Murder #31: Shooting at Black Angus Inn


A man was shot inside the Black Angus Inn in Anchorage on Monday afternoon, and was declared dead shortly after arriving at the hospital. Police say this is a homicide.

It’s the 31st murder in Anchorage in 2019, and the fourth homicide in the past week. It’s the fifth shooting at or near the Black Angus Inn at 14th and Gambell since January, 2018.

No arrest have been made but police are saying it’s an isolated incident and there is no public safety concern.

Anchorage set a homicide record for the municipality in 2017 with 37 murders, and saw 28 murders in 2018.


  1. “keep walking folks…nothing to see here…isolated incident…nothing to see here… nothing to worry about….”

  2. That is really good to know, that this is an isolated incident. Hate to see a gang war or continuous gunfire around town. Maybe an increase in parking tickets or citations for expired plates will put the murderers on the run. How do all the homicides fit into the vision of a “progressive” city?

    • Look, JMARK, these incidences simply reflect the blooming diversity of the city and your smarmy intolerance speaks loudly of your need to be more accepting of the cultures of the perps. This is normal behavior for some folks whether YOU like it or not. Why must you be so judgmental?

  3. But we have a homeless problem first don’t worry about crime as they are arrested and released back into society to keep on being a responsible citizen. Our so called mayor has to worry about more taxes to spend giving raises and hiring more city employees to vote for failed policy’s.

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