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Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Murkowski breaks with Republican majority, votes to move ahead on Trump impeachment trial

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Five Republican senators broke with the Republicans and voted to proceed with impeachment case against former President Donald Trump.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins of Maine, Mitt Romney of Utah, Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Patrick Toomey of Pennsylvania all voted to move ahead. None of their votes comes as a surprise, as all of them have indicated their displeasure with the former president.

In a vote of 55-45, the impeachment trial will now proceed, but it also appears that there may not be enough votes to convict the former president for inciting a riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6, the day the Electoral College vote was certified by the Congress.

Sen. Dan Sullivan voted with the Republican majority to block the trial. The Senate is split 50-50 between Republicans and Democrats.

67 votes are needed to convict the president of the charges, so there are some strong signs that the trial effort will fail.

“My review of it has led me to conclude it is constitutional in recognizing impeachment is not solely about removing a president, it is also a matter of political consequence,” Murkowski told reporters.

This is the second impeachment of Trump in about year. The first was was when he was impeached by the House of Representatives during the 116th United States Congress on Dec. 18, 2019. The Senate trial was Jan. 16 – Feb. 5, 2020.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Of course she did along with the sap Romney and her partner in crime Collins and a couple of others. I guess it sent a firm message that the majority of the Senate has murkowski figured out and they are not going to allow this head hunting a president Trump to continue.

    • Right. We need to team up and get rid of them. Stop fussing with each other and defeat this pox.

  • I never thought I’d jump on that bandwagon but, #NotMySenator .

  • Apparently Sleeza is not running for reelection

  • And there are still Sheeples in this state that will vote for her again. I am NOT one of them.

  • How can we let this woman represent Alaska where a large majority of Republicans supported President Trump. This is the last straw in a long string of her actions that are disgusting. It’s time for her to leave the Republican Party as she has threatened to do.

  • When will the strong, patriotic, country-loving citizens say enough is enough?! Moreso, the ones that live in Alaska? This woman does NOT stand for the values that I live by … I didn’t vote for her and I’m convinced many more didn’t either. The write-in campaign was fraught with questionable signatures.
    Let’s ensure someone with the RIGHT Alaskan morals and integrity can run against her RINO lame @SS and win. Vote this turn coat out of office!

    • Prop 2 says it will take a miracle to dump her.

      You get what you voted for Alaska.

      • Amazing how just enough unwitnessed absentee votes ‘appeared’ to pass Prop 2.

      • America, where you get what you didn’t vote for. And you’d better like it if you want to maintain a social media account.

  • Just think had we elected Romney for president what the country would be like now. He probably would have been elected had he not punted during the debates when he had Obama on the ropes and let him up. We may all be speaking Russian right now.

    • Romney took a dive. He’s not on our side…

    • Even in 2012 I could not hold my nose to vote for Romney, the stench was so bad. So my conscience is clear on that one.

  • SCOTUS has already stated that they will not attend the circus, therefore, no real impeachment will be happening. Just another show by the liberals.

  • They better find a better candidate in 2022 to replace her or they won’t retain that seat, it’s really that simple.

    • They won’t retain the seat regardless of who is running. The vote fraud machine will be in full use. No republican, or anyone who leans to the right side of the political aisle will ever get elected again.
      And, it is because people like Murkowski turned a blind eye to the shenanigans that went down on Election day. If I was writing a book on how to commit election fraud, I would include everything that seemed weird on Election day. And, Murkowski just ignored it. Might as well have said it was OK to cheat in the next election.

  • I’m sick of this, what are our options, no one seems to provide any information. Can she be recalled, removed or what. She is a disgusting piece of anuq!

    • the voters cannot recall a US Senator…once elected they are employee’s of the US Government and can only be removed by the Senate itself other than through another election at the end of their term. and with the passage of Ballot measure #2 which she supported it will be a great challenge for anyone to defeat Lisa in the next election..

      • One of the many things which needs to be addressed in an Article 5 Convention of States is a way to recall ineffective/wayward Senators.

        • Let’s just leave Pandora in her box. We do not have sane enough representation to allow them to put their hands into the Constitutional Cookie Jar.

  • The opportunity to vote her out of office cannot come soon enough. Albeit I’m sure the likes of the ‘shell game’ from the last time she was elected will again be attempted in some form……

    • it will be called Rank Choice voting….unless the courts rule against Ballot measure #2 passed in the recent election

  • Never been a corner sign holder but I will do everything possible, including knocking on doors keep this excuse of a Republican from getting elected again.

  • She’s just awful. She really is just concerned with what people on the cocktail circuit think of her. There were zero grounds to bring impeachment articles, let alone pass them out of the House. Now she wants to legitimize this bastardization of the impeachment process by voting to hold a trial? For what? She isn’t an Alaskan and she hasn’t been for a long time, may not ever.

  • When Lisa lost the Primary to Joe Miller she gave a very nice concession speech and then fell off the radar for about three weeks reappearing with Janie Leak and her plan to run again anyway after loss in the Primary….she had the press a lot of Native dollars and many of Alaska’s female votes and they managed to paint Joe Miller something he was not and they pulled it off…

  • If the 2022 election is fair and honest, Princess Lisa has no chance of winning. Unfortunately Alaska doesn’t have fair and honest elections anymore.

  • And we’re all astounded by this? Just like she was astounded by Biden’s moratorium on drilling in AK?

  • She is voting her conscience, for the party, rather than for Trump, and I admire her for it.

    • Back away from the glue….

    • Slowly step away from the glue bottle..

    • She has NO conscience…. After all a good catholic voting for every abortion bill? AND CERTAINLY not when it regards “her” state.

    • She most certainly is not voting her conscience because she doesn’t have one. She’s a man hater and a baby killer. She doesn’t care about representing the people of Alaska. She only represents herself. She’s a selfish evil woman.

    • She is voting for political gain and democratic funding for her re-election. Looking out for herself rather than what Alaskans want, or what’s good for our country. She only votes with the republicans if her vote doesn’t make a difference. Her conscience has nothing to do with how she votes.

    • I hear you and agree!

  • I just left a message with the republican party of Alaska informing them that I will never donate or support them until they grow a spine and remove the democrat Lisa murkowski.

  • Sen Lisa M will will reelection in a landslide because of Prop 2. Get used to the new Normal.

  • I have to wonder what kind of dirt Trump has on these Swamp creatures to make them sacrifice their political careers in order to stop his MAGA movement! Must be some really bad stuff.

  • a real disappointment to the people and to the state of Alaska…a real turn coat….she does not stand for or even listen to the people…she does not even ask what the people of Alaska want or need…

    • No politician asks – they assume the majority that voted for them agree. I suggest a mass letter campaign to Lisa – she listens, but that doesn’t mean necessarily that she will agree. Her grandstanding bothers me, but her constituent relations have been quite good.

      • How can her constituent relations be good, if she listens to what the people want, but still does whatever she pleases. She works for us, not the other way around. We didn’t hire her to be our mommy, she’s our employee.

  • Well, look for more of this from little Lisa. Think Prop 2, baby… Saying you will vote her out is a pipe dream. What we need to do is repeal the 1 7th amendment! You wanna drain the swamp? Get rid of the popular election of U.S. Senators. Clearly after watching the Gross / Sullivan contest it is a no brainer where the $ is. Who throws that much $ into an election in Alaska? Answer, people who expect a return on their investment. Swamp Creatures.

  • LOL. Like she has any idea what’s in the Constitution. She’s been shredding it from day one. Papa must be proud.

    • She failed the bar on multiple attempts if that’s any indication for you.

  • No surprise, she has never been a conservative. Voted over 90% of the time with Obama and is pro abortion………..

  • Thanks Lisa, but it’s not your job to decide who I can or can’t vote for next election.

  • Lisa has been useless since she got there. She claimed she opened ANWR. Read the EIS produced by the BLM. ANWR was never open, at least with oil below $300/bbl.

    So what has she done? For Alaskan’s? I can’t think of one thing. Except promote democratic policies.

    • If it was not for Pres. Trump, she could not claim she opened ANWR either, Trump was good for Alaska, Biden has already shown that he will be bad for Alaska. Who does she represent if not Alaska?? and yet Alaska’s republican party still supports her… we clearly need a new party, or party officials in Alaska at the very least.

      • Many in the AKGOP are upset with her. You don’t like what you see? – get involved and stop bellyaching. Sniping from the sidelines gets the dems elected every time. Suzanne can put you in touch that can help you get started. We primaried her in 2016 and she beat Joe Miller with a write-in campaign.

  • Other states are working with their state GOP’s to censure these politicians. Is anyone interested in working together to do this in Alaska? I will sign up to help in this if I see positive interest here.

    • Our Republican leadership still supports her, sad to say…

      • It’s time we stop supporting them too.

  • She needs to go NOW, Mr. Clary (head of the Alaskan Republican Party). I emailed him approximately four days ago expressing my concern re: Murk with no response. It’s obvious that she listens to no one and is apparently ignorant to the Constitution as it applies to this matter. I’d encourage any and all posters to this article to email and/or call the ARP and voice your concerns. She takes the money from the party to get re-elected and then, predictably, does this. Maybe she can rent a room from Romney in Utah.

    • I don’t believe she got any money from the AKGOP in her last election – most of her campaign money comes from Planned Parenthood and LGBT groups and her family fortune. She didn’t run as a Republican candidate in 2016 – Joe Miller beat her in the primary. She has the freedom to identify with any party she chooses.

  • Why has this woman not been censured by the AK GOP? Where is the integrity? What is the use of having a party if it doesn’t at all, reflect the values, of the people that vote and give money under its banner?

    • Agreed, the AK Republican party seems to be part of the swamp as well.

    • There has been talk about that, but mostly censure is extremely unproductive. Try helping us vote her out. The folks that think parties are useless need to get involved and find out what they do – instead of sniping at us, try helping. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

  • Put a fork in her. She’s washed up. Will be refreshing to see Sarah Palin in her senate seat if Sarah can scrape the slime off……..

  • This shouldn’t be about Murkowski’s vote. It should be about a fair trial that carefully considers the evidence and returns an appropriate verdict.

  • This shouldn’t be about Murkowski’s vote to proceed with a trial. The House has already impeached. It should be about our leaders in the Senate evaluating the evidence and finding the appropriate verdict.

    • Sham impeachment at that. She needs to stay in DC pemanantly. She represents her warped feelings not The people of Alaska.

  • Yes
    Vote vote vote Lisa Out

  • “My review of it has led me to conclude it is constitutional in recognizing impeachment is not solely about removing a president, it is also a matter of political consequence,” Murkowski told reporters. Interesting how she is now a judge to interpret and insert her view of something that is not in the constitution, that is, impeaching a private citizen. By her standards, I have concluded it’s constitutional to remove her from office right now for being such an embarrassment to the state of Alaska. This action can also be viewed as “it is also a matter of political consequence.” Her words, not mine.
    She has got to go!

    • She failed the bar 4 times. That is who is now the authority on the constitution..

  • Stupid is as stupid does! President Trump is now a private citizen. If they can impeach and try a private citizen what is to keep them from coming after you or me it they so decide.

  • This too funny. Lisa Murkowski had a “review of the Constitution” to conclude that Trump can he tried in the Senate after he has departed office. Oh yes. THAT Lisa Murkowski who failed the Alaska Bar Exam seven times before she got the answers correct….well sort of correct. She undoubtedly took Constitutional Law in law school at Willamette University, but what were her grades like? Maybe D’s. She couldn’t even teach her Democrat constituents how to spell “Murkowski” correctly. Some couldn’t even spell “Lisa.”
    Her daddy Frank has been referred to by many fellow Republican friends as “dumber than a box of rocks.”
    This gal is a chip off her daddy’s triple chin. Dumber than a box of rocks might be blighting the rocks, or blighting boxes. Yes, Lisa is that stupid.
    Alaskans need to end this Murkowski political nightmare once and for all. She is embarrassing our entire state.

  • John Sturgeon for US Senate in 2022.

    • ??? I will roll with that, Naomi.

  • Uh, I don’t think they have a case trying Trump AFTER he left office..This is another dog and pony show distraction. Plus, Murkowski is what she is…She hasn’t changed her spots and will always be a lefty rino.
    I did talk to someone close to them 2 years ago that stated that her hubby wants out of DC. Will they leave, or won’t they??? Power is a hard thing to give up. We’ll see. However, I won’t hold my breath.

  • Removing this woman from office is job number one! We need Sarah Palin to run against her with support from Trump. We also need to repeal measure 2 that is designed to nullify Alaskans votes. It is unconstitutional, 1 person 1 vote. You know they used the Dominion Voting Machines or false ballots to overturn the will of Alaskan Voters! Measure 2 was backed by millions of dollars in dark money from the left coast.

  • Lisa is once again letting her personal animus against Trump get in the way of good sense.

    The problem in replacing her will be the $50 – $60 million dollars that will be spent in the 2022. If the democrats believe they can steal the seat, they will come up with at least that amount to grab it.

    This is not a defense of Lisa. Rather, it is a rather straightforward analysis of the road ahead of us. Cheers –

  • Murkowski and Pelosi share the same gelato’,,,pull that ‘eject’ handle voters.

  • Time to change out all of the established frauds. Completely out of touch with Alaska and the nation. Congressional approval stands at a whopping 15%. Difficult to find leaders who are not corruptable by power and money.

  • Lisa needs to realize she will never find love from leftist Democrats and their vicious little mainstream media lap dogs. They like her now because her and Mit are doing as instructed. They have plans to eliminate her at election time and maybe even through in some attacks. She needs to wake up (not woke up) and smell the coffee.

  • There is no Republican Party, there are just Chinese Puppets who sold out their offices to certify a stolen election and install a Puppet Regime. The only thing left in Washington are Traitors of a vassal Vichy Government.

  • She’s got to go, but quitter Palin give me a break

    • John Sturgeon 2022.

  • Lisa Murkowski Is not a Conservative
    I purposely did not specify Republican because of the fact that the majority of Republicans in DC are NOT conservatives. They are spineless cowards who are unwilling to stand up for conservative principles. This includes Dan Sullivan I’m sorry to say.
    The anger and frustration over the fraudulent stolen election is nation wide, and for good reason, but one good thing has come out of it! American Conservative Patriots eyes have been opened and we are watching.

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