s Anchorage office, which is located at 510 L Street, Suite 60O.

Next door to Sen. Murkowski’s office is the home of the law offices of Scott Kendall, a former Murkowski campaign manager who subsequently engineered the Ranked Choice Voting ballot measure that voters passed in 2020. The political action committee is in Suite 610, making the 6th floor of the Peterson Towers look like a formidable operation for Murkowski’s 2022 campaign.

Although they share a floor, no coordination can go on between the political action committee and Murkowski’s official office or Murkowski’s actual campaign. Federal election laws require a clean firewall between those entities.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • One thing wrong with this article-we didn’t vote in ranked choice voting. It didn’t legally pass-the votes were fake. They know the dominion machines were illegally switching votes and they chose to ignore it. They did not do a forensic audit -and I believe the votes were incorrect.

    • « They know the dominion machines were illegally switching votes and they chose to ignore it… »
      This false claim has been debunked numerous times by many different media.
      Check your source(s) before spreading mis/disinformation!

      • Will you rush to embrace the censorship when it lands in close to anything that really matters to you?
        To throw your weight behind “Fact Checkers for Truth” is about as wise as throwing it behind “Lawyers for Lawlessness”. It is not going to end well.
        We need more critical thinking here. I am confident that you have the capacity.
        …writing from my “debunker” on Veteran’s Day. May God’s blessings be upon you.

      • Here’s some advice for you Cathy: Think before you talk and know the facts before you think.

  • It would not be surprising at all if we find out that there is active coordination among the PAC ‘Lisa for Alaska’, the Murkowski campaign itself AND the campaign of State Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson. Murkowski is Alaska’s version of Wyoming’s Liz Cheney. Neither of these luminaries represent the people living in their states. They represent the lobbyists who represent money and influence. Both must go away.

    • Lobbyists are equally active among other political candidates and should be monitored just as closely.
      If you look at Senator Dan Sullivan’s declared campaign contributions it is easy to see that lobbies (petroleum, gas, etc) most certainly played a role in his election.
      These lobbies often circumvent laws through individual donations from corporate/company executives instead of the company itself.
      How about leveling the playing field by addressing this SYSTEM rather than simply singling out a candidate that you do not particularly like??

      • For those of us who are not as wise and experienced in questionable voting practices, would you mind showing readers the details of how Dan Sullivan’s campaign (and any other campaign that applies) circumvented laws? Perhaps a side-by-side with Lisa Murkowski’s campaign? Would also be nice to see campaigns of some local elections monitored more closely. Thank you.

    • I know that many people, including myself, feel the same.

  • You knew Princess would run again. Why shouldn’t she?

    Prop 2. Union heavy state. Support of the DNC behind the scenes. Contempt for Alaskans. This state is easy pickings for the left.

    The only chance to beat her is if all the people who whine about her get up and actually vote.

  • “…….Although they share a floor, no coordination can go on between the political action committee and Murkowski’s official office or Murkowski’s actual campaign. Federal election laws require a clean firewall between those entities.”
    Well, to Hell with the obvious. If we’re going to play politics like Hillary, we may as well do it all the way. I guess we can expect the FBI to attack Tshibaka next.

  • Wow Fish. Just wow.

  • Pretty convenient location choice. I’m sure that there will be absolutely no interaction between either the Murkowski senate office and the Kendall operation. And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge for sale…… Cheers –

  • The National Republican Senatorial Campaign (NRSC) is also supporting Murkowski.
    The idea we can vote harder for anyone with an R next to name to stop the steal of our state and country is an illusion.
    Sullivan voted for the “infrastructure” bill to let Young make sure it would sail through the house. At same time publishing “strongly” worded letters to the illegal administration, which make headlines
    These people are total hypocrites. The Republicans know voters will likely give them the house and senate in a year, and they will control the damage to the existing power structure.

  • Sounds like a great day to donate to Kelly’s campaign!

  • 20 years of Murkowski is enough. The handwriting is on the wall, this time. Murky has won for years by straddling the center and being more democrat than republican. But this time she has a real democrat challenger to attract that vote. And a solid conservative with – thus far- good character (unlike Joe Miller) to attract conservatives. I’ll be glad to vote for an actual conservative this time. Bye, Lisa.

  • Good luck with them following the rules/law. There are always “work arounds”!!

  • Pox Americana.

  • No coordination? Right!!!!

  • Just more money down the drain, as Princess Lisa is going DOWN.
    Alaskan voters are going RINO hunting next year, and have their guns trained on the biggest RINO in the US Senate, by far.

  • Lisa ran to Jim, ma’am I think the man you need is Jesus not Jim. Who can save an OATH BREAKER? Lisa murkowski you know more than any of us it’s time for you to go. No accomplishments just anger and sell the citizens out. For the people of the people by the people so help you GOD you swore ma’am. Citizens OATH BREAKERS got us all here. Money is the root of all evil power is the way OATH BREAKERS wreck it for ALL.

  • I think we need a report from the House Husband on this one..what’s going on in that building when the lights are out?

  • We voted her out once before and she told us voters: Go to hell. I WILL be your senator.
    How could she ever possibly have any respect for us after that?

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