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Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Media watch: Reporters, bloggers, Democrats curb-stomp Republicans for no masks and having fun

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The mainstream media is on a mission to find fault with those who don’t wear masks everywhere.

No sooner had Sen. Peter Micciche posted a photograph of a group of Republicans having a dinner and auction in Homer in a large banquet room, than the knives came out by reporters. Republicans were on the menu.

James Brooks, reporter for the Anchorage Daily News, saw the photo and got busy texting and calling Rep, Sarah Vance, Sen. Micciche, and even Commissioner Kelly Tshibaka, to ask why Republicans defy official recommendations and have political events. Tshibaka was the master of ceremonies, and she and Micciche had just finished auctioning off some items when the photo was taken, a point left out by the reporter.

The trouble with the mainstream media narrative is that the photo was of a group of people (Republicans) who had just had a dinner, as they would in any restaurant. Tables were spread throughout the room, with just five seats to a table that would normally seat 10. Besides, dining out at a restaurant is still legal in Alaska and certainly on the Kenai Peninsula, where the cases of COVID-19 are relatively low.

Two in the photo — Sen. Dan Sullivan, and Nikki Tshibaka, the husband of Kelly Tshibaka, can clearly be seen holding their masks to one side for the photo. Others also held their masks to the side, but their hands were obscured by others in the photo.

Brooks and leftstream bloggers were quick to criticize Sullivan, who arrived in a mask and wore it during most of the event, except for when photos were taken and when he delivered his remarks.

The Brooks story also highlighted other offending Republican events.

Earlier in the week, a big event at a large hanger near Lake Hood attracted over 100 participants to raise money for Republican candidates.

Reporter Brooks attended that event and was one of several who wore masks, although most at the event were maskless.

The Homer photo, taken at the Lands End banquet room, also got the notice of liberal blogger Matt Buxton. He gets his paycheck from Democratic political consultant Jim Lottsfeldt. Buxton tsk-tsked Sen. Dan Sullivan for not having a mask at the event. The blogger evidently chose not to notice that Sullivan was holding his mask in his hand for the photo.

Buxton’s social media post was reposted by public broadasting reporter Nat Herz, who was apparently shocked:

The Mudflats blog was not to be outdone by mean-stream blogger Buxton. Jeanne Devon, who runs psy-ops for the Alaska Democratic Party, blended science and voodoo into her karmic wishes for Republicans:

Liz Ruskin, also a public broadcaster, added her passive-aggressive remarks, insulting the intelligence of Republicans by wondering if they were not aware the president had contracted the China virus:

This is how mainstream media narratives are formed, by left-wing writers and broadcasters talking to each other on Twitter and solidifying the assault.

Also in Homer on Saturday, the Soldotna Stars overpowered the Homer Mariners in high school football action. No reporters or bloggers seemed to notice that high school sporting events were mask-free and continuing on the peninsula.

KSRM photo

But such is the job of the mainstream media — to keep conservatives looking over their shoulder for the thought police, the mask police, and the producing inkwell of the communications arm of the Democratic Party, which is the mainstream media itself.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Well we did miss a golden opportunity to wear our TRUMP face shields! Which every one of us had because they were in our goody bag provided by the Republican Women of the Kenai. There would have been sniping about that too. Sigh.

  • Unless the football team plays in the Arena League, I see a huge difference.

    Our state can’t afford for all of those officials to be sick. They may not like it, but need to think about that. I don’t like mask shaming btw, but public officials need to understand and respect their role better than they usually do.

    • Do us all a favor and stay in your safe place

  • Masks are useless and stupid, just like Democrats.

    • Well said.

  • To Liz Ruskin and all public broadcast employees in the future:
    Congratulations! I will never again contribute to Public Broadcasting. I haven’t in a while, but this cemented that decision. While I applaud Liz’s honesty, she has shown herself to be as biased as the rest of public broadcasting. And since PBS and NPR have shown no change to their ever more socialist bent, you can try to go forward without my money. Ever.

    • Why in the hell would anyone voluntarily fund the enemy to begin with?

      • Enemies!? Really, we can disagree and try to convince, but I would certainly share a beer/coffee with you in an outdoor setting and talk about how we come to our viewpoints. Maybe talk about our kids, hobbies and why we love Alaska. More in common than not.

      • Some people out there know that I hosted FNSB Assembly meetings as an on-air volunteer at KUAC for two-and-a-half years. Therefore, I’m not as hostile towards public broadcasting as you are. Programs such as All Songs Considered and World Cafe (and a personal favorite, Afropop Worldwide) keep me listening to the radio and away from having to hear “Smoke In My Bong Water” for the thirty-eight-millionth time. Several months ago, I was in an environment where I was subjected daily to KGOT. The lack of playlist diversity and constant repetition amounts to straight-up conditioning.

  • People with beards wearing masks, other people mask down under the nose, Mask not fitted proper around the nose. No study it helps at all. The “you don”t have a mask on” comment from an idiot on the bike trail. Enough already…My Body My Choice…Wearing a cloth mask to stop this virus is like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence. It’s a math thing. If Your old ,Your compromised immune system then by all means get a N95 mask and wear it. Oh you cant find one, the Chinese bought all the N95 stuff around the world right before they started this China Pandemic. Enough Already……..

    • I can agree with some of your points, but here in Alaska real men grow beards that can filter this virus if it tries to get around their mask, even some of the women do too!

  • I would love to attend a Trump rally in Anchorage to show my support! I’m having trouble finding when the next one is?

  • This obsession with who has a mask & who does not is exactly how you politicize wearing a mask.

  • Just read an analysis of the lockdowns, whether they were effective at all.

    Turns out, there is not statistical difference between the areas that had a massive lockdown, versus those that had a more limited approach. North Dakota saw about the same rates of positive cases as any other state, despite the fact they imposed no job killing lockdowns. Pop on over to National Review, look for this article: “Stats Hold a Surprise: Lockdowns May Have Had Little Effect on COVID-19 Spread”

    So, go ahead, live your life without a mask, and see your friends.

  • Nancy Pelosi didn’t feel a mask was necessary when she went to the salon that was closed to the public. Dr. Fauci didn’t think they were important when he was laughing it up at a baseball game (said he was dehydrated, yet, no water bottle in sight). We are being played here. Its strange how such a large portion of our population are so deathly afraid of the virus, they genuinely think they’re going to die unless cloth is draped around their face. I was glad when Trump tested positive, I knew he would recover in a matter of a few days, which he has. Maybe this will cause a few to question.

    • Nor does Diane Feinstein as she wanders through a public airport.

  • The way I see it, if you want to wear a mask then wear one and if you don’t, don’t. Last time I checked, this is still the USA and a free country. So with that said, it’s pretty apparent who likes the freedom this country gives to it’s citizens and who doesn’t and wants to change it.

  • This is America, the land of the free. Each of us should have the right to choose whether or not to wear a mask. No need for government orders or shaming. And each of us should have the right to choose whether or not to terminate a pregnancy. No need for government orders or shaming. The bottom line is that government should leave us alone unless the right wingers decide otherwise The anti-mask and pro-life movement will make America great again. Re-elect Don Rickles.

  • The fearmask phobia should take its place in history as one of the biggest American hoaxes ever.
    American society can’t live in perpetual fear and still be a society.
    Government enforced agoraphobia doesn’t work because human beings, Americans, aren’t wired to live that way.
    Americans are regularly lied to, arrested, assaulted, propangadized, bankrupted, panicked, ostracized, stripped of civil rights, deliberately killed… to keep them safe from what exactly?
    So-called leaders exploit this “crisis” to kill life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and we Americans fearfully “hunker down” and let them because we can’t bear the thought of being separated from our comforts which could happen if we resisted our so-called leaders?
    What have we allowed ourselves to become when Americans have to learn from Swedes what it’s like to live in a free society?
    The China flu “crisis” or follow-on variations won’t go away on its own. Representatives turned rulers who find it so effective for imposing unconstitutional societal controls can’t be expected to give up their new-found authority just because Somebody Important said the very last China flu virus got killed.
    No, China flu is the Afghan war of public health. Elected and unelected American dictators don’t want “victory”. Nobody knows what “victory looks like, and anyway this thing’s a gold mine of money and power and no dictator in his right mind’s gonna give that up.
    Remember, Americans, there’s no pandemic exception to our Constitution.
    So GOP’s Homer gathering seems like a great start toward curb-stomping their dictators into defeat, by actually having fun publicly, without fearmasks.
    Bravo for them, may the rest of us follow their example.

  • I recently came back from Anchorage, the only places where I had to wear or decided to wear a mask was at the stores, anywhere else I choose not to wear one. I didn’t contract COVID. In my opinion, I don’t think wearing a mask works at all.

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