Minneapolis Muslims can now opt their kids out of LGBTQ lessons at school


The same legal group that represents Alaska Airlines fight attendants who maintained they were discriminated against due to their Christian beliefs has successfully fought a case for six Muslim families in Minneapolis, who didn’t want their children taught LGBTQ and other sexual materials in school.

The St. Louis Park Public School District in suburban Minneapolis will allow the families to opt their children out of sexually based materials being taught in English classes.

First Liberty has represented the families since last year, along with Renee Carlson, a volunteer attorney at True North Legal.

“Our clients are devout Muslim families who immigrated from war-torn Somalia. Religious freedom and educational opportunities are among the most significant reasons why they came to the United States,” said First Liberty.

“Just like you, and countless families across the country, these parents believe they have an obligation to raise their children consistent with their faith. All they asked for was prior notice and the ability to opt out from books that discuss sexual orientation or gender identity. But the district denied their requests,” the attorneys wrote. They opened the case in December with two letters to school district officials.

“We explained that their denials violated state law and the First Amendment,” the group said.

“Diversity and inclusion must extend to religious families, too,” said First Liberty attorney Kayla Toney. “This is why the First Amendment specifically protects religious exercise.”

Due to the legal challenge, the school district put in place a process by which any family can request opt-outs and alternative learning.

“And it’s not just for elementary school students. The middle school and high school are granting opt-out requests as well,” the group said.

In January, First Liberty Institute filed a motion for summary judgment on behalf of two flight attendants who sued Alaska Airlines and the Association of Flight Attendants union in 2022 after the airline terminated them because they asked questions in a company forum about the company’s support for the “Equality Act.” The union wouldn’t defend them.

Alaska Airlines VP of Inflight testified that an employee’s use of the term “opposite sex” violates the Airlines’ discrimination policy because that implies that there are only two sexes.

“Alaska Airlines has made it clear that employees who hold traditional Christian beliefs must stay silent if they want to keep their jobs,” said Stephanie Taub, Senior Counsel for First Liberty Institute. “Now, we clearly see that Alaska Airlines’ obsessive focus on DEI created a hostile work environment for anyone who dares disagree with the company about moral issues.”


  1. I do not give a crap what a person’s religion is. A parent has a moral right and obligation to choose what their children are being brainwashed into believing!!! ALL PARENTS! ALL😡

    • Please do not capitalize muslim.
      That political system disguised as a religion is not worthy of even that level of respect.

  2. But don’t the teachers and administrators know best what to teach our kids? Because they believe that, it will eventually become law as to who knows best for the kids. That is policy, currently ASD has decided some things should not be told to parents. Eventually it will become none of the parent’s business what they will teach the students.

  3. Parents can think they opted their child out of social-controversial topics. Their child will still be taught either seeing it in the halls and through peer influence.
    Peer influence is stronger than teachers. They’ll have Muslim girls taking their head scarves off after 18 and young men and young women walking away from their parents Muslim faith attending a public school. Just take the child out of school instead of looking foolish fighting school districts. If you want to really fight with the school districts, then let districts budgets do it for you by astronomical high numbers of removing kids from school. You know what school employees leaning left say, “ they say go ahead take your kids out ! We don’t need them’ oh how I wish a thousands more parents will take those leftists school teachers abc staff up on the suggestion. Hahaha

  4. If it does not apply equally to every parent of every religion, it must be struck down.
    If Jews and Christians must allow their kids to endure lessons that go against their religious beliefs, so should muslims.

  5. Im sure it’s a shock to the left how conservative the Muslims are.. you don’t see gay and trans ads on media in the Middle East nor south or Central America. The doing of such in Middle East would result in your head being removed. This country of ours has completely lost its mind. We have had it to easy for too long the chickens will come home to roost shortly and we will find out how left wing people actually are.?

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