Moira Smith launches Supreme attack


screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-3-34-30-pmMoira Smith, who was Alaska’s Southeast coordinator for Fran Ulmer’s campaign for governor in 2002, is in the news, accusing U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of groping her in 1999, when she was 23.

She is now 41 and works for Enstar Natural Gas as an attorney.

Smith is married to Jake Metcalfe, who briefly ran against Rep. Don Young in 2008 but was shamed into dropping out of the race when one of his campaign workers established fake websites attacking Ethan Berkowitz, one of his Democratic competitors who went on to lose against Young. That matter went to court, and Metcalfe lost.

Although simply referred to in the media as a citizen who donates to Democrats, Smith is much more than that. She was National Committeewoman for the Young Democrats of Alaska and has been a Democrat activist for two decades.

Her first husband worked for the Obama White House until this year. Paul Bodnar served as President Obama’s senior director for Energy and Climate Change at the National Security Council. He also was the director for climate finance and counselor to the special envoy for climate change. They divorced in 2006, according to Alaska court records, and she married into the old Juneau Metcalfe family in 2007.

The Metcalfe empire is purely Democrats, and includes Kim Metcalfe, National Committeewoman for the Alaska Democratic Party, and Peter Metcalfe, who has a contract with Gov. Bill Walker.

Smith’s husband is also the former chair of the Alaska Democratic Party  and served on the Anchorage School Board. He now runs a union as the executive director of the Public Safety Employees’ Association Local 803.

Moira Smith’s LinkedIn and Twitter accounts have been disabled.