MRAK Poll: 89 percent say climate change not factor in election


A 24-hour Must Read Alaska poll conducted on Facebook this week shows that 11 percent of participants consider climate change an important topic to them as they head to the polls in November.

The poll was not scientific, and the Must Read Alaska audience on Facebook skews conservative. 758 people participated in the poll, and 60 people left comments, most of them revealing they have little use for current climate change politics.

“Money wasted on climate change is an issue, but not climate change itself. I’m old enough to remember when they were trying to scare us with a coming ‘ice age.’ That didn’t really work out so they started trying to scare us with ‘global warming.’ … Now it’s ‘climate change.’ Yes, the climate has been changing and going through cycles for thousands of years…” wrote one respondent.

A poll done by Yale University’s Program on Climate Change Communication earlier this year revealed more detailed and vastly different results:

  • Most registered voters (73%) think global warming is happening, including 95% of liberal Democrats, 88% of moderate/conservative Democrats and 68% of liberal/moderate Republicans, but only 40% of conservative Republicans.
  • A majority of registered voters (59%) think global warming is caused mostly by human activities, including 84% of liberal Democrats, 70% of moderate/conservative Democrats, and 55% of liberal/moderate Republicans (14 percentage points higher than in October 2017), but only 26% of conservative Republicans.
  • A majority of registered voters (63%) are worried about global warming, including 88% of liberal Democrats, 76% of moderate/conservative Democrats, and 58% of liberal/moderate Republicans, but only 30% of conservative Republicans. Worry about global warming has increased among liberal/moderate Republicans by 15 percentage points since May 2017 and by seven points among conservative Republicans since October 2017.

[Read the executive summary of the Yale poll here]


  1. Actually its not that far off from yours. Only 4 in 10 voters think its important on the Yale poll. Also on Carbon tax on corporations if they had phrased it with the carbon tax filtering down to the people “at the pump” and wverywhere else it might have been a different story. IE the cost to fishermen/women to operate their fossil fuel boats passing to the consumer etc.

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