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Murkowski joins Democrats in support of federal control over Alaska voting

A bill that would inject more federal control over state-run elections in Alaska was blocked by Republican senators, with the exception of Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who voted with the all of the Senate Democrats to advance the bill.

Since taking the trifecta of power — House, Senate and presidency — Democrats have pushed three bills to weaken the security of elections.

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This bill is not HR 1, which was the Democrats’ Number 1 priority when they took over in January. That bill was also known as the The For the People Act, and would have vastly changed the rules around elections, inserting the federal government into what is a states’ rights issue.

The bill under consideration now is the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, also known more commonly as the Voting Rights Act. With Republicans working in cooperation, even with Murkowski defecting, the Democrats came up one vote short of advancing the bill to debate.

Republicans in general have been calling for a trust-but-verify approach to voting to ensure that cheating doesn’t take place. Democrats and the mainstream media call the Republicans’ efforts an attempt at “restricting ballot access” and link it to what they call “false claims by former President Donald Trump” and his supporters about the somewhat incredible 2020 election results.

In 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court, in Shelby County vs. Holder, struck down various provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, a law that forced Alaska, nine other states, and portions of six other states, to submit their election plans and redistricting plans to the U.S. Justice Department for review.

The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision in 2013, recognized that because pre-clearance so forcefully usurps State sovereignty over elections, Congress would have to show that there was still “blatantly discriminatory evasions of federal decrees,” “voting discrimination on a pervasive scale,” or “flagrant” or “rampant” voting discrimination. None of that has been evident in Alaska, and the only reason it came under that section of the Voting Rights Act is because, at the time, so many Natives in Alaska had a language other than English as their first language and, for years there was an English test that prevented many Natives from voting. But that provision has been gone for decades.

If Democrats and Murkowski have their way, Alaska could once again be colonized by the Justice Department, treated as a state that cannot manage its own redistricting and voting without federal controls.

Tuckerman Babcock, former chairman of the Alaska Republican Party said, “I think we have enough supervision from the federal government. Why would we need more?”

The legislation Murkowski is promoting would flip the 2013 Supreme Court decision, reinstating the DOJ-required pre-clearance of any changes in state voting laws and practices. It would put Alaska’s elections under the control of the same Justice Department that railroaded former U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens.

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 is still the law of the land, and state laws can still be challenged under it.

When the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the provisions that had Alaska’s elections under the boot of the Justice Department, then-Gov. Sean Parnell welcomed the decision. Alaska translates ballots into numerous languages and hires language interpreters to help voters each year.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. When Murkowski ran last as a write in I discovered at the voting station that apparently I had already voted by mail in ballot. Have never voted by mail prior. In person only. Now I do vote by mail the first day available….. only way to hope my vote actually counts in Alaska.

  2. Doesn’t she hold a law degree? Pretty clear in the US Constitution, clearly states that all elections fall into the hands of the States. More of that liberal spine is showing

      • You just made my day! Could this day get any weirder?
        The national average for needed tries is barely over one. The national average for first time passes is over 70%.
        Did she EVER pass?
        If so, how many tries?

        • Sorry. Couldn’t wait.
          4 fails and got help from a bar exam tutoring business.
          Alaska’s substandard Senator in so very many ways.
          … now I wonder what percentage of people need 5 tries.

          Thanks again, Greg.

          BTW, I’m only happy when obstinately bad people fail. (I put her in this category mostly for being a shameless fake Catholic. Also for damaging this country and helping to kill unborn babies.)

          • Back in the day when she was selling noodles with her husband, she was anti-abortion but when her daughter got out of age she changed her mind to conform with her daughters frame of mine. People change. Times change also. Trump used to be a Democrat and Hillary used to be a Republican until she got brainwashed in college. The one thing that’s always been constant and what everybody needs to ask themselves is what would John Wayne do? That is all that they need to know

          • Except I am guessing that it was not her daughter’s anti-unborn baby stance. I am guessing it was a political career that saw her getting big money from outside Leftists for taking leftist stances. That has happened in politics so very many times.

        • I know a person that studied all summer long and took one of those online study classes. They were supposed to report to a classroom for studies but at the last minute the instructor bailed so they had to do it online in kind of a self-taught class with some online face to face instruction. It wasn’t an ideal learning environment. They ended up passing the bar on the first try with flying colors and scored nationally in the 75th percentile. The bar exam doesn’t have a whole lot on it about the actual law. It’s more about critical thinking and the Constitution. That’s probably two things that Lisa comes up short in.

    • “Murkowski joins Democrats …”
      That’s all that really needed to be said. Yet again.
      This toxic witch needs to be burned in the next election!

  3. “Murkowski said in the statement issued by Leahy’s office on Tuesday that the new amendments are a starting point for bipartisan consensus. The proposal incorporates the Native American Voting Rights Act and is designed to address longstanding obstacles that American Indians and Alaska Natives face in the voting process, Murkowski’s statement said.”

    The Alaska Natives had no obstacles impeding their ability to elect Lies A Lot during her write in campaign….

    • I hope my relatives in the bush get informed instead of voting for this trash. She’s done nothing to help the native community get to work. She pushes welfare crap just like the democrats.

  4. She does not represent Alaska or America. Marxist liar.
    Taking down our Alaska constitutuion and treason against her oath of office.
    Time to resign Lisa

    Oath of Office

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

  5. DC lobbyists ARE her constituents—of course she wants them to govern her elections. This woman’s installation as our Senator was the SINGLE MOST CORRUPT ACT in Alaska’s history. It’s a stain on the soul of our state and it REMAINS as long as she holds that office, that her father deemed was a family asset to be handed down, and which belonged to him, and not the scared will of the people.

    • Sockeye Lisa is so utterly and completely loathsome in EVERY position she takes on the floor of the Senate, and in every public utterance, I simply cannot stand seeing that bony, bitter, and scowling face of hers without imagining things done to her that would be better left unsaid here.

      • Bony? You have no idea. 8 or 9 years ago I hugged her regrettably. I was in the dillingham airport waiting for a flight out and the weather was horrible. Her plane was coming from the cold Bay area. She was down there getting votes when they were trying to push that road through legislation. She walked in and being a loyal Republican, I went up for a photo op and we embraced afterwards. I thought I was hugging a skeleton. That is no lie. She needs to eat more of those noodles. Now this isn’t a fat joke or a skinny joke, I’m just talking about the plane reality here from my experience. Her G-Man jumped in but she waved him off. I guess my Kansas City Chiefs t-shirt meant that I was harmless.

  6. This RINO is not, and does not represent the Republicans in this state. (Or any other state either) This is supposed to be her job. Her poor behavior and lack of good judgement is a betrayal of the residents of our state and the whole of the US and has become her habit. This arrogance and narcissistic attitude is expressed as her unmitigated gall is presuming that her intellect and wisdom supersede the will of the people she is charged to represent.
    She must be replaced.

  7. Lisa is worried that Bush voters might have forgotten how to spell her name. Brandon has promised Lison that he will spend $$millions in federal money to help train the Bush voters on proper spelling during the general election next year, if need be. Let’s Go, Joe!

    • Actually, a judge ruled that if the name was spelled close enough, the vote counted. This was contrary to the existing voting law…..

      • Lisa makes me spell my last name with a capital “M,” just like hers. But I’m going back to my maiden name. Murkowski is starting to look kind of muddy and I want my independence from her.

  8. What is wrong with this woman. She doesn’t care; these are not our values and she will be losing that seat. Mail-in votes are corrupt. Look at nj gov race. Wished Trump would do a fund raiser here but can raise more funds there. .

  9. You can tell little Lisa is worried about Kelly Tshibaka and she is willing to sell out all Alaskans to get her way and steal her seat in the Senate. She has continually sided with leftist democrats on some of the most egregious bills ever produced by the career criminals Pelosi and Schumer. It is past time Alaska send her packing and send a message to both Sullivan and Young to get onboard the MAGA train or find another line of work. Lisa Murkowski is the poster child of the DC swamp and in my opinion has perpetrated crimes against the American people by undermining our Constitutionally protected rights as citizens. She is a globalist that has sold us out!

  10. Word “FELLOW” (as in fellow Democrats) missing from headline.

    Please fix this error quickly before some innocent person mistakes Lease A for a Republican.

  11. Leftist Lisa sells out Alaskan’s sovereignty yet again to cozy up to big Marxist donors from outside.
    I don’t understand the willingness of Alaskan voters to support this kind of treachery.

  12. Lunacy.!Another in a long list of absolutely anti Alaska policies/ votes.
    Senator Stevens is rolling in his grave.
    It would be interesting to hear the convoluted explanation for this one. She has got to go!

  13. Of course she did. Kelly Tshibaka is about to primary her out. In the meantime, she is going to loot, burn and destroy everything she can before her sorry — is booted to the curb.

    • Alaska commies have abolished the primary process and replaced it with rigged Dominion rank voting. Lisa will win with the RINO vote plus the Dems, plus the graveyard dump at 3 AM

    • Unfortunately we have ranked choice voting not primaries anymore. Hopefully everyone leaves her off their voting choices altogether.

    • With Kelly outraising Leftist Lisa 4 to 1 in smaller donations from Alaskan citizens, I think she can beat her twice.

  14. Disappointing(?) … Yes // Surprising(?) … No.
    Daddy’s Little Princess will “NEVER” change and she will “NEVER” exude integrity and legitimacy. Any thought and.or belief that she will do what’s best for Alaskans and Alaska falls woefully short.

    • She does what’s best for indigenous women. Period. Consider Deb Halaand and what she’s already done to our state’s future.

    • Princess Lisa, rightful heir to the Alaskan Throne (Throne means to become a king or queen. An example of throne is for a prince to take over his father’s position as king).
      She’s never been elected to anything yet believes Alaskans to be her subjects to do as commanded. But then what else would she think when King daddy subverted the will of the people in every way and created all of this for the Princess! “It’s good to be the King!”

  15. She’s not going anywhere. You voted in that idiotic ranked choice voting fraud.

    Even if she does go, Kelly is another Swampy Dan Sullivan in waiting. Things will get nominally better on inconsequential issues but will stay the same on the big things.

    Lisa is Senator for life. A perfect fit for modern, post Constitutional Alaska

    • You are so very wrong about Kelly. She will be better than Sullivan who, although is not great, is 10 times better than Leftist Lisa.
      That is why Princess Nepotistism has to get her big donations from out of state Marxists and Planned Barrenhood.
      In small donations from Alaskans, Kelly outraises LL 4 to 1.

      • I just never get why people try to gain their bona fides claiming that they care about conservative causes and simultaneously shoot arrows at the heel of someone at least 20 times better than the RINO that needs to go.

      • Why? Because she’s not 40 times better?
        Do you still have a nose? Is that why you wear a mask?
        Did your face anger you in the past?

  16. Now if only we weren’t saddled with that obscene Ranked Choice Voting, we’d actually have a chance of voting the Princess out.
    I swear, Conservatives in this state drive me insane. Sit at home on the couch, watch the state go down the toilet, then complain because someone flushed?
    RCV was passed with a very small majority. Now it’s a VERY LARGE obstacle. Think about that next time you want to sit on your butt instead of doing your Constitutional duty.

    • Kelly will just have to beat her twice. And with c— like this, it’s getting a little easier. At least with MRAK and AK Watchman, we finally have some journalism in the state that isn’t bought and paid for (and a few on the radio that are almost as good. I miss Glen Biegel on the AM.)

    • A forensic audit would expose that “very small majority” for what it was, Erroneous and felonious.

      Let’s throw RCV onto the trash heap of Lisa Murkowski’s history.

  17. Lisa demonstrated she was unfit for office and no longer bound by her Oath of Office to the the Constitution. With her vote to essentially federalize all state and local election law, she has demonstrated that once again. I never thought anyone in office could make Joe Miller look good. Lisa is managing to do that quite nicely. Cheers –

  18. The very first act of Obama’s newly controlled DOJ was the political character assassination of Senator Ted Stevens, which it has been proven that they did less than even-handedly. Lisa had a front row seat. Just as she has ever since, and the instances of bureaucratic malfeasance have just kept piling up. But this consolidation of power into the hands of those who have proven over the course of nearly two decades to be unreliable when it comes to eliminating injustice (which should be their only goal) is NOT a problem for Lisa. Nope, its advantageous, and as long as it helps her to overcome any sort of “election difficulties”, its quite clearly, a necessity.

    My constituency? My Oath? Bah!! Eh, Lisa?

  19. Rampant or Flagrant acts of voting… I suggest that Lisa is no stranger to this action. I know for a fact that during the 2010 recount of her write in campaign many rural precincts had Lisa’s winning strategy all written in the same hand.
    Nothing new here. Lisa being Lisa.

  20. Most likely she is just horse-trading with the enemy to build political capital for things she wants to achieve for the people who support her, such as ANCSAs, resource extraction and transportation interests. Even during war business goes on. Here is the deal, Alaska is better off having a Senator with seniority in the top 20%; America not necessarily.

    • Absolutely not.
      What has the seniority of this traitor gotten America and gotten Alaska? Nothing worthwhile or lasting. At this point, if it comes down to leftist Lisa or a Demoncrat? I will vote for the Demoncrat just this one time to get rid of her.

  21. The left is try so very hard to align themselves for the next election fraudulent election. They are losing ground with their own followers.

  22. I thought our elections were unsecured. What was all that hoopla about stolen elections? This should strengthen our elections. Why would we be against that?

  23. Lisa has always been a democrat/marxist. Sullivan is not much better. But that’s the way the bush and Anchorage likes it. Alaska has a bunch of rino’s, and has only gotten worse as more ‘city folk’ from down south move here to get away from the mess they made back home. Good luck trying to change it. We had the revolution; we lost, liberty lost. Every institution is infected with marxism, including public schools. Been this way for decades. Don, take a long, long vacation. Please

  24. Well folks, a November 1 poll conducted by Alaska Survey Research found that Senator Lisa was leading Tshibaka by 20 points, up 5 points from a previous poll conducted in August.

    You are all in the minority. Lisa will win. Barbie Doll is no threat to her.

    She votes her conscience when it counts. God bless her.

      • Kelly will win.
        Leftist Lisa Murkowski has been a stupid and destructive vote choice for years but it has more become so very, very obvious to anyone but a Marxist.

    • Wait!!! “She votes her conscience when it counts”…………. pray, tell us, when would any vote not reflect her “conscience? Bigger question. Would you say that contributing to the death of Liberty, which arguably she is there to protect and defend, and unnecessarily increasing the debt our children and their children will be burdened with, and constantly lying to the voters about her party affiliation are GOOD examples of her “conscience”? Just to name a few. This is why Liberty lost, folks. Few seem to understand economics (probably because it is not taught in public schools), nor remember history (probably because it is not taught in public schools). If you have even a smidgeon of curiosity left, examine German economics after the 1st world war. I doubt you will, but worth the mention.

  25. So evidently Murkowski and Young just voted for this $1.2 trillion porkulous bill? Oh I know that Leftist Lisa doesn’t feel that she ever needs any justification to act like a Marxist, but young? Et tu Brute?
    This monstrosity better have some damned huge pork for Alaska to bring home. Not that it will be worth it to get some scraps for Alaska but cut America’s throat. And I do not see how the amount of pork that it may contain will ever equal the tax increases to Alaskan families that will come with it. It will not equal the damage that it does to the American economy. It will not equal the loss of freedoms that are also contained in that monstrosity.

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