Murder suspect Nicole Diaz in custody


On Saturday, Anchorage Police stopped a vehicle at Raspberry Road and Minnesota Blvd., only to discover that one of the occupants was a woman wanted in the murder of Craig Berumen in 2017.

32-year-old Nicole Diaz was taken into custody and housed at the Anchorage jail. Two others who are suspects in that murder are already in custody.

Diaz had been on the run since the March 8, 2017 death of Berumen, who police found hanging halfway out of an SUV in the McDonald’s parking lot in Spenard. Diaz had also absconded from probation and had a warrant for her arrest for felony failure to appear, which related to a separate incident of Theft II and misconduct involving a weapon.

On June 6, Anchorage police announced they had a warrant for her arrest in the Berumen murder.

The charges are felonies — Murder 1, Murder 2, and Robbery 1, which includes use of a deadly weapon.

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