Murkowski, Sullivan introduce Don Young Recognition Act, naming a volcano and two buildings after congressman


U.S. Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan on Thursday introduced the Don Young Recognition Act, honoring the legacy of the late Don Young, “Congressman for All Alaska.” The legislation designates one of the most active volcanoes in the Aleutian Islands, currently known as Mount Cerberus, as Mount Young.

Mount Cerebus in the Aleutian chain would be renamed Mount Young under the Don Young Recognition Act.

The bill recognizes Congressman Young’s lifelong contributions to Alaska by designating the Federal office building in Fairbanks as the Don Young Federal Office Building and the Job Corps Center located in Palmer as the Don Young Alaska Job Corps Center.

Congressman Young, Dean of the House, passed away on March 18, 2022 after serving Alaska in the House of Representatives for 49 years.

“During Congressman Young’s decades long career of service, he made an outsized impact on our state. He loved the people of Alaska with every ounce of his being. His loyalty and commitment to the betterment of all who call Alaska home was evident throughout his work. He was determined and effective, shepherding critical legislation into law that impact generations,” said Senator Murkowski. “Through this legislation, my goal is that we not only pay tribute to a great man who did so much for our state, but that it ensures that what he has done for Alaskans is not forgotten. Don Young moved mountains for Alaska, it’s only fitting we name one after him–even if it is a bit unpredictable.”

“Don Young left an indelible mark on the state he loved so much through his decades of service in Congress,” said Senator Sullivan. “Having fought so hard for countless federal investments, projects and economic opportunities for Alaskans, it is a fitting tribute for some of these projects and lands to bear his name. Future generations will be reminded of this larger-than-life Alaskan, a true man of the people, who was ceaselessly invested in improving the livelihoods of Alaskans.”

Following Congressman Young’s passing, Sens. Murkowski and Sullivan introduced a resolution which passed the Senate unanimously in March of 2022, celebrating Congressman Young’s life and legacy.


  1. Haha! That ‘name the building’ thing worked out well for the Sullivan Arena didn’t it?

    Opened in 1983 in George Sullivan’s honor as the coolest place we had for a concert, sporting event or other large gathering it’s now a urine soaked bum infested pile lowering real estate values in the vicinity. The non-stop bum and cardboard sign contingent on area street corners is a bonus though.

    May Mr. Young’s namesake never be the cheerio target in an adult toddler’s loo.

    • While I agree there was some damage done to the Sullivan Arena by the homeless folks who lived there, close to 90% of the repairs needed there are not due to those homeless folks. The majority of the repairs to be done are to fix roof issues and refurbish the VIP areas of the arena

  2. Utterly disgusting.
    Statist sociopaths, drunk on power, pandering to the memory of dead statist sociopaths.
    This love affair that so many Alaskans have for sociopaths in power, i.e. politicians, literally sickens me. (Yes, Lucinda, it LITERALLY sickens me.)
    If they want to name anything after Don Young, how about a landfill or a sewage main? Those would be the most appropriate public facilities to name after a politician, especially one as corrupt as Don Young. I spit on him, and I spit on his memory.

    • Tough words there Jefferson my love. Don’t you see how appropriate a volcano is as Young’s namesake? Here it is: kind of a pimple on the landscape, it spews irregularly, it spews hot gas, its as destructive as it is creative.

      I do HACK! agree with you that HACK! Don Young was corrupt.

      • “…….Don Young was corrupt.”
        Of course he was. He was human. Moreover, he served in the House of Corruption for half a century.
        Go ahead; tell us that you’re angelic and/or know a liberal-leftist who is……..

  3. While they name places for former government employees, let’s name the waste dump in Muldoon the “Ethan Berkowitz septic and effluent disposal site.”

  4. No disrespect, but don’t they both have more pressing concerns right now?

    The economy is in a shambles, Europe is on the brink of a much wider war, a hurricane rages over the southeast, and Chairman Joe is calling for dead people.

    Here at home we’re headed into winter with insanely high fuel prices. There’s a good chance people will freeze or go broke not freezing this winter.

    Naming buildings and volcanoes can wait.

  5. IF anything is an absolute certainty, these two will stand there and say they “had no idea” that this upcoming bill was going to bring vitamins and supplements under FDA control. NO IDEA. Totally innocent…

  6. A volcano. I don’t care who you are; that right there is hilarious.

    Can we start naming our earthquakes after federal politicians from other states? How does the next =/> 8.0 shaker named Quake Hillary sound?

  7. All names are racist. Everything should be numbered or lettered. No politicians names on anything. He has helped run this country into the ground.

  8. I’d be sitting this election out if it weren’t for Palin: she’s the only one who has any gumption. What a sorry state of affairs this country is in, and all we seem to have is the promise of more. And I was thinking that I’d vote for Murkowski—what an abysmal thought!

      • Exhibit A is a coward. Not willing to fight for anything, but Sarah Palin? A brainwashed monkey would understand what’s going on. Pretty sad when someone lives and dies by Sarah Palin. Uhhggg!!!

  9. C’mon…build up your countrymen. Join a community oriented club like they used to do in Anchorage. Toast masters, Lions Club? Give an hour or two every week while you are able. Alaska is harsh but be nice.

  10. Wow- the country is fighting a losing proxy war in Ukraine that to date has cost the American taxpayer over 80 billion bucks, runaway inflation is hurting everyone, energy prices are skyrocketing, the stock market is cratering, Congress’s approval rating is at the lowest level ever, our allies in Europe are facing a log, cold and dark winter thanks to a Biden foreign policy blunder that has led to the destruction of critical energy infrastructure there and we are on the brink of nuclear war and this is a high priority for these clowns? Talk about fiddling while Rome burns! We are totally screwed!

  11. They should have named the Florida freeway after Don Young. Or, at least the access way to the shopping mall, where the billionaire owner gave Young a lot of campaign money while Young was Committee head of House Transportation. Young was another Pork king from Alaska. Ted Stevens was #1. Now, Lisa Murkowski is vying for the position.

    • Don Young had reserved $1million from his campaign fund for a standby legal defense team back in 2010 and earlier. He fully anticipated to be indicted for abusing his position as House Transportation Chair to gain access to illegal campaign money raising schemes with billionaire developers, NOT from Alaska. Don was so crooked, they needed a corkscrew opener to screw him into the ground. I worked for him in his DC office.

  12. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to name things after young hometown heros who gave their lives serving our country in times of war, instead of old barnacle politicians who grew rich through decades of service to special interests?

  13. Seems like more fun than explaining why the Administration, with Congressional support, is working so hard to break America’s economy and drag us into World War III with Russia.

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