MRAK declares Dave Bronson winner of Anchorage mayoral election


Dave Bronson gained another 9 vote lead on Wednesday to increase his advantage over Forrest Dunbar. Bronson now is 1,221 votes ahead and far past the percentage threshold to trigger an automatic recount.

With an estimated 1,300 votes left to count, and with every incremental result released by the Anchorage Election Office increasing his lead, Bronson will on July 1 become the 39th mayor in Anchorage’s municipal history.

So far, 90,190 ballots have been received, according to Municipal Clerk Barbara Jones, who noted that the runoff set a new voter turnout record.

The Election Office counted just 427 votes on Wednesday in the runoff between Bronson and Dunbar, which ended May 11. Voters had whittled down a list of 15 mayoral candidates in April for the May runoff, which seems to be taking a long time to count.

Dunbar has not yet conceded, but on Friday said on Facebook he was unlikely to catch Bronson.

The current vote totals are:

  • Bronson: 45,639
  • Dunbar: 44,418

From 1981 to 1990, Bronson was an active-duty Air Force pilot and served in the USAF Reserves as a plans officer, and as an Alaska Air National Guard maintenance officer and pilot from 1993 to 2005. He was a commercial pilot from 1990 to 2020, when he retired. He and his wife Debra have been married for 35 years and have raised two children.

Bronson ran on a pro-economy, pro-public safety platform. Although he has not yet declared himself the winner, his campaign website has some mention of the transition process and a placeholder link, not yet live, for people to submit ideas and resumes.


  1. Congratulations mayor Bronson!! I look forward to seeing a positive change. Throughout the past 6 or so years, I’ve watched the town circle the drain and was praying against a total flush. Good wishes as you fight against tyrannical council members.

  2. Agree with your call. I congratulated our new Mayor and First Lady yesterday.

    AP did not follow the election and make the call. MRAK fills the vacuum.

  3. The freaks aren’t gonna give up that easy. They got something up their sleeve. Those empty ballots are just waiting to be filled out.

  4. In carrying out his responsibilities, I would urge that the new Mayor continuously set out the principles upon which his actions are based. The Left hates that because their reasons for acting are rarely based on anything other than advancing their own interests or those of their favored interest groups. State your reasons, Mr. Mayor and force others to state theirs. Then citizens can decide who is serving the public interest. And who is not.

  5. Democrats couldn’t sneak ballots by the watchful eyes of Conservatives this time. The cheaters got beat! And Suzanne,……take a hearty applause. You helped make this happen??.

  6. I am glad that Mr. Bronson won the election, but very, VERY disheartened that 49% of Anchorage voters are such blind, brainwashed and conformist sheep that they would vote for the obvious sociopath and radical leftist Dunbar.

    PS: Why didn’t the Amish suffer from COVID-19 pandemic? Because they don’t own televisions.

  7. Congrats to the new mayor elect Bronson! Now let’s clear out the swamp of all appointees and anyone that serves at the pleasure of the former mayor and non-perm temporary mayor in name only. You are outta here.

  8. Oh … there already filled. Just trying to figure out how to get them in the building (if there not already in there)

    ‘Highest voting turnout ever’
    Believe me, the same number voted as always. But a few voted many times

  9. Anchorage conservatives: please support this guy, but also hold his feet to the fire. We’ve all seen how Dunleavy done left us.

  10. I see no valid reason that the count should take this long as MRAK has pointed out. Perhaps Anchorage needs a more competent clerk/election official.

  11. Someone best have a keen eye on those blank ballots, boxes moving around after hours and ‘drama’ explanations by ballot counters, democrats. No joke.

  12. Mr. Bronson… it was another Mr. Bronson that said:
    “Audiences like to see the bad guys get their comeuppance.”
    If you could somehow craft a Bronson appropriate comeuppance for some of the clowns that have treated their Anchorage Assembly post as their own private circus ring that would be appreciated by at least 51% of voters.
    …and congrats!

  13. I agree with MQ. Even if Bronson is the winner we can’t let the commie Democrats get away with what they tried to pull this election with the empty ballots. Blatant cheating.

    At this point the voter records for their party are a such a mess we should purge all democrat ballot registrations and make them register again, but require in person registration with many forms of ID and notary.

    Maybe have the ballot watchmen team from Bronson take over and oversee the whole operation. Been really impressed with how they stopped the fraud from being successful this time.

  14. I pray this is true but will not exhale yet because the leftists never give up when it comes to relinquishing power and control over a free people.

  15. Two weeks later, Dominion will mysteriously find 10000 Dunbar ballots under a table, and the Democrat Supreme Court will declare Communist Rule

  16. Shoot! I was kinda hoping the Muni-Clerk would be caught on video at 4:00 am receiving ballot dumps.

  17. Does not mean Dunbar will not call for a recount. And, frankly, I would support it if he did.
    When a mysterious fire alarm happens,
    and then city workers in the building long after the count has ended and
    the observers are ejected and
    blank ballots getting stored in the same room as the count and
    the large number of ballots that needed to be “fixed”
    I would call for an audit if I lost.
    This is a far cry from a clean election, and if Dunbar does not call for a recount, or an audit, I can only assume it is because he knows the above items were designed to secure his win, but failed.

  18. Alaskans are sick of polished sound bytes from career politicians who’ll say anything to get elected so they can push their special interest agendas. Dave Bronson is just a regular guy with common sense who wants to roll up his sleeves and do what’s best for Alaska’s Largest City and it’s diverse population! Congratulations to Mayor Elect Dave Bronson and wishing you God Speed and Tail Winds in the years ahead! Anchorage will have a lot to celebrate this Fourth of July!

  19. Looking at what is happening in Oregon right now with businesses requiring proof of vaccination at the doors, I would say this is a BIG win for the city of Anchorage to help combat the fake narrative around Coronavirus. I wish Mayor Bronson the best in moving forward as the city returns to a normal pre-covid lifestyle & economy.

  20. Congratulations, Mayor Dave.
    Why not invite Forrest over for an adult beverage or two, figure out how to make peace, start resurrecting Anchorage from the dead.
    Preflight checklist might look like this:
    commission an outside forensic audit of city finances and management practices, identify funded positions versus filled positions; return “slush funds” to taxpayers;
    terminate executive-branch employees and consultants hired during Berkowitz and Quinn administrations, terminate lobbyist contracts;
    veto upcoming sales-tax ordinances;
    sponsor ordinances to repeal alcohol and fuel taxes, stop collecting them, refuse to enforce plastic-bag ban;
    sponsor ordinance proposing payment-in-lieu-of-taxes for non-profit organizations, including recipients of American Rescue Plan funds;
    restructure building-code permit and building-code enforcement processes to make them less expensive, less adversarial, less vulnerable to habitual, spurious complaints;
    remove municipal code enforcers hired during Berkowitz and Quinn administrations;
    verify at least annually that city voter rolls are accurate and current, generate strategy for limiting effects of fake ballots, postal fraud, nursing-home resident coercion, ballot harvesting, voter impersonation, bribery of voters,
    sponsor an ordinance to elect the Municipal Clerk;
    sponsor ordinance to repeal mail-in voting, remove mail-in vote machinery, restore traditional polling-place balloting;
    sponsor ordinance to withdraw Anchorage from the Alaska Municipal League, withdraw Anchorage’s share of money from the $600M+ Alaska Municipal League Investment Pool, return it to taxpayers;
    issue an executive order divesting Municipality from buying or administering housing for homeless, restore and sell city property occupied by homeless camps;
    sponsor ordinance to rebate property taxes paid for in-school services which Anchorage school-district officials did not provide during the China flu “pandemic”;
    share post-Eaglexit vision for Anchorage, what policies and practices will be changed to persuade other groups not to secede, what will be changed to lessen the risk of another 1980’s-style exodus;
    veto budgets which clearly “rubber stamp” school-district and public-employee union demands;
    veto ordinances which undermine Anchorage Police Department arrest and enforcement processes;
    issue an executive order clarifying that Anchorage is not a sanctuary city for illegal aliens, that Anchorage Police Department will cooperate fully with federal immigration-enforcement actions;
    issue an executive order directing city executives not to attend Assembly meetings conducted in violation of Alaska’s Open Meetings Act (AS 44.62.310-.312);
    issue an executive order directing strict enforcement of private-property rights;
    schedule weekly call-in radio “fireside chats” on the state of the city;
    use Art Chance’s “Red on Blue: Establishing Republican Governance” as the operating manual for city government.
    Good luck, Mayor Dave. No pressure… this’ll be one hell of a test flight.

  21. Yes I Pray it’s True too.
    We have got to get rid, of this mail in voting system
    Go Bronson

  22. Let’s all remember back to election night 2020 when Trump was 420,000 votes ahead in one state, and ballots were coming in about evenly split 55-45%.

    But then overnight, mysteriously, hundreds of thousands of ballots magically appeared supporting Biden over Trump 95-5%.

    Either the laws of math and probability changed, or the left cheated. One of the two. I won’t put it past them to do the same thing again, under our noses. Remain vigilant!

  23. Anchorage, congratulations on most of you thinking about what’s best for your future. Now to finish and replace the socialist anti-American assembly with people who love freedom and prosperity.

  24. Finally, a mayor with class and common sense. Anchorage hasn’t had this is years…….maybe decades.

  25. Second biggest political job in Alaska. Dunleavy and Bronson……………
    Make us proud Alaskans once again.

  26. Congratulations, Dave Bronson. I can’t wait for “house cleaning time” with the different various advisory committees, and get Anchorage back to the what it was several years ago. Can’t wait to enjoy walking down streets once again without being harassed for money.

  27. Let’s all breathe a big sigh of relief! But no denying that Anchorage has been turned purple. Hmmmm. Why? How?

  28. It ain’t over until it’s over. You cannot trust Democrats and they might just have a fast one to pull. We’ll wait and see.

  29. Delaying that D Bronson won gave the substitute mayor and the assembly access to $45 million.

  30. Congratulations Mayor Dave Bronson! Shame you will have to work with people have no respect for the liberties of the people they swore and oath to defend, and will impudently do anything to counter your goals regardless of the benefit. Their TDS hasn’t worn off.

  31. Bronson observers were sent away while Muni Clerk Barbara Jones and several others continued at the elections office, a fire alarm was set off (with no fire) to send everyone out (who wasn’t hiding in there?) as Barbara Jones gleefully made announcements, a mystery woman appears to make a delivery late at night, ballots ostensibly blank were delivered to the same location as the ballot counting, votes were counted from people registered in the lower 48, foreign money was laundered to run Dunbar’s campaign, and other issues – Investigations and voter reform are warranted.

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