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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Murkowski calls on Trump to begin transition to Biden


Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has stated on Twitter that the time has come for President Donald Trump to begin the transition process to the Biden presidency.

“President Trump has had the opportunity to litigate his claims, and the courts have thus far found them without merit,” she wrote on Sunday. “A pressure campaign on state legislators to influence the electoral outcome is not only unprecedented but inconsistent with our democratic process. It is time to begin the full and formal transition process.”

Not that Trump would listen to Murkowski. The two have a simmering animosity toward each other that has become more pronounced in recent months and was said to be a sticking point that was holding up the signing of the A2A “Alberta to Alaska” railroad agreement.

Trump has yet to concede the election and has pending legal challenges underway in battleground states.

Murkowski is among a growing number in the GOP that are now publicly speaking out that it is time for Trump to concede. Others include Mitt Romney of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine, and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • The “other’s” cited don’t have a drop of conservative blood in their veins. The investigative process needs to be allowed to given an opportunity to vet the facts and possible evidence as any investigative process should. There is much at stake here.

    • Don’t like rino’s?
      Don’t care for Lisa?

      Prop 2 was written to give the above a leg up.
      She needs to be dumped in two years, if we still have a country left, during the primaries.

  • And these turncoats just keep getting elected.

  • Murkowski is calling for the president to concede? Isn’t that calling the kettle black? Murkowski ran another election image when she lost to Joe Miller in the primary. She had a fit, ran to the election office and filed to run in another party. Murkowski is an idiot. Then she ran to the natives and the native corporations talking up her offended image begging for help and got what she wanted. Votes with no names, crossed out names scribbles and too many names used too many times. Murkowski needs to sit down and shut up. Then She and Tuckerman Babcock filed fraudulent charges against Joe Miller with the FEC to try to ruin Joe Miller. Tuckerman Babcock and Murkowski both were charged with fraud. Murkowski is far worse a liar than Joe Biden and his son. Most of the Republicans are ready to vote her out and get rid of the Murkowski trash we have put in place for too many years. President Trump is going to have his day in court and use every means available to get his agenda done. Good!! The law is for these very reasons and it will show its purpose when it gets to the US Supreme Court.

  • Another notch in the process will be concluded this week as the various states in question certify their votes. After that, Trump will have to find and document an obvious smoking gun to have any hope.

  • This far is not over and done. While the odds are long against him, Trump has the right to seek redress. More, it needs to happen to help establish faith in the validity in the election.

    Hold your horses little girl.

  • I cannot wait to vote against this silver spoon Senator. She knows damn well only the legislature can change election laws and more importantly Trump has been good for Alaska.

  • Lisa Murkowski please put a lid on it until these law suits reach the Supreme Court. There is clear voter fraud in at least 6 states. The 3rd branch of our gov is there to settle disputes like this. Al Gore was given over a month. You and Gov Christie are both disgusting partisan hacks. Regardless of the outcome you can rest assured that Donald Trump will be campaigning with anyone that runs against you in 2022. That would include me.

  • Sen. Murkowski another GOP member who doesnt regularly read her bible nor regular fellowship in a Real bible reading church family. If she did, she change her views, and be completely different. The only reason us people have to respect her, including others, and their authority is because of Roman 13. If an authority isnt getting their instructions from the highest authority why should the people follow and listen to them when they are disobedient? Their ignorance and disobedience only leads the people down the path leading into hell. Washington D.C as churches. Juneau, AK as churches. Surely there are bible studies. When is it States ever saw their leaders-elect putting the glittery positions the people or fraudulent voting gave this individual aside one day of the week to regularly attend a church including its weekly small bible service? A leader can not give the best if the only best service is their own.

  • Hey Murkowski, your elitist attitude is showing again. If you actually respect and honor the election process and even more importantly the U.S. Constitution, you would then support the ongoing process to root out voter fraud of which copious amounts of evidence is flooding in that will soon prove how corrupt our election system is.

  • Lisa forgets that Gore had something like 6 weeks to hold up the outcome of the 2000 election. Trump to date has met with only Obama appointed Judges adjudicating his case. And BTW Lisa, didn’t you win your second term by not accepting the results of an election?

    • Gore was allowed to audit the vote. The classic picture of an official with a magnifying glass looking at a hanging chad is classic. But this time, no audit .. just counted admixed ballots. No comparison of signature… apparently a printed signature in block letters qualified when compared to cursive. No ability to actually see the ballot being counted by being kept away from the table.

      Is Joe Biden capable of being President 24/7/365 since he has not proven that at all during the campaign?. Two hour trips… limited engagements…. fluctuating affect.. stumbling speech at times. Will he be there for that 3 AM call or will there be an automated message to call back between 8 and 10 AM only? We may well see. Anyway, I bet Harris prez in two years at most.

    • One state and <500 votes. This one was a blowout by comparison.

  • Murkowski must have finished at the bottom of the heap in Law School! The individual State lawsuits that Trump has filed to date are merely required legal maneuvers in order to get his case ultimately heard before the Supreme Court. No wonder she is a mediocre Senator. The wheel is spinning, but the hamster is dead!

  • Add Chris Christie to the list…
    “If you have got the evidence of fraud, present it,” Christie said on ABC. “Quite frankly, the conduct of the president’s legal team has been a national embarrassment.”

    And I would include Trump as the second biggest national embarrassment, the first being the large group of Trump’s sour grape eating supporters that have been supporting this con man all along.

  • These so called “Republicans” are the never Trumpers who hated him from the beginning. Trump is fighting voter fraud and Murkowski has nerve to say he’s inconsistent with our democracy? I suppose billionaire global socialists will do much better for the average working American. Murkowski needs to mask up and lock down. When is she up for reelection?

  • Lies A, Mitt Romney of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine, and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

    Four of a kind……….

  • Lisa does a twofer. First, never missing an opportunity to tap into her inner Orange Man Bad. Second, popping off with one of the dumbest things she has ever uttered in public.

    The 2020 election was rife with fraud, most of it due to changes made in voting that democrats shoved thru the system, mostly at the last minute to create as much chaos as humanly possible. Lisa could have (and still can) do something about the following:

    – eliminating mail-in voting
    – eliminating early voting
    – cleaning up the voting rolls
    – eliminating last-minute changes in election law made by the judiciary
    – auditing a closed-source software by a non-US company used to count votes
    – finding out how hackable the voting machines are
    – look into the integrity of voting machines
    – think about setting some sort of national standards for voting, voter id, early voting, voting rolls

    Today we have at least 80 million conservatives believing something awful happened and half that many democrats. It is up to elected officials like Lisa to do something about that. And all Lisa can do is prattle on about Orange Man Bad. What a disappointment. Cheers –

  • Alaskans call on Murkowski to begin transition to Palin.

  • For anyone thinking winning the two outstanding Senate sears in Georgia for the Republican Party and believing that there will be Democrat-like solidarity of Senate Republicans…I give you Murkowski, Collins, and Romney. Getting rid of President Trump does not mean they inherit the 70+ million voters that most likely won the now stolen second term for him. Getting rid of Trump means more power for Lisa, and that is all that counts.

  • This will be fun when she gets to uncongratulate Biden and congratulate President Trump on his victory and show her appreciation for him hanging in there to ensure the will of the voters is done.

  • More of the same:

    Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein has listed 21 Republican senators who he says have ‘privately expressed’ their ‘extreme contempt’ for Donald Trump. Bernstein called out Trump in a series of tweets on Sunday and named the 21 GOP senators who have expressed disdain for ‘his fitness to be President of the United States’. ‘Many if not most of these individuals, from what I have been told, were happy to see Donald Trump defeated in this election as long as the Senate could be controlled by the Republicans,’ Bernstein said during an appearance on CNN. The tweet, which garnered 37,600 likes, read: ‘I’m not violating any pledge of journalistic confidentially in reporting this: 21 Republican Sens–in convos w/ colleagues, staff members, lobbyists, W. House aides–have repeatedly expressed extreme contempt for Trump and his fitness to be POTUS. (1/3)’ He continued: ‘The 21 GOP Senators who have privately expressed their disdain for Trump are: Portman, Alexander, Sasse, Blunt, Collins, Murkowski, Cornyn, Thune, Romney, Braun, Young, Tim Scott, Rick Scott, Rubio, Grassley, Burr, Toomey, McSally, Moran, Roberts, Shelby.

    One thing I will say, democrats usually stick together no matter what……

  • Time for Lisa to start preparing for her demise and departure from the Senate. Why wait till the last minute when the outcome is inevitable…. be sure to put in a forwarding address for all your mail Lisa.

  • …as if I needed another reason to not vote for her next election cycle. Hope she gets challenged by a real conservative…

  • It is my opinion that you Lisa lost your creditability every time you open your mouth!

    Why would anyone listen to you and any other of the RINO’s coming forward in the last couple of days.

    BTW, Were Dominion ballot tally machines used during your election?

  • There will be plenty of litigation filed this week. Voter fraud has become normalized, we are loosing our republic to communists and those that hold Western culture in contempt. Perhaps Murkowski is forgetting the horrors and promises made by communism? Is she really on board with the “Great Reset”?
    It was obvious to me many months ago that Covid and leftist political ambitions were aimed towards economic restructuring. In short we are getting played, and Murkowski will roll over and play for the dems, but that’s nothing new.
    The money class just wiped out the middle class for power and blamed it on the sniffles, and there will be no justice, just like 9/11 and the 08 “crisis”.
    In fact anytime the middle class gains too much capital and could potentially fund their own enterprises with out banks there is some “crisis” that wipes out middle class wealth.

  • Now the that Lisa will fall under the NEW 2022 election laws of the State of Alaska, she is showing her true colors…. again.
    Politics at its finest.

    • Need to contact your Representative and Senator in the Alaskan Legislature and have them pass laws nullifying Ballot Measure 2

  • Well maybe she can finally get ANWR going with the Biden clowns. Hell, Hunter might even be able to broker financing that Goldman Sachs won’t provide (China) And of course Alaska’s military budget is likely to be stable or even increase under the Harris Administration. Murkowski’s continuous opposition to President Trump is finally going to pay dividends!

  • That’s what RINOs do.
    Lisa needs to announce that she will not be running for Daddy’s senate seat in 2022.

  • No surprises. I hope she realizes that 80 million plus patriots do not except validity of this election and are still waiting on “GO”. She has now picked her side with Young.
    This wasn’t just another election. This wasn’t just a Kenyan born Muslim hell bent on destroying America. This was the final straw, and a vote for communism. You WILL NOT get another republican POTUS EVER again! Its over.
    You have a first time EVER implemented Universal Mail in Ballot System (junk mail) FORCED onto us by the democratic party in the name of “safety” for a virus that is 99.9% survivable using democratic owned media to deliver 24/7 scare tactics and false numbers even switching from deaths to “cases”….. resulting in the largest voter turnout since the year 1900.. and the most unpopular presidential candidate is US history to receive more votes than Barrack Obama?
    The first time a candidate has openly supported banning firearms and has a squad behind him that are pushing socialism…..this geriatric basement dweller didn’t win anything, and 80 million folks aren’t buying this malarkey.
    We are realizing that no matter how big the revelation the Trump team exposes, it will never be aired by MSM. They have chosen the next POTUS for us and if you disagree you will have to use your 2nd.

  • We do not care what you think you will be finished in 2022.

  • Morons, all of them.

    Do they really think that going along to get along will make a difference? That somehow, if they choose to ignore the irregularities which all favor a single political party that they will not be next on the chopping block?

    While no deliberate manipulation of the vote has yet been proven, that does not mean the MASSIVE amount of “that does not look right” should be ignored. If the mistakes were distributed to benefit both parties, it would be accidental, but it is not. 100% of the “funny business” benefits the dems. The only time boxes of ballots for the Republicans are found it is in the dumpster.

    Yet, for some reason Murkowski, Romney, Collins, etc… seem to think that telling Trump to concede will appease the democrats, and they won’t be emboldened by their success in 2020 to increase their cheating in future elections. Murkowski might want to get re-elected, but if she ignores this, there is no way she will ever overcome the fraud in the future. Even changing parties at this point will not benefit her.

    Giving your enemies what they want does not make them your friends.

  • With due respect, may we call on Murkowski to leave Trump and his 72 million voters alone and stick to whatever the Senator was hired to do or get for her sponsors.
    We’re unable to un-see the classic Feinstein-Murkowski portrait which so strongly suggests our Senator’s allegiance and agenda. (
    Of course no Senator with a future as bright as Murkowski wants to be seen as working hard to salvage the very ship that sponsors are working so hard to sink.
    So, may we ask the Senator, again with all due respect, please leave us alone.

    • I call on Murkowski to retroactively concede to Joe Miller and begin the transition of the seat she occupies.

  • Nothing like knowing who the enemies of America are… Too bad they don’t take their own advice and transition away to anywhere else…

  • These RINOs make me sick to my stomach. Trump has grown the Republican Party to be the most inclusive ever, & a huge number of them will desert due to the lack of loyalty by these scum. I will be one of them. You can put a fork in the GOP. It will be shoved to the side of the road by the Tea Party.

  • Rino repubs hard at work. Get Murkowski out of there. Get someone in who’s a true conservative.

  • Our sitting President is NOT going anywhere. He is going to prevail. It will leave the mainstream “clown-show” media (MSM) completely floored, bewildered and in total distress. I have the champagne chilling as I type this.

    The MSM is actually showing their high-level of FEAR and desperation while they know deep down inside, Trump will prevail. That is exactly why they are trying to shove a square peg through a round hole in hopes to convince the public and ultimately the courts, thus potentially making it much harder to rule in favor of our sitting president. It will fail and President Trump will be sitting in the WH for 4 more years.

    Furthermore, Murkowski has proven time & time again that she truly is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and nothing less than a traitor to Alaska and our great nation – created by God.

    Our current president does not do anything unless he has (plans A-Z) fully in place as contingencies, not to mention the Supreme Court as a last resort option (if necessary).

  • Another thing Kamala Harris has not even stepped down from her state’s U.S. Senator seat, why she holding on to her state’s california senate seat, if President Biden is not not a Farse an act of deception?

  • Well she is consistent with other well know RINO senators who have done far more harm than good for the Republican Party!! And perhaps she is trying to head off some retribution that was promised her way in two years.

  • Lisa should take notes on the transition process. She can use them when her term is over.

  • As I recall, during her election in which I worked, the law stated that any write-in candidates had to spell the candidate’s name correctly in order for the vote to be counted. The day of (or after — I can’t quite recall) her election, the judge decided that the law no longer mattered, and that even misspelled votes would count. So those voters who I heard comment that they were wasting their votes by mocking her name actually ended up voting for her.

    When election processes are changed after the fact, I lose confidence in elections.

    When election processes change dramatically months before an election, I lose confidence in elections.

    As a former IT person, I know that putting into place a new system requires being able to fall back on the old system when bugs show up, as they so inevitably do.

  • Sounds like it’s “call your employee” day. What employee lisa needs to do is change her political affiliation from (R) republican to (C) for communist. The GOP does not “need” lisa. Employee lisa needs us to vote for her.

    The last time I called employee lisa’s office, the employee on the phone got nasty after I mentioned they worked for me. Then we played “where does your paycheck come from”. In the end, you could hear the hung-dog realization of who was right.

  • Where is republican leadership hiding thru this whole embarrassment?
    Only people with brass ones are secretaries of states(some being republican) and Lisa.
    Well done Lisa,
    Hold Fast

    • She talks just enough to make you think she’s a moderate. She votes the party line but speaks up just enough to play both sides. Don’t be tricked. I agree with your question of where are the republicans in this embarrassment, but I don’t agree with your “well done Lisa”. It’s a con job. She has kept mostly quiet and voted the party line while certain individuals keep damaging democracy. Don’t be tricked. I say too little, too late Lisa.

    • -She talks just enough to make you think she’s a moderate. She votes the party line but speaks up just enough to play both sides. Don’t be tricked. I agree with your question of where are the republicans in this embarrassment, but I don’t agree with your “well done Lisa”. It’s a con job. She has kept mostly quiet and voted the party line while certain individuals keep damaging democracy. Don’t be tricked. I say too little, too late Lisa.

      • So sick & tired of this quisling that daddy put in office. She’d better plan on retiring & hopefully moving out of state. Just the sight of her is disgusting.

  • While we are making calls: I call on Sarah Palin to primary her.

  • Senator Murkowski, bless her heart, is of a bygone era. In the bygone era, elections had integrity. Those days are gone. Democrats want pure unrestrained power and have turned our elections process into an unmitigated disaster. There are 90 million mail in ballots and no one has any idea who actually voted them. You cant tell if your vote was counted. Voter ID laws crippled in many states. We cant tell who voted at polling places. There are videos in Pennsylvania of election officials “fixing ballots” by filling out new ballots by hand but not marking both ballots so they can be traced. If there is no evidence then the courts will find against Trump.

  • We are done with Murkowski!!!

    • Amen!

  • It seems the Senator was not as gracious in action and accepting of the voter’s will in the previous primary. I just hope she is amenable when it comes time to pack-up her office in 2022.

  • Just like she did when Miller beat her?

  • It took Al Gore 37 days and numerous legal actions before he conceded. We can all be patient a bit longer.

  • It’s time for conservatives and libertarians join together to find someone with “brass ones” to help push out Murkowski. It’s time the conservatives go back to their roots: anti-war, pro-working class, pro-America First. The populist movement is not going to disappear. People like Murkowski do not have American’s best interest.
    P.S. Not all libertarians want open borders. The Ron Paul libertarians (like me) have a lot in common with true conservatives. In 2022, I hope someone like Thomas Massie runs against Don Young and someone like Rand Paul runs against Murkowski. In my opinion, that’s the best chance of getting rid of her. There’s a lot of libertarians in 2020 that voted third party, and the best chances of getting rid of her is by joining forces. Murkowski doesn’t have “brass ones”; she, like all the other establishment Republicans, have a collar around her neck and does what she’s told by whoever gave her the most donations.

  • News flash Traitor your going down come re election. Alaskans have had enough of your liberal “BS”

  • Yes, we should give this free-thinking radical the boot. How dare she put God and country over party. Palin, so full of Kool-Aid that she sloshes when she walks, is a much better choice.

  • Murkowski is finished Alaskans are going to be rid of you next election !!!

  • Even though most Alaskans may abhor the election result Senator Murkowski is being a realist and a leader, and none too soon. She really has no choice. It’s in our best interest that she does this.

  • Yeah i wonder if she would concede in a situation like this, full well knowing cheating had occurred. Yeah I think not, Lisa. Your an embarrassment to Alaska. Personally, since this debacle, I refuse to give anymore time to the voting process. 54 years old, and when the game changes so much that the other side is blatantly stealing votes to get their way, Iam done. Disgusting what this country has turned into. When a 78 year old dementia patient gets shoved in to something like the presidency, and we all know it’s bs, that says alot about where we are as a nation. In very big trouble.

  • Republicans are asked to donate to the senate elections in Georgia to put more Republicans into the Senate. I’ll give you three reasons why any Democrat-like solidarity is an illusion… Murkowski, Collins and Romney. As Mark Steyn writes….when Democrats win they are in power , when Republicans win they are in office. One has to admire the rank and file commitment of the Left to their cause no matter how grim the outcome to the country…. The GOPe may think they inherited 70+ million Trump supporters who voted….they didn’t and in abandoning President Trump will never get their allegiance.

    • AMEN! Well said.

  • Not impressed, Lisa. Frank, you obviously didn’t raise this one right. Should at least let her see some of the countries that she wants to emulate. Only an idiot would think that this election wasn’t jaded. But let’s just wait until it’s really over. What’s the big hurry? Think Joe can stop the Virus? If you don’t care about the life of babies, then why care at all. Hypocrites, every one of them. Pretending to represent us.

  • Shut up Lisa, just shut up. You don.t speak for me or most Alaskans, you”re just an embarrassment. Bring on 2022.

  • Why are my post not coming up in the comments??

  • We all know how deception, evil and quest for control & power works.

    This time, our sitting president prevails. No worries at all.

    Then Murkowski needs to step down.

  • BTW, Senator Murkowski, President Trump has not yet litigated his case in the US Supreme Court. Or do you believe the SCOTUS does not matter? I find it very interesting that you are concerned about the validity and integrity of the election process! Fantasy.

  • –She talks just enough to make you think she’s a moderate. She votes the party line but speaks up just enough to play both sides. Don’t be tricked. I agree with your question of where are the republicans in this embarrassment, but I don’t agree with your “well done Lisa”. It’s a con job. She has kept mostly quiet and voted the party line while certain individuals keep damaging democracy. Don’t be tricked. I say too little, too late Lisa.

  • Mrs. Murkowski next election when you seek office again. Will you please be honest with the voters of Alaska and register as either a Liberal or Democratic and not a Rhino Republican.

  • Lisa’s last retention election was won by outside money, propaganda and Lisa betraying established procedure to win election as a pseudo republican ‘write-in’. She is no stranger to illicit happenings. Every time her vote ‘becomes’ critical, she has a pattern. She creates a maze of barely masked leftism and calls it what Alaska ‘really’ wants. Do I smell a rat? Now she would imperil America? What’s in it for her? She is vociferous with her personal opinion, not Alaska’s. She betrays her party and constituents, time after time. Her entire political career started as a recipient of nepotism, illegal to those working in ‘public’ service but ok for her. At least she has removed all doubt about her “politics”. Maybe she is angling for a spot as a “token” republican if the democrats pull off the biggest con/scam in history. President Trump is not done, not by a longshot. When the prison population of seditionists (don’t you have to be a traitor to be a seditionist?) starts swelling, Lisa and her democrat/socialist buddies may get pretty nervous.

  • Didn’t you lose to someone in a primary then wouldn’t take no for an answer, so don’t tell us missy.

  • Never ever more will be a dissenting comment here UNLESS you get by with a challenge to her nibs to do so!

    • Commentators who make personal attacks against her paying subscribers are an existential threat to her.

  • Murkowski can rest easy in that senate seat as long as corporate computers are involved in totaling votes. There will never be an honest election again.

  • Basically, she’s facing reality. Did anyone reading MRAK ever really believe that Trump would remain in office? No, I didn’t think so.

  • We need a better candidate than Sarah to run against Princess Lisa in 2022 and I’ll just write in Mike Shower’s name if I have to. I can’t think of anyone at all better suited for that seat.

  • “A pressure campaign on state legislators to influence the electoral outcome is not only unprecedented but inconsistent with our democratic process.”
    Then Lisa does an 180%, saying that she’s going to de-fund the ACoE budget for finishing the NEPA process: FEIS/ROD for the Pebble mine. That pick and chose which processes, laws and regulations to do an end-run on, is going to end up biting us really hard.
    Many Alaskan’s applaud this tactic, but are helping to create a political environment which will bring on a financial depression worse than what Covid ever could cause.

  • Kinda like she conceded when she got beat by Joe Miller in Republican Primary, HYPOCRITE

  • I am extremely disappointed and outraged on what has been allowed to occur for our national election. I am equally disappointed in Sen Murkowski’s attitude with her above post. Integrity is absent in our politics. All you care about is your continued pampered existence in your politics and you will do whatever it takes to continue on. Well, your political career is coming to an end soon.

  • Sen. Murkowski has joined the ranks of the willfully ignorant! She must be primaried out!

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