Muni code enforcers zero in on one mayoral candidate: Dave Bronson


Anchorage COVID code enforcers hired by Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson have started harassing the Dave Bronson for Mayor campaign, to the point where the campaign has had to cancel one of its fundraisers and take its future events “underground.”

Code enforcers made a surprise visit to the venue of a planned fundraiser for Bronson last week, frightening the owner of the restaurant, measuring table distances, checking masks, and sanitation, and telling the manager they would be back to see how the fundraiser was complying with the mayor’s orders of 50 percent capacity for indoor events. The restaurant owner decided to cancel the event rather than risk being shut down.

This is what happens when more than 100 people attend your campaign event in Anchorage under the current regime — at least if you are conservative.

Emergency Order 17 was supposed to be an “easing up” and has language specifically protecting worship services and political expression, both of which are protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar, the Democrat lead candidate, posted a message on Facebook with photos of Bronson’s events, calling it a super-spreader event.

Bronson’s campaign manager, Bernadette Wilson, said she has had to remove all of the photos from Facebook of recent events for the Bronson campaign, because the code enforcers are harassing the venues for the past events as well. She has received calls from code enforcers from the municipality.

What’s worse, is that some on social media have been attacking the business establishments that have provided venues to Bronson. The businesses noticed they were being bullied online, and that their ratings went down to “one star” reviews overnight from online political activists.

Bronson has had several large events, the most recent attracting about 100 people. He is believed to have raised the most money so far of any of the conservative candidates for mayor.

Some people wear masks during his events, while others do not, and Bronson has taken the position that people should do what they feel comfortable doing. Bronson has also had an online telethon fundraiser, for those who don’t feel comfortable coming to events.

Cale Green, campaign manager for Bill Evans for Mayor, says that for their headquarter grand opening event next week, they’ll have fire pits outside, so they can split the event between inside and outside at the old Sullivan for Senate headquarters, 5011 Spenard Road. They’ll be aiming for 50 percent capacity and have been flying under the radar of the code enforcers, with a strategy of following the municipal code as much as possible. Their event is from 5:30-7 pm on Thursday.


  1. So third world banana republic. What’s next, send the black shirts in to disrupt the rallies? Arrest the candidates?

  2. So if I read this correctly the Mayor is using Municipal services to discourage political events other than the ones she approves of. What a misuse of Municipal services unless she does this for every Mayoral candidate.

  3. I expect nothing less from progressive bullies. As I recall during the last election, while everyone else hunkered down the AEA gathered (unharassed) all at their headquarters to ballot harvest. Please correct me if I am wrong. A bully will grow more bold and persist until someone stands up to give a punch in the nose, or in this day and age a stiff lawsuit. Unfortunately, with packed legislature and courts they freely oppress any hint of opposition to squash hard earned liberty. This is not the foundation on which this the Founders based this nation and I fear for both our liberty and freedom.

  4. The burden is on AQD to prove these events were super-spreaders. They weren’t, which goes to show the socialist lies she and Dunbar use to scare us into submission. AQD’s Code Enforcement Officers are nothing more than government agents who’s real purpose is to silence liberty, suppress freedom, and make sure government becomes the control agent of everyone’s lives. Dave Bronson is leading the pack. He is the anti-AQD/Dunbar. His message of smaller government, a return to prosperity in Anchorage, reducing crime, and aggressively fixing the vagrancy problem is exactly what Anchorage needs in 2021. Dave Bronson for Mayor in 2021!

    • Apparently conservatives are only for selective law and order. If Anchorage wants to go back to Sullivan’s policies of reducing police, foolishly spending money on SAP, and increasing homelessness Bronson’s your man.

      • Sullivan for Governor!
        He is missed as mayor that’s for sure, unless you a union henchmen.
        Napoleon added 100 police officers to Anchorage and crime skyrocketed do to releasing them back onto the streets within an hour apprehension.

      • Sorry Frank, one Mayor reducing police does not compare to democrats rewarding 20 million illegal immigrants with citizenship..

        Law and order?

    • Absolutely!

      I’m not a fan of the interim Mayor’s gestapo team however, if a complete dolt like Forest Dunbar can comment on your behavior and actually seem to have at least a sparkle of merit to his perspective… you’re probably not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  5. The banana republic of Alaska.

    I wonder if more than 18% of Anchorage voters will bother to vote this time.

    If not, you deserve “run Forrest run” Dunbar. And all the crap that comes with it.

  6. We will start going the chinese route that everytime a church reaches 25 attendees the group divides and create a new church; hence why china is the place where Christianity is growing the fastest. Hahahaha

  7. Forrest Dunbar, the acting Mayor and the Liberals in the Anchorage Assembly are Super-spreaders of lies, fear, tyranny and destruction!

  8. See how this works conservatives, you’re in an “information war” stop clinging to your 1950’s “Mad Men” marketing philosophies. Start to hire “info warriors” those with cell phone cameras and a good grasp of modern media propaganda techniques. Remember Al Gross, remember his super slick YouTube adds, that’s the model going forward (if you want to reach the masses).

    Both the conservative candidates have a superb track record, and success stories to share. Let us hear them. Otherwise you’ll get your butts handed to you by some failed liberal lawyer type who’s major life goal was winning a school board race.

    Look at Bernie, an old pair of ratty mittens, an anorak and folding chair was all it took for his army of “kids with a clue” to make him go viral. Its all about the interaction with the kids on social media, and those kids don’t give a CRAP about your frumpy 100 plus fundraisers.

  9. Seems like they are just enforcing the normal restaurant rules inside of the muni. As someone who respects law and order I expect everyone to follow those rules of order, I don’t give exception to my own conservative party. This is a real virus, with real people dying from it. It’s time everyone recognizes this.

    • Here’s the kicker for you – this virus, in one form or another is going to exist FOREVER. we may have access to vaccine shots annually just like the flue but it’ll be for known strains. Yes its real and yes, people die. So what. Its time, as CNN, Fauci and Biden have accepted that it is what it is. Enough of the nonsense shutdowns and power hungry idiots.

    • Nice one, you appear to be mentally challenged, member of the Democratic Party eh? Normal code enforcing? That is pure —. Go back to ADN

    • I would like to see the citation list of who has gotten them and how many visits they have received. Sure feels like a communist government using its power to rule their way.

  10. Outrageous! This is like the old USSR or present day China. Goon squads harassing the political opposition.

    Maybe the campaign can find a gym/hall or out-of-business restaurant with a large capacity and use it as its’ headquarters. Then hold all events there.

  11. In Oregon the cops said, we are Not enforcing the stupid rules you are putting on are citizens.
    So the liberal gov hired 200 safety workers to go out and scare the business or shut them down.

    Yes Anchorage is blue and soon to be like Portland Dark blue.
    Get rid of that Fake mayor Your not elected.

  12. They are afraid of this man becoming mayor because he is an excellent candidate! My money is going to support him!

  13. We are fracturing B/W two societies in America.
    One that will blindly follow science off of a cliff & another that thinks for themselves with reason & logic as there base.
    I am getting disgusted at the left’s persistence in taking away our personal Liberty.
    Someone like Dunbar who served in the military should have respect for the nation’s constitution.
    There are hundreds of examples that medicine & science have gotten wrong over the ages.
    From the ancient practice of “bloodletting” to drugs like “VIOXX” that were causing heart attacks.
    Once Americans loose the medical freedom to make our own choices, then other freedoms like speech and the right to bear arms are sure to be next on the Democratic Agenda in 2021.
    I am personally concerned that things will get much worse in this country before they get better.

  14. Now you know the fundamental reason behind the code enforcers and the capacity constraints that with which the current oligarchy is choking our residents. This whole exercise is an attempt to limit our ability to exercise our rights to support our candidate. Dunbar should be drummed out of the National Guard for his stance on the US Constitution. Where the hell is Saxe in this BS and why hasn’t Dunbar been dragged out on the carpet for publicly renouncing the oath he took to be in guard?

  15. Isn’t the current Anchorage Assembly Chair being recalled due to having too many of his supporters at his event…errr…assembly meeting? Hasn’t the current Assembly Chair said that his recall is much-ado-about nothing and being led by political hacks?
    Hypocrisy much? If it weren’t for double standards these people wouldn’t have any standards at all

  16. Hmmm… I wonder if the Code Enforcers were wearing brown shirts and black jack boots. I’m sure all of this will go away if Dunbar is elected. Right?

  17. Wonder how much of this might be political theater, a publicity stunt.
    Righteous indignation from conservatives seems conspicuously absent, along with anything specific from Bill or Dave: what either will do with a hostile Assembly, hostile mainstream media, and sponsor boycotts.
    Bill or Dave could be talking, writing about how they’ll:
    commission an outside forensic audit of city finances and management practices, abolish unfilled positions; return “slush funds” to taxpayers, terminate executive employees and consultants hired during the Berkowitz administration;
    veto upcoming sales-tax ordinances;
    sponsor ordinances to repeal alcohol and fuel taxes, stop collecting them, refuse to enforce plastic-bag ban;
    propose payment-in-lieu-of-taxes for non-profit organizations;
    restructure building-code permit and building-code enforcement processes to make them less expensive, less adversarial, less vulnerable to habitual, spurious complaints;
    remove and replace the municipal code enforcement management-employee group.
    verify annually that city voter rolls are accurate and current, create strategy for limiting effects of fake ballots, postal fraud, nursing-home resident coercion, ballot harvesting, voter impersonation, bribery of voters;
    sponsor an ordinance to repeal mail-in voting, remove mail-in vote machinery, restore traditional polling-place balloting;
    sponsor an ordinance to withdraw Anchorage from the Alaska Municipal League, withdraw Anchorage’s share of money from the $600M+ Alaska Municipal League Investment Pool, return it to taxpayers;
    divest the Municipality from buying or administering housing for homeless, restore and sell city property occupied by homeless camps;
    cancel all China flu “mandates”, cancel “emergency powers”, demand factual, verifiable China-flu reporting statistics, rebate property taxes paid for in-school services which school-district officials did not provide;
    share post-Eaglexit vision for Anchorage, what policies and practices will be changed to persuade other groups not to secede, what will be changed to lessen the risk of another 1980’s-style exodus;
    veto budgets which clearly “rubber stamp” school-district and public-employee union demands;
    veto ordinances which undermine Anchorage Police Department arrest and enforcement processes; collaborate with federal and state authorities to enforce drug and gang violence laws
    refuse to attend, direct executives not to attend, Assembly meetings conducted in violation of Alaska’s Open Meetings Act (AS 44.62.310-.312);
    enforce private-property rights;
    terminate all lobbyist contracts;
    make time for weekly call-in radio “fireside chats” on the state of the city;
    use Art Chance’s “Red on Blue: Establishing Republican Governance” as the essential operating guide for managing city government.
    Instead, productive Anchorage residents whose lives and livelihoods are circling the drain get stuck with more political theater as if the dismal image of an apparently hungover, fraudulent hyphenated-mayor wasn’t enough!
    Dave, Bill, why don’t you stop wasting our damned time! Decide who’s gonna be pilot, who’s gonna be copilot. Then swap seats when the pilot terms out! This is not rocket science! This is cockpit resource management which at least one of you had better be really well acquainted with!
    Forget your furtiveness, get on with what you gotta do to save Anchorage from ruin and takeover by a renegade Army captain who hates the U.S. Constitution. No worn out platitudes, no empty rhetoric from you
    … just channel your inner Donald Trump, talk straight, bluntly about how the both of you, as a team, will fix this wreck, make Anchorage great again.
    Can you do it? Is your city worth the effort? Damn, guys, do we really have to ask?

  18. You now know which candidate they fear the most! Let’s remind people that Forrest Dunbar swore an oath to the Constitution and later said it was a racist document. That means his word means nothing and only a racist swears to defend a document he believes to be racist.
    As for others on the Assembly, they and their tyrannical orders are so well loved, the police were ordered, by them, to turn out in force at the Assembly meeting, to protect them from their subjects! They have violated the Municipal charter, squandered CARES ACT monies and willfully destroyed the Anchorage economy.
    Now, in a last ditch assault on the public’s political rights under the First Amendment, ( you know, that racist document Dunbar swore an oath to protect and defend), they are using Brown shirt tactics to disrupt and attack their political opponents!
    When will we finally say enough is enough?
    Rivera is facing a potential recall for valid reasons. His answer is a lawsuit against the clerk for allowing it to go forward? Not a defense of his actions mind you!
    I am not preaching violence. Make no mistake about it though, this is a political war! Don’t split your vote. Rally behind the conservative candidate with the best chance of winning! This must be a grass roots movement. The Republican Party is not going to get it done. They do not even run candidates in all of our districts.
    We must take back Anchorage and restore sanity!

    • Thank you.
      Maybe Dunbar’s constituents need to recall him for violation of his oath to support and protect the Constitution. Plenty of evidence he has zero respect, or allegiance to his sworn statement. Just some food for thought.

  19. Pathetic response from the Kovid Fascist, I mean, it is just so obvious but not unexpected. My suggestion to this Mayoral Candidate is to simply hold his “superspreading ” fund raising and social events in Palmer! A 45 minute drive and you can be free of the opponents harassment.
    The real question is… can you imagine for a moment Alaskan’s putting up with this Bravo Sierra anytime in the past? I can’t. This State is full of people whose ancestors survived the Ice Age, survived the 1912 Volcano, Survived the REAL pandemic in 1918, survived the ’64 Quake and the ’86 depression. Can Anchorage survive the NAZI NANNY STATE with it’s clownish appointed Mayor and even sillier Mayoral Candidate and Assembly Chair-it? I think so, but it well require meeting their fire with yours, down and dirty so to speak.

  20. Blatant abuse of office by acting Mayor. Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson needs to be held accountable for her misconduct and if warranted charged and removed from the position of Acting Mayor.
    Why is no one who has the authority to stop this sitting on their ass doing nothing

  21. Code enforcers go find another job we don’t want or need you. Little tyrannical Assembly needs to to get the hell out of the way of small businesses

  22. Harassed? Freedom is only 45 miles away. Drive out to the valley and hold those fund raisers. If you’re tired of east berlin er- anchorage, you can always drive to freedom. The tyrant er- mayor has not put out border guards and check points.. yet…

  23. Who are these “Code Enforcers?” It would be interesting to see who they are, their official city employee title, and whether they have legal authority to do what they’re doing. I would think they would have to identify themselves at the door and have a search warrant, if they even have that authority. They need to be challenged instead of just roaming the city like ruthless vigilantes.

  24. Bullshit. Intimidation, harassment and extortion. This was a direct threat to a business owner. Sue the bastards and the assembly and acting mayor.

  25. Conservatives need to become motivated to act in response to every single act by the corrupt squatters on the Anchorage assembly. Whether it’s a donation to a conservative campaign, refusing to serve them in your business, etc, it all has an impact. Most importantly: vote! Get your kids and neighbors to vote

  26. Heck, why not just force us to wear gold stars on our shoulders? Code enforcers, indeed. We can all see where this is headed and we must resist this tyranny from the socialists. I just finished reading a Holocaust book and see so many similarities. This is how it starts.

  27. No one Should be surprised. This is what they have been doing, this is what they do. We watched them over the last four years, phony up Russian hoaxes and impeachments, and now a “Capitol riot” or “insurrection”—all the marginalize their opposition. Does anything think they won’t use fines and harassment to hinder their opponents in the battle for Anchortown? These are the same sorts of people.

  28. Bronson, and any other candidate that supports freedom, should hold their campaign events outside of muni city limits. I am sure there are plenty of people who would travel to the valley to support a candidate for Mayor that wants to end the lockdowns, and get people back working.

    Just a thought…

  29. The only thing that needs to be done is VOTE!! If Conservatives flood the city with their ballots mailed in and crush these leftist loons the city may have a chance. If they’re too lazy to vote and the leftists win then so be it. Good luck.

    • Conservative votes either get thrown out or switched. It’s not that conservatives don’t vote. It’s that Liberal Commies count the votes.

  30. Are all mayoral candidates getting the same treatment or they using municipal services to single out specific candidates

  31. Good teaching opportunity for the students. When Johnny and Sally come home and tell how teacher was preaching the glories of leftism/socialism/etc. all parents have to do is show them what leftism is doing in Anchorage, in Alaska, in America and finish up with the great things done in the World. Parents can follow up with some critical-thinking development. Kids should learn that people will tell you anything, but you can do some homework to find the truth.

  32. I’m sorry but Bronson and Bernadette are acting like children. They knew the rules, they decided to break them, and now they’re crying about the consequences. I am embarrassed that a “conservative” candidate thinks he gets to flout health regs and then play the victim when he’s punished. Neither Bronson nor Bernadette know a damn thing about public health, but even if they did that doesn’t mean that we all get to just follow the rules we like all of a sudden. And honestly… What did he think was going to happen? This is why conservatives lose elections in Anchorage. It’s pathetic and embarrassing.

    • No need to apologize… Too many Americans seem conditioned to accept power perceived is power achieved.
      Was it Einstein who said, ““Older men start wars, but younger men (children!) fight them.”
      Breaking rules, flouting health regs, making history, that’s what Americans do and have been doing since the first Tea Party, yes?
      Remind again how rules and health regs fixed every plague since the 1950’s flu epidemic; remember all the rules and regs Americans broke to make the Twenty-First Amendment happen?
      More embarassing, isn’t it, to do naught while your countrymen defy and fight their fraudulent hyphenated-mayor and its pretend-police.
      Stop to wonder why real policemen apparently don’t show up for these political speakeasy raids?
      Where you gonna be, C., when the fifth or twentieth deadly variant of the China flu shows up, everything’s closed, now you gotta stay 12 feet away from your fellow Americans unless you’re with Antifa or Black Lives Matter, and you realize this charade’s got nothing to do with disease, it’s all about societal control?
      Honestly, nobody knows what’s gonna happen. Whole idea of a counterrevolution is getting back to where Americans don’t have to worry about what a fraudulent hyphenated-mayor and its pretend-police will do next!
      You seem to know things, be situationally aware, would greatly appreciate your help.

  33. Those Health Regulations are used as a weapon against those in opposition to the tyrannical reign of the Democrats!

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