Most U.S. residents don’t trust news they consume


The annual Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report on news consumption shows that Finland remains the country with the highest level of trust in news, at 69%, and Greece has the lowest trust at 19%.

About four out of 10 people surveyed worldwide said they trust the news they consume most of the time. In the United States, about 32% said they trust the news most of the time. The latest edition was based on surveys of more than 93,000 people in 46 countries. Overall, trust in news has slid downwards by two percentage points in the past year. 

The share of citizens in all countries surveyed who are “very” or “extremely” interested in news and consume it regularly fell from 51 percent in 2022 to 48 percent in 2023, a possible sign of news fatigue.

According to the report, with the abundance of news outlets now available, “it is not surprising that news consumers are increasingly feeling overwhelmed and confused, and many are turning away temporarily or permanently. Selective news avoidance and news fatigue have been exacerbated by the challenging times we live in.”

The study shows that social networks that lean on on videos such as TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube are becoming increasingly important for news.

Statista notes “it is clear that most consumers are not looking for more news, but for the news that seems most relevant to them and helps them make sense of the complex issues we face. The new technological disruption of artificial intelligence is just around the corner, threatening to unleash a new wave of personalized, but potentially unreliable, content.”

The data is based on citizens’ perceptions of the trustworthiness of media or news brands. The scores are aggregates of subjective opinions that change over time and can be influenced by “political and social factors as with the news itself.” Statista writes.

The chart above shows the share of respondents agreeing “you can trust news most of the time” in selected countries.


  1. Detest the content in our Ketchikan Daily News, as the majority content (Day old) comes from the Washington Post, a paper never to be believed. No news, all political slanted opinion. Told the editor at a point that the only reason I subscribed was I have a wood stove (starter) and a pet parrot (Cage floor). This last subscription I advised the editor that I had converted to heat pumps and the parrot had dies. (Interpretation-‘subscription is running out’
    Sites such as MRAK and on line serve to provide current news.
    (Dumped my TV three years ago and haven’t missed a moment of need)

  2. I don’t trust any main stream media as they all do not present the news they present their views and anybody who doesn’t agree with them is a nazi.
    I really don’t like the daily rag called ADN.

  3. Because Fake News is Fake News. We live in a world of make believe where the machinations of life are being manipulated by a criminal cabal. America is currently under assault by this cabal. They want us destroyed as a world power. The CIA is a big part of this. They are experts at dividing our citizens against each other through family and community destroying ideologies like LGBTQ and attacks on Godly values that build up our children. They are trying to destroy the next generation. The CIA is controlled by the British Empire and was created to control and manipulate the USA. Starting wars and replacing world leaders to place their puppets in places of power is their specialty. It’s about control. That is why they are using every tool at their disposal to attack President Trump. He is a threat to their power and control. America is waking up, but I doubt they know the full extent of what we are facing as a nation this year. The worst of the darkness is yet to come before we get to the light. Alaska has its own problems with political corruption. The GOP leadership here has its moles that serve their dark masters instead of the people. Sullivan makes excuses and blames the opposition while agreeing to spend us into oblivion. Murkowski lies to our faces and sides with Democrats in their policies of destruction. Peltola is a plant that just does what she is told to do by her master’s on the left. Highly recommend calling your GOP leadership and advocating for Trump endorsed Jerry Ward as the head of the Republican Party in Alaska. We need to get rid of the RINOS and elect people that will get rid of the voter fraud machine here. Alaskans need honest representatives that will actually represent them, not play lip service. To God the father and Jesus the son be all glory and honor forever and ever, Amen. A very well written example of the intelligence community corruption below.


      • I guess I missed the “Bronze Age Jewish mythology” part. Are you just another one of blame the Jews for everything folk?

        • Don’t think so. He falls into the insecure “blames religion for everything” category.

          I’d be curious to see if he ever says this sort of thing to Muslims.
          Tend to doubt it, since there would be unpleasant consequences.

          • Islam falls into the same category of mythology Mask. Thanks for asking. The only difference these days is that it’s most toxic form that religion currently takes.

        • No, I’m one of the “don’t use mythology to justify a position on anything happening in the actual material world” folk.

          • So you just thought you’d conveniently use the Jews as your scapegoat while the comment you are deriding specifically mentions Jesus…

      • I’m regularly amused by pseudo intellectuals who attack faith with insults.

        Speaks volumes of personal insecurity and intellectual vapidness.

        They are the opposite side of the coin to those who refuse to think and use God as a default for everything from bad breath to impotence.

        It’s sad, but it is what it is.

        • Calling religion mythology isn’t an insult, it’s a simply an accurate descriptor. Don’t be so sensitive.

          • Cman
            Maybe more schooling might help you so you don’t continue to embarrass yourself continuously on this website.
            You are entertainment, but not fun to watch

  4. Our local paper just provided a great sample of why people don’t trust conventional media. Last week our local legacy paper, the Anchorage Daily News (ADN) broke the story about the Dimond high school teacher Fletch Fletcher with the following headline:

    “Anchorage teacher put on administrative leave after post by prominent right wing social media account.

    The ADN was very late to the party in reporting the issue. Who knows if they would have even bothered to report on it if not first raised by MRA. Further, the headline implies that the school board’s problem is the social media attention. A more informative headline would have been something like:

    Anchorage teacher put on leave pending investigation of credible allegations of inappropriate in-class sexual arousal and participation in online pornography production.

    MRA, social media, and diligent parents are not the problem. The problem is the Anchorage School District administration and the leadership of the Anchorage school board.

  5. Only the most ignorant and gullible of idiots puts ANY trust in the pure pro-establishment propaganda of the legacy US corporate media, which now far exceeds the old Soviet “Pravda” and “Izvestia” for sheer denial of reality and insults to the intelligence of the reader/viewer.

  6. The first casualty in war is truth. The left killed truth in the culture wars decades ago.

    The alleged right stood and watched.

  7. It might be the fact that most of the “news” isn’t news but propaganda.

    When the leftists media is busy saying that former DOJ Special Counsel Robert Hur claimed President Biden couldn’t remember the date of his sons death, when his report in fact never said that, it said “He did not remember, even within several years, when his son Beau died,” and the transcripts from the interviews prove that President Biden did not know what year his son died…or possibly even what year it is.

  8. The sad, and scary, part is that there are many who watch/read mainstream media and believe everything they view no questions asked. Bring up a topic that’s not in the current media reporting cycle and they look at you like you’re from a different planet.

  9. I completely trust that the profession formerly known as journalism is partisan.

    -Hard Left advocacy: MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NYT, WaPo, AK Beacon, AK Current and
    ADN (wafts between hard Left and Left of center)
    -Left of center: Politico, Bloomberg, FT and WSJ (news side) & AK Landmine
    -Center: Can’t think of any except Craig Medred
    Right of center: WSJ (editorial side)
    Hard right advocacy: Fox, Breitbart & MRA (obviously)

    • erak, I think you are mistaken here.

      The fundamental political dividing line in the USA today is NOT between “the left” and “the right”, but between those who are PRO-establishment and those who are ANTI-establishment. And ALL of the corporate regime media outlets are, almost by definition, and certainly in fact, rabidly pro-establishment.

      Trump is in many ways an anti-establishment political figure. And THAT is precisely why the political establishment hates him so much, and foams at the mouth at the mere mention of his name: because he is not one of them, and dared to crash their cozy little oligarchic party.

      • Thanks for the feedback but I don’t think I said anything particulary contrary to your position, because I think I believe the same. You are absolutely correct, Trump is anti-establishment. Especially foreign policy. Let’s face it, the most bi-partisan faction in DC is the military-industial complex, which is comprised of both Democrats and Republicans. They are convened to spill our blood and deplete our treasury. Trump didn’t get us into new wars and Putin did not invade any countries under his watch, unlike during the Bush, Obama and Biden administrations. Consequently, the MIT doesn’t like Trump. He is certainly anti-establishment on foreign policy.

        As for domestic policy, the Democrats are the party of government. They spend money to hire Democrats, who will vote for Democrats, so they can hire more Democrats who will vote for Democrats. Similar theory on the border. Biden is letting in millions of illegals because in a generation or so it is thought that Democrats will get to harvest more votes and have an insurmountable majority. Biden’s action on the boarder is treasonous. Anyway, nothing Democrats control improves the lives of recipients, because the point is to hire more Democrats. Best example of that is Johnson’s Great Society. Now we have more female Black college graduates, but males have suffered as measured by incararation, homicides, unemployment (except under Trump), teen pregnancies, 2-parent households, etc. If tomorrow we could eliminate all of those problems, guaranteed the DNC would fight to the death to stop it. Keep the faith, Jefferson!

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