More votes counted in Anchorage election but results unchanged


Approximately 41,020 votes have now been counted by the Anchorage Election Office following Tuesday’s municipal election. The numbers as of 6:20 pm Thursday have changed slightly from the first count on election night, but the winners have not changed. With 41,020 of 235,546 (17.4% of electorate) ballots counted so far, the results are: 

North Anchorage – Assembly District 1, Seat B

  • Chris Constant 64.92%
  • John Trueblood 23.22%
  • Nick Danger 11.86%

Assembly District 2, Seat C

  • Jim Arlington 42.87%
  • Scott Myers 57.13%

Assembly District 3 Seat E

  • Dustin Darden 4.10%
  • Anna Brawley 58.14%
  • Brian Flynn 37.76%

Assembly District 4 Seat G

  • Travis Szanto 43.91%
  • Felix Rivera 56.09%

Assembly District 5 Seat H

  • Leigh Sloan 40.25%
  • Karen Bronga 59.75%

Assembly District 5 Seat I

  • George Martinez 56.28%
  • Spencer Moore 43.72%

Assembly District 6 Seat K

  • Rachel Ries 44.03%
  • Mikel Insalco 3.54%
  • Zac Johnson 52.43%

School Board Seat C

  • Dave Donley 57.20%
  • Irene Boll 42.80%

School Board Seat D

  • Mark Anthony Cox 44.92%
  • Andy Holleman 55.08%


  1. Seriously? 2 days post election and they don’t even have a 1/4 of the ballots counted yet?

  2. Long story short, Anchorage is pro teaching sodomy to children and pro sodomy on the city council.

    Stop doing business and refuse to sell property to anyone from Anchorage.

    …oh wait, we’re legally required to accept people from Anchorage moving all over the state and voting for more sodomy.

  3. And the commies just keep on winning! Thanks to hacked voting machines and mail in voting, the installed dictators will continue to conduct themselves as the ruling class over the people. Dark days indeed! Until Alaskans wake up and demand election integrity, we will continue a downward spiral into oblivion. I don’t relish being the next California, where communists have turned a once beautiful state into a cesspool. Oregon and Washington are close to being in the same category as California. Hopefully, the people will wake up to the fact that we are in a war for freedom, those in power are stripping away your Constitutionally guaranteed rights as an American. They are out in the open now, showing themselves for who they really are. They want power and control over your life and do not care what you think about it. Understand who is standing by their oath to support and defend the Constitution and who is playing lip service. Look at their actions and recognize their deceptions. Defend your family and protect your children. This is going to get worse, and you will see things happen you never thought possible in this great nation. Pray unceasingly because the days are dark. Ask for God’s forgiveness and his presence in this fight. We can win this if we stick together and remain united. They are doing everything to divide us, using every class warfare tactic they can throw at us to keep us separated. Don’t let them! Be strong and stay the course.

  4. Looks like a good ol’ fashioned curb stomping to me. Maybe it’s time to give it up, Suzanne, your blogging is obviously not very effective. This is clearly a mandate from the citizens of this community that your toxic and extremist views are not welcomed here.

    • Yes, “Taxpayer”, with the opaque and intermediated mail-in voting system, it is indeed very possible, and assumed, that those supervising the (s)election will always be the winners.
      Now, go enjoy your servitude and oppression.
      Freedom, who needs it, right?

      • Sure, “Jefferson”, whatever you say, little buddy. Being an anonymous keyboard warrior suits you well my friend. Here you go, have some ? ? ? to go with your whine.

    • Good morning Taxpayer, you anonymous keyboard warrior. (Somehow I find it difficult to believe your mom named you taxpayer, at least there is a chance Jefferson is his real name.)
      One thing I find curious, is that MRAK seems to get a lot more comments supporting Suzanne’s articles, than the ADN did, even when it was a well read/distributed paper. It kind of disagrees with your assessment.
      I also find it very telling that instead of engaging and debating, you are calling for dismissal of others views at best, and censorship at worst. Very tolerant and liberal of you.

    • Would appear you are the keyboard tough guy. I highly doubt you actually own property and pay the extortion many of us here do. I have a feeling you are a renter who feels you are entitled to complain because your landlord incorporates his/her property tax into your rent. Taxes go up your rent goes up.

  5. Sigh. Another Muni election. Another round of losses followed by identical responses. Perhaps it is time to change our game.

    Certification of the final count won’t be until the 3rd week of April (2022 was 4/26), so we don’t have final numbers for a few weeks. But we do know a few things. One of those is that in previous Muni mail in elections, return rate on the ballots was near 30%. We also know that it is possible for every single one of us to find out if our ballot made it to the Clerk’s office and was counted. What I don’t know is if there is a daily product from the Clerk’s office that lets anyone know who’s ballots have been voted and returned. It is that product upon which mail-in ballot elections turn, as they allow campaigns and other groups (NGOs / unions / etc) to bird dog their voters to get those ballots voted and returned.

    Mail-in ballot elections are different. Campaign ads don’t matter. For the most part, neither do candidates. The Most. Important. Thing. is getting ballots in to be counted. Everything else is little more than random noise.

    Campaign resources MUST focus on identifying who hasn’t voted and getting their ballots in. 5,000 additional votes Muni-wide will win School Board seats. 2,000 additional votes in each Assembly District will do the same thing.

    I despise mail-in elections as much as anyone posting on this site. Sadly, it is the current game. So rather than belly-aching about it, maybe we get into the business of giving the left what they want, and giving it to them good and hard. Cheers –

  6. I see absolutely no valid reason why counting should take this long. Alaskan’s need to stop allowing them to give the excuse “well it takes awhile to count votes ‘accurately’ from remote places.”

    Suzanne, I’d love to see a comparison of how long it takes to count votes in different places in the US. It definitely doesn’t need to take this long to be accurate. I know if someone has a scheme to lean on the scale, conservative or liberal, taking a long time to count makes it much easier to “find” more ballots as needed.

      • Seems like you already know that other areas count much faster and you are making excuses. But why? Relax Maureen. It feels good to be honest with one’s self and to be objective. It truly does lift a weight off. I’ve done it many times and still less than I should. I should do it more. It feels good. You should too.

        • Justin are you so combative you can’t see I agreed with you and added the over seas votes because that is a sticking point with so many Alaskans who have termed assignments over seas and sometimes during elections.

          If there is a way to shorten election count timing-let’s find it and make sure it works here.

          • Given your track record of being disagreeable, I assumed your implication was that we can’t count faster because we have “overseas votes”, unlike other areas. But I’m glad to see we are on a similar page. Sincerely, I am and I’m sorry for the misunderstanding and coming at you hard.

            The solutions are obvious. Overseas votes are a small percentage of the ballots and in most areas they can call the election before those are counted because the margins are too great, typically, for that small percentage to change the results.

            My mom volunteered as a poll worker in another state and absentee ballots had an earlier deadline and they were counted as they came in so that when people came in to vote in-person they could make sure the person didn’t already vote. Then all of the ballots were counted immediately as they came in on election day and the tallies weren’t reported publicly until election day. It was a rural state too and small towns just reported their results to the counties. Banker boxes weren’t shipped around or anything. And if somebody lived miles away from the nearest polls, they didn’t complain because that’s just part of the many hardships of living in a remote place. If they thought it was important to vote, being 5 minutes away or an hour away didn’t change how important it was to them to vote. And people that care like that care enough to make an informed vote. It isn’t about the amount of voters, its about the amount of informed voters that are paying attention and care. Do we want school board members that only show up to sessions if it is convenient and easy for them?

            And I think the experience of voting is important. It should feel formal and official and serious and an experience that is cherished and not taken for granted. Mailing an envelope whenever you get around to it has a completely different vibe and it diminishes all of that.

      • Most other countries have no problem counting the ballots on election day. They do this by
        1. In person voting only
        2. Requirement to show a photo ID
        3. Actually counting the ballots as they come in.

  7. How can it be plausible that most Anchorage residents actually voted for and actually want
    ” SIGNIFICANTLY” higher taxes & mortgage payments by voting in-favor of EVERY single proposition on the ballot ???

    This is not passing the smell test any longer. A manual recount of the “MAIL IN” ballots is now very necessary at this point & time in Anchorage Alaska, and into the future. People will not be able to afford living here much longer with the clear & apparent election issues in progress. That is not debatable.

    And too many people now believe that with this “MAIL-IN ” voting sham -deception, they are simply wasting their time…and decide not to vote! This is disturbing and a real problem, creating an enormous ” crisis of confidence and trust” in voting now.

    Time to determine the “MANUAL” re-count cost and the manual re-count process. “Manual” recount, NOT an electronic recount….which defeats the purpose.
    *** I’ll lay money down that the voter outcomes with MANUAL re-count will be ENTIRELY DIFFERENT. No question at all.

    There certainly needs to be some serious discussion on this continued, significant issue.

  8. Now that Bronson-backed candidates have lost 95% of the last couple elections, maybe the MRAK and Save Anchorage people should take a step back and recognize that they are just a weak minority that scream louder than every other group.

    • Now that Anchorage continues its death spiral into Portland-style insanity and dysfunction, maybe the Anchorage voters who have enabled the city’s descent into squalor and penury should take a step back and recognize that THEY are responsible for that development, and alter their voting habits and their support for self-serving and pro-nihilism politicians.

  9. Anchorage: Isn’t that where the City/Borough of Juneau sent its mail-in municipal ballots to be counted?

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