Murkowski and bipartisan Senate group say $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan would work


After talks between the White House and Republicans broke down on Monday, a bipartisan group of senators has agreed to offer President Joe Biden a $1.2 trillion, eight-year infrastructure package. It’s their first offer in what is expected to be a negotiated deal that will satisfy both sides of the aisle.

The group includes five Republicans and five Democrats: Republican Alaska U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney of Utah, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Rob Portman of Ohio, Susan Collins of Maine and Democrats Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, Jon Tester of Montana, Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, and Mark Warner of Virginia.

Their offer is far less than the $1.7 trillion plan from the Biden White House, which fell apart when Sen. Shelley Capito of West Virginia, who led the Republicans, got the call from Biden that talks were done.

Biden has sought to redefine “infrastructure” as including social programs such as day care and elder care, but the 10 senators who he will negotiate with have limited their offer to just regular infrastructure programs like roads and bridges, sources said.

“We are discussing our approach with our respective colleagues, and the White House, and remain optimistic that this can lay the groundwork to garner broad support from both parties and meet America’s infrastructure needs,” the 10 senators said in a joint statement on Thursday.


  1. Remember kiddies:
    “infrastructure” = Green New Deal waste of money on foolish alternate energy and preventing the myth of manmade global warming.
    They are throwing trillion$ into the fire.

  2. Shovel-ready no doubt. Obama’s $900 billion was chump change. What does a 20-acre horse ranch outside Alexandria VA run now?

  3. This list of names is a who’s who for progressive politics. I’m surprised with Cassidy being on the list. Perhaps he’s come out of the closet now too. Having Romney run against Obama was a win-win. If Romney won, and he had Obama on the ropes by the way and laid up during the debate after he drew blood, and if Obama wins which he did with the help of Romney, either way they get a liberal hack in the White House. Remember Romney was in charge of liberal politics as a governor. Obama was a dope smoking punk that came up through the ranks visiting the YMCA in Chicago. These people on the list have been written in many many years before they emerge. The master plan is probably at least 20 years in the making. We’re reacting on a daily basis and they’re thinking decades into the future. You’re never going to win that fight.

  4. Republicans? Murkowski, Collins, and Romney? Maybe more like democrat-light. But we do need to fix some roads, in particular the road into Juneau.

  5. Anyone remember Solyndra? $900 million wasted, much of which went directly to the DNC? Bankruptcy? Not one solar panel produced?

    Don’t trust these people on either side of the aisle. This is just a bigger shovel to get the pork back home to 10 specific regions quicker.

  6. response to A.V.: There are solar panels on govt buildings in my village that have a “Solyndra” label – they were installed by people that didn’t know solar panels are live when facing the sun – one had to be medevac’d… They “work” fine for 6 months of the year… not at all in winter when they are needed most. With the $ spent here it will take 100 years to recoup with their “savings”. In the meantime, the rest of us have to spend more on our electric because the gov’t isn’t buying as much.

  7. There were no Republicans in that group.

    Where’s Dan Sullivan? Doesn’t he every get quoted on anything?

  8. Meanwhile, Dunleavy is working behind the scenes to sell Alaska to Warren Buffett and his massive windmill farms.

  9. When the pols don’t even give lip service to waste, fraud, and abuse (W.F.A.), it’s time to do like China and buy hard assets before the music stops.

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