Muni closed on Monday for Indigenous People’s Day


Those who need to do business with the Municipality of Anchorage on Monday are out of luck. Monday has been designated Indigenous People’s Day by Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson and the Anchorage Assembly.

On Feb. 21, 2023, the mayor made it official after an unanimous vote by the Assembly.

In addition to closure at City Hall, the Anchorage Public Libraries, the Permit Center at 4700 Elmore Road, Anchorage Health Department, AWWU’s customer service, and APD’s front counter are all closed.

Emergency services like police and fire will continue as normal. Public transportation via PeopleMover, AnchorRIDES, and RideShare will also remain open. And people can still take their trash to the Central Transfer Station and Anchorage Landfill. Animal Care and Control will also continue operations. This is a paid holiday for all city workers, and those who have to work it will be awarded holiday pay.


  1. Just think, if the mayor had proposed Monday be Indigenous People’s Day, it would have been voted down…because it would appear to be his idea. Politics are a funny thing.

  2. Your tax dollars at work, Anchorage. Or in this case, not at work.

    Elect stupid people, get stupid government.

    • So why don’t you run and solve all of our problems?

      Answer: Because you’d rather sit back and criticize than try to help. Dirty little secret: You couldn’t do any better than they do.

      • You touch me like you know me.

        You’re really digging lately. Despite doesn’t suit you.

        I don’t live in Anchorage, and have been involved in my community in Juneau for years.

        Damn, you just make yourself look stupider than usual.

  3. This day commentates the people who walked the White sands area in New Mexico 21,000 to 23,000 years ago. Am I right?

    • No in Alaska we decided almost ten years ago to celebrate Indigenous culture. You should know what cultures live in your area.

  4. I don’t think you can use that word anymore. But more paid holidays do save us a lot of tax dollars in the long run.

  5. I, a white male of European descent, was born in this country. Therefore, I am as “indigenous” as anyone else. For anyone to claim otherwise is to be racist, if not also self-loathing (from those who are also of European descent).

    • This is a bit more of a contentious issue than you might realize. Many of us who happen not to be First Nation were born here. Including brown and yellow people.

      I’m as native Alaskan as anyone else legally born here last century. Many have been in SE for centuries.

      A friend of mine (happens to be yellow) was very straightforward one time when he said the “native” bit was wearing him thin. His family has been here several generations.

      I have no issues with First Nation status. They were here first. But this is getting to be stupider than it already was.

      Which was already stupid.

      Where you been? You missed some really epic posts by your favorite usual suspects.

      • You are correct, TMA, this so-called “Indigenous Day” is just a slap in the face of the European-descended majority in the USA, and just another part of the neo-Bolshevik cultural revolution. I am disgusted that Mayor Bronson endorsed it.

        As for my absence, I was on vacation at a remote location out of state since early last week. It was a nice and long-overdue break. But I’m back, baby! Like a Phoenix rising from Arizona.

  6. The prevailing theory on the origins of humans in the Americas (pre-Columbus) is that there were successive waves of migration. There’s even a theory that there were immigrants that arrived from the East who made their way down the Eastern Seaboard long before the Vikings briefly showed up. I haven’t read anywhere that anyone is disputing these Native American origin theories. So, these successive waves of pre-Columbus colonization, separated by long spans of time, (some might call these successive invasions where residents were pushed out, maybe slaughtered, certainly absorbed) occurred. So wouldn’t the very first colonizers have to view the new arrivals in the exact same light as the most recent arrivals, the Europeans? Isn’t it discriminatory, even racist, to lump all pre-Columbus immigrants into one big bucket to label “indigenous” or “native?” To be fair you’d need to label all arrivals after the very first as colonizing invaders. Of course that kind of human migration is just the way of the world since the first upright primates walked out of Africa. Here in the America’s, though, we like to segregate everyone into victim/oppressor buckets for some reason.

  7. Once again, MRAK trolls its readers, encouraging them to put their jealousy of government employees on display.

    Time to pile on, folks! There will be a prize for the most disparaging comment, so let’s get this party started!

    • What happens when you are pumping too much air without stopping in a ball, balloon, or tire?

      It pops!

      So will happen to government we keep growing it and its services. America will pop! There goes all you and I own. Destroying this nation does no one any good even for a Leftist-Democrat like you whidbey. Something I think you own more than I do do you lose everything will be harder on you than me.

  8. Happy Columbus Day!

    Now if people want a holiday to celebrate the first guy who migrated to the Americas 21,000 years ago, they can do that. They just need to figure out what his name was and the date he was born. But this date is reserved for Columbus. No replacements allowed!

  9. Y’all know that Columbus wrecked the Native population of the east coast? Brought disease, torture and rape. Not worth celebrating

    Why not recognize the cultural depth and breadth of America’s Natives? Are you stuck with the only thing you learned in elementary school about the era: “In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”?

    • Valley, what do you care? You murder babies and groom children. YOU are the HYPOCRITE. You also continually regurgitate the lies and sewage that pretends to be”history” and “education” in public education but the TRUTH is you’re brainwashed and frankly, stupid.

    • You need to read more about Indigenous Peoples. Not just what books, internet sources, magazines, or newspapers printed for common reading. Go beyond. Whether or not you read more you probably wasting your time since you would read seeking our bad. If you look for the bad only then only the bad you will find.

      • Everybody whom you don’t agree with on here, who boldly comes out with an opinion is quickly bullied and chastised by you sovereign citizens. Tell us once again how your old enough to remember. Beginning to sound like a crutch of the insecure.

    • OK. Shall we then celebrate the notorious depravity of the Huron Indians, whose love and skill in physical torture were legendary? Or maybe the slavery of the Tlingits, Kwakiutl and Bella Coola? Or perhaps the mass human sacrifice, cannibalism and warmongering of the Aztecs? Or should we laud the rigid totalitarianism of the Quechua elite in the Tawantinsuyu (Inca) Empire? Yes, so much indigenousness to celebrate.

  10. If it wasn’t for Columbus, there would be no Indigenous People’s Day. Therefore, Indigenous People should celebrate Columbus Day—-the founder/finder of Indigenous People. of The New World.. No Columbus, no ANILCA,

    • That’s a good worded comment. It just made me think of this without the East coming to Americas. Here we had no knowing about Christ that babe in a manger born across the ocean, the light of the world, the prince of peace, the salvation God’s bestowed grace reconciling himself back to the children of Adam. If it wasn’t Christ coming to Alaska through missionaries a woman in Loretta Outwater-Cox “the storytellers club” true story of her family, the woman character would had died shamed all her life by the villagers who had a superstitious shamed-based inupiat culture without her experiencing the grace and forgiveness of God through the villagers letting go old customs, superstitions, and shaming. The Easterners from Europe they had their sinful issues like the indigenous peoples, but it was through them Christ came into the new world and the great commission was done “ Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

  11. IF (very big if) the Politburo really wanted to acknowledge and honor First Nations people, fine.

    Proclaim a day on the calendar. Issue a proclamation, make a speech, be lenient with people who wanted to take a day off to celebrate.

    But this Politburo isn’t up to anything as straightforward. The real goal here is to continue to slowly subvert and replace the existing order and replace it with things they prefer.

  12. And- if indigenous peoples and leftists weren’t so cantankerous about the sins of others enough to remove their existence. If they were quick to forgive like Christ, then they would hadn’t received such push-back and resistant from other Americans . However shaming others gets the division and reluctance from others because of the hurt the offending person or peoples received. Then the indigenous peoples today are no different than the sins of Columbus.

  13. It’s frustrating to me that the government keeps adding holidays giving thousands of employees another day off with pay from my tax money. I work in the private sector and we have to work to get paid. Government: no so much!

  14. October 9th is officially Lief Erickson Day, and he beat Columbus by half a millennium. And he wasn’t lost or confused about where he was. Plus he stayed a lot longer until the climate changed. Hint: it didn’t get warmer.

  15. Public employment in Alaska is one of the most segregated, racist places of employment there is in Alaska. The State of AK as an employer is the worst and most vanilla by far. This could easily be quantified but the powers that be prefer this so it won’t be improving. Native kids you won’t be retained as career bureaucrats.

  16. Native kids, your parents aren’t likely to be able to save funds for retirement so you will meet their needs for them You will be constantly villified and consigned to lack of opportinity (if any) even if you score competitively on Whidbey’s tests. She considers you permanent tenants in the poverty, lower class tier. And generally all demcrats enforce the poverty tier structures of today. They celebrate such on their day off. That’s why “they” got it.

  17. If everyone wants to be fair, then how come all of these paid holidays only apply to certain classes of workers? The same ones who keep creating more such “holidays “ ? How pissed the holiday class would be if the stores were closed on Thanksgiving or Christmas or any other holiday. The private sector deserves a holiday now and again. To have holidays that only few can enjoy is racist and should be illegal. And these workers should not be forced to work on the days when the government is not on duty to provide all of their services to ensure safety.

  18. Also, the Unions will turn you away. If you marry a native you have to hide them and their heritage from peers in order to live at peace. There you go Whidbey. That should excite your husband and his crones.

  19. Remember manifest destiny? It’s mission is seeing its culmination right here in the lost frontier. Whoop de do.

  20. Columbus Day did not originate as a celebration of Christopher Columbus:

    It’s only 5 minutes. The history behind the institution of Columbus Day is pretty interesting and has more to do with recognizing the common humanity of Italian immigrants. The NY Times role in peddling lies to inflame hatred against a particular group of people goes back quite a ways…

  21. It’s impossible to have sovereign citizens. In our republic documents we the people reserved our sovereignty to ourselves. We never delegated it to our public servants. They sometimes believe in ignorance we have and that they are now sovereign rulers. Not in this republic guaranteed form of government. Status follows the father. We are mankind creation of God with no need to change our status. The US Constitution expressly alludes to the laws of nature given by God, and International Law that predates and continues by express allusion in clear written language that elected servants are temporary workers for we the people and we instruct them and not the other way around. They never ascend a throne of rulership or become agents of foreign crowns health or otherwise. It is a repugnant conflict with the US Constitution and void for effect.

    • Nope. Many on here, (you know who you are) want free stuff. Get insanely jealous when someone gets something they think they deserve, whine when they have to pay taxes, wear seatbelts, follow speed limits etc. They want to govern themselves, but won’t send uncle Sam his money back. Am I getting close masked, jeffy, Jenny, cmon and the rest of you underground trolls?

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