Murkowski: Deb Haaland does what White House tells her to do, and ‘We are where we are’ with Biden


Sen. Lisa Murkowski could not not answer the tough question posted by Big Lake Republican Rep. Kevin McCabe this week: Would she change her vote on Sec. Deb Haaland if she had to do it over?

Haaland has shut down oil, gas, mining, and even life-saving roads in Alaska. And that is only in Year One of the Biden Administration.

“I’d like to change her mind on the decisions that she [Haaland] has made that have negatively impacted the state of Alaska,” Murkowski responded. “Whether it’s with regards to the NPRA, or in regards to what we’re seeing with yet another pause on oil and gas. I’m planning on changing her mind. She hasn’t stated what her mind is but I’m worried about where her mind is on build out of the King Cove Road.”

Murkowski stayed on the fence, indicating that there is not much that can be done about the Biden Administration.

“The reality is we are where we are … We are where we are. We have a secretary who is putting in place policies and proposals that are not good for our state,” she said. But then she reversed herself and indicated that Haaland is irrelevant, because she is not actually driving the decisions. It’s the Biden Administration that has opinions that are different from those held by pro-resource Alaskans.

“I would suggest to you, though, that Deb Haaland is perhaps not the mastermind behind much of this,” Murkowski explained to McCabe. “You have an administration that has a different view of what it means to this country to be energy … less energy vulnerable … We can say energy independent, but our reality is we’re intertwined in many different ways.”

If Haaland was not running the Department of Interior, someone else would execute the Biden policies. Murkowski said that Biden doesn’t appreciate the value of our country producing its own resources.

“Even if we could do a do-over on Deb Haaland, I don’t believe for a minute we would in much of the same situation than we are now with an administration that just has a different view of resource development,” Murkowski said, not taking responsibility for her actions that led to Biden winning and President Trump being impeached.

Murkowski responded to McCabe and other legislators who asked her questions at the end of her annual remarks to the Alaska State Legislature on Tuesday. McCabe said he asked the question because all the other legislators seemed to be pandering to Murkowski.

“She gave me a politican’s answer. She pivoted smartly away from the question, so no I don’t think it was a good answer,” McCabe told Must Read Alaska.


  1. She put us where we are.
    What a piece of work.
    Same old play from an archaic play book, but I guess it still works, she still there running the same plays.

  2. Enabling the radical Deb Haaland to become Secretary of the Interior is an unforgivable vote that our supposed Senator took. I can never vote for her again. No amount of closing my eyes and holding my nose could get me to vote for her.

    • And she always, ALWAYS manages to have same facial expression in every photo, that combines sour scowling with a ‘deer in the headlights’ clueless look.
      Well, Princess Lisa, there is a new set of headlights approaching while you stand frozen in the middle of the road, and they are labeled “November 8th, 2022”.

  3. Lisa is simply doing what her Democrat fund-meisters are directing her to do. There is something interesting about her photographs, though. The strings have all be cleaned out. If she had the vote to do she’d do it again or find her campaign chest empty and moth-invested.

  4. What an absolute total BS political word salad response!!! This was a yes or no question! Does this remind anybody of the Kavanaugh debacle? It was a yes for him or a no against him. RINO Lisa votes ‘present’. Goodbye Lisa. And watch out for that door.

  5. Didn’t Princess Murkowski have some leverage with her build back better vote to get some of the sanctions on Alaska by D.C. lifted? What happened?

  6. I told Lisa to vote against confirming Haaland. But Little Princess goes and votes for her anyway because she wants to show loyalty to Biden, while letting her ugly Democrat friends in DC know that she will “get along” with them. Anything to disavow Donald Trump. Our girl is sick!

    More campaign money heading your way Kelly T.

    • ….and she is disloyal, Frankie. I saw a big truck in Alaska with a huge graphic photo of Princess hugging Brandon, with caption……”Who’s Your Daddy”?
      I always thought it was you, Frankie. Am I missing something?

      • Brandon, Frankie. Frankie, Brandon. The DNA may not be identical, but the intelligence depth chart ……, …… could go either way.

  7. I would if I could change your mind on a few things Lisa. Did you think voting for Deb Haavland would be beneficial to our state of Alaska. Last year Oil and gas brought 5.3 BILLION dollars to New Mexico.
    Hurray for your vote for New Mexico. Boo for your State of Alaska. By the way, I would like to change your mind on the Kavanaugh vote also.

  8. I’m not a bit surprised by the actions of Ms. Haaland. In fact, I think it was quite obvious to most of us what her intentions would be if she was voted in to her current position. Kind of a no-brainer, Lisa and Dan.

  9. You know what? I would respect Lisa Murkowski more if she said she made choice and now understands that was not the best choice.

    As leaders, we will all make an incorrect choice, along the way.

    But as a leader, laying aside ego and exposing our personal vulnerability, should not become the roadblock to carrying out public service.

  10. All I can say is, Kelly 2022! Murkowski is the epitome of the RINO establishment weeds that must be pulled out by the roots!

  11. “Murkowski stayed on the fence”. There’s no surprise there, but kudos to Rep. McCabe for forcing her to expose the obvious. Murkowski has been an embarrassment to Alaska and a detriment to the nation from the time her father appointed her. Frank Murkowski once addressed the Republican convention in Fairbanks with a speech which essentially said that the work and legacy he built as a senator couldn’t be passed down as others could do for their children if they owned a farm. We know that but somehow he found a way to do it, didn’t he?! I’m looking forward to electing Kelly Tshibaka more by the day.

    • Regarding Frank’s speech, what legacy would he be talking about? His legacy of occupying a US Senate seat for 20 years and doing absolutely nothing, except cash in?

  12. Lisa, perhaps given the Biden family financial ties to the Chi- Coms you might have answered the question a bit differently. ” Haaland took her orders from Bidens Chi- Com handlers running the Whitehouse”. There, fixed it for you.

  13. Our entire leadership Team in DC … i.e. – “Ski, Sully & Yung” voted for and endorsed Deb Haaland. Now, none of them take responsibility for their actions! What exactly does that say about their true character? Alaska and Alaskans deserve better!

  14. I couldn’t even watch that whole video it was so idiotic. Thank God I wasn’t one of those poor bastards who had to sit thru all of her jibber jabber.

  15. Her public feuds with President Trump were highly publicized by national media, helping them to demonize Trump and create Biden voters.

    Yet she just shrugs her shoulders and says “It’s the Biden Administration that has opinions that are different from those held by pro-resource Alaskans.”

    2 points: Biden is bad for Alaska, Trump was far better for Alaska, and notice” pro-resource Alaskans.” I would like to see her answer if she considers herself pro-resource. Alaska cannot afford to be anti-resource, and with the national trend we need a Senator who defends resource development, not shrugs her shoulders.

  16. Haaland was introduced all around DC by Don Young, and she was supported by Senator Sullivan, AFN, RDC, ASRC, TCC, Nana, CIRI, Governor Dunleavy, the Alaska Legislature (so far as anyone knows), certainly the Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks newspapers, and everyone else! Yes, MustReadAlaska opposed Haaland. Who else did? Yes, these race-based appointments put PMs in place, and Haaland was a bonus for Biden because she has a daughter that goes by “they.” But we do these race-based and sexual deviation curtain calls right here in Alaska. Look around! Until Alaskans have the courage to call out the PMs and the people who select them we will continue to have the Haalands, the Colin Powels and the like! We can fault Lisa if we like, but we are all guilty in this same way. We’re afraid to speak up. Hollywood and Public Broadcasting will dictate what is right until or unless we all begin speaking up. And if we don’t soon begin speaking up we may be trounced by China and Russia.

  17. Summary: “I didn’t vet her or research her past AT ALL. I voted for her because she’s a woman, and she’s indigenous. Period.”

  18. Not defending Murkowski here, but it is important to realize that it is impossible to find a Cabinet Secretary that will vote 100% in line with what you want. Same with Supreme Court, or any other Presidential appointment, or piece of legislation. A Senator or Representative can only strive to do as much good as they can, and accept that there will be drawbacks.
    But, even a blind and deaf squirrel trapped in an airtight box could predict that Haaland would shut down almost all development in AK. No one with half a functioning brain cell would have thought otherwise. But, Murkowski voted yes because… well… I have no real idea. I can only speculate.
    Done with her. I do not even bother contacting her about current Senate business. Not worth the effort, as I know she will vote with the leftists/statists/socialist every time. Growing an all powerful State seems to be her only goal in DC.

  19. The article failed to mention that Biden has issued more drilling permits than Trump in his first year in office and that Alaska has about a 10 year backlog in permits for oil development

    • Going to recommend a book to you there Frank.
      It is called “How to Lie with Statistics.” by Darrell Huff. I recommend reading it. It will make disputing the information you provide in your comments a bit more difficult.

  20. Let’s not forget that our other Republican Senator, Dan Sullivan voted for Ms. Haaland also. And our lone Congressman, Don Young was happy to have her in the Secretary of the Interior position also. What a terrible trio we have representing us in Washington D C.

  21. The Senator’s answer reveals that she does not understand how to leverage her vote on confirmations to obtain positive results. She could have said, on the Haaland confirmation: “I will vote to confirm if the Secretary and the administration do A, B and C, and do NOT do E, F and G.”. Instead she gives away Alaska’s vote for a photo-op. There is little evidence that the Senator extracts anything of importance to Alaska in this manner. The Senator should stop selling Alaska short.

  22. We have members in the upper echelons of our government who have sold out to China and other elite globalists. From Biden on down, they are taking their orders. Huge transfers of wealth in the last year and now we’re feeling it. Even with a war, nothing will change. That’s why John Kerry is still crying about climate change while Ukraine burns.

  23. A dozen times, Sen. Murkowski has voted to confirm Biden appointments that most Republicans rejected. That’s out of 33 confirmations so far this year.

  24. From Lisa Murkowski senate page

    “I also fully anticipate that she will have a strong management team in place with people who understand the value of resource development from public lands. She needs this—we need this—within the Department of Interior.

    “I am going to place my trust in Representative Haaland and her team, despite some very real misgivings. And Representative Haaland, if you are listening, know that I intend to work with you because I want you to be successful and need you to be successful, but I am also going to hold you to your commitments to ensure that Alaska is allowed to prosper.”

  25. Prediction: Murkowski will win re-election to US Senate. There are too many communist voters in Alaska that want the free stuff she promises on behalf of US taxpayers (losers).

  26. The agenda is “Keep the Alaskans in the dark and we do what we want to Alaska and not even bother to tell them”. Cannot trust this behavior. She is intrinsic to it. There is much that she could say that would inform Alaskans but she won’t. She is loyal not to Alaskans but evidently to international agendas. Plain to see.

  27. I hear Charlie Brown’s teacher whenever this coup supporting, anti-Conservative member of the Senate speaks. #ThrowMurkowskiOut
    She is not at all responsive to her rank and file constituents and seems to shill for the Dems. Why are we not hearing her pound on the podium in support of opening the Keystone pipeline, our Alaskan natural gas and oil, and all things American? #Disgusting

  28. “Deb Harland is not the mastermind…” well ttat is the difference between Deb and Senator Murkowski. Senator Murkowski is where the buck stops.

    Instead she says, “It is the White House”.

    This is a prime reason attorneys are not the best candidates for political office.

    Because attorneys win either side of an argument- their existence is perpetuated by conflict.

    Someone told me that law firms sometimes write flawed legislation because then it is litigious or a practice of more lobbying and/or rewriting.

    And believe me, knowing what I’ve learned, I have signed up for law school myself at this tender age of 51. Hahaha

    Not for the purpose of manipulating, but because I have been too poor to afford one in my own defense, so I better be more tooled up.

    • How do you “sign up” for law school? Don’t you first have to have an undergraduate degree with fairly high cumulative GPA? Then, take the LSAT exam and score in the higher percentiles of all the other 20,000 examinees who take it twice a year? Then, “apply” to various law schools and pay the steep application fees? Then, actually get accepted? Then, apply for student loans, unless your parents are wealthy? (Law school today costs over $200,000). Then, travel out of state for a minimum of three years (no law schools in AK). Please, tell us your secret for”signing up.” I’m a non-minority with limited funds and no parents or corporation to give me money. I’m highly qualified in the brains department, though.
      Oh yes, one more thing …….how do you pay back the student loan money that you borrowed (with interest you will probably owe $400,000 over 20 years payback scheme)? A 55-year old, new lawyer, providing you graduate and pass the bar exam, will be competing with 30-year olds, who already have a few years of experience under their belt.
      I’m also 50-years old, a white male, conservative, and smart as hell, especially when it comes to logic and taking exams. Do I qualify?

  29. Lisa is telling us that Haaland doesn’t have sufficient integrity to resign if the WH is driving her bus. Similarly, Lisa doesn’t have the integrity to resign for voting to put a woman of no integrity into office. But at least Haaland is a woman and native American. Cheers –

  30. Slip slidin’ away – slip slidin’ awaaaay – oh the more your in the DC swamp the more your slip slidin’ away.

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