Miller endorses Endle for MatSu Borough Assembly

Brian Endle and Gov. Michael Dunleavy

Ryan Miller has withdrawn as a candidate for MatSu Borough Assembly Seat 1 and has endorsed Brian Endle, who just last week announced he had also gained Gov. Michael Dunleavy’s endorsement.

Endle has been working his campaign tirelessly; he has knocked on 1,800 doors in the district in 90 days, according to sources in the borough.

“I’ve never seen anybody work this hard,” said Ron Johnson, Region 2 officer for the Alaska Republican Party.

Endle’s opponent, Tim Hale, has outraised Endle, with robust financial support of Democrats such as former Democratic Party National Committeewoman Sheila Selkregg, former Democratic candidate Dimitri Shein, Secretary of the Alaska Democratic Party Carolyn Covington, former State Senator Berta Gardner, current Democratic Party Chairwoman Casey Steinau, Anchorage Assemblyman Christopher Constant, and the list of Democrats goes on.

He was hosted at a Big Labor/Democrat fundraiser in Anchorage last week, which featured AFL-CIO president Vince Beltrami:

Early voting started Oct. 21 and the final day of voting is Nov. 5, when in-person voting can also be done.

Must Read Alaska has learned that Valley Republicans will have an “Election Central” party on Nov. 5 as polls come to a close. Watch this space for details.

More information on when and where to vote here.


  1. Hey Folks, this is Tim Hale candidate for the Mat-Su Assembly. I want to set the record straight, I have not been endorsed by any political party nor would I accept any endorsement. My website is public and anyone can donate and I have received over 200 small dollar donations from mostly Alaskans unaffiliated with any party as well as a number of Republicans and Libertarians. I have never belonged to a political party and never will. I support the Second Amendment and concealed carry on a daily basis, I oppose new taxes in our Borough, have supported a full PFD and putting it in the Constitution along with a state spending cap longer than most legislators in the Valley and longer than any candidate in this race. property rights and I want to give the people a stronger voice in local government. I have laid out a concrete plan of what I will do if elected (unlike Mr. Endle), including an Online Checkbook so we can see exactly where our tax dollars are being spent and can hold our Assembly’s feet to the fire for responsible spending. I will work to allow telephonic testimony to Assembly and Committee meetings so everyone in our district the size of West Virginia can call in to give their 2 cents and an Citizen’s Advisory Committee on the budget, where members of our community can work on the budget year round, bringing in experts and hearing testimony to find out what we are doing well, what we are doing poorly and where we are wasting our money. On top of that, solving everyday problems such as potholes, ensuring roads are plowed on time and being an advocate for every resident of our community, regardless of whether or not they support me.

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to give me a call at 907-590-8243 before or after the election. If you are sick of career politicians, partisan dysfunction, and want a voice in local government vote Tim Hale for Borough Assembly!

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