Mayor Bronson vetoes unconstitutional ordinance passed by Assembly this week


Mayor Dave Bronson vetoed an ordinance passed by the leftist members of the Anchorage Assembly that infringes upon the public’s right to free speech, and also suppresses the public’s right to carry a firearm.

Anchorage Ordinance 2020-117 is the leftist Assembly’s way of trying to control public dissent in its meetings. In the past year of conservative activism, some members of the public have used their three minutes at the Assembly podium to conduct a silent protest during public testimony. The ordinance says that they may protest in silence all they like, but the next speaker will be heard during that silent protest. They don’t get to burn up the clock with their silence.

The mayor cited the Bill of Rights and said that the freedom to not speak or provide expression through a non-verbal means was protected. “The ordinance infringes upon a speaker’s ability to choose his or her own method of self-expression,” he wrote, defending the First Amendment.

Bronson also said that giving the chair of the Assembly the authority to prohibit the public from bringing their knives or guns into the Assembly chamber is an overreach of the Assembly’s authority. That authority is reserved to the State of Alaska, and is also protected by the U.S. Constitution, he said.

He also said that the Assembly was taking power from the Executive branch by grabbing for itself the contact with the private security company that keeps watch over Assembly meetings. That contract is with the Mayor’s Office, and “any attempt by the Assembly to exercise control over the contractor is inappropriate. Therefore, I must veto the ordinance,” Bronson said.

The Assembly will likely override the mayor’s veto, since there are only two conservative members out of the 11, and since the leftist nine have opposed the conservative mayor consistently since he took office.


  1. Point one: Any individual may express their opinion within any manner during their given three minutes, spoken or not.

    Point two: Legal items, whether considered weapons or not, should not be banned from any individual that peacefully holds said same, whether Assembly members fear said item because of their distinction, or not.

    Afterall, there are weapons beyond those designated as such by the Assembly of Snowflakes, and should the public finally tire enough of the leftist nine, do they honestly believe that their described weapons ban would save them?

  2. The feckless mayor wasting more time picking hopeless battles with the council he inevitably loses or installing anti-free speech theocratic nannies to the library leadership rather than focusing on reducing government and lowering our taxes. If this is the best our locals conservatives can muster the socialists will have their boots on our children’s faces before long

    • He is trying but the leftist group calling themselves assembly members Are doing their best to stop him and everything he is doing. Bark about them because that’s where the problems are.

      • I would wear a shirt with a big picture of the US flag on it, or have the flag around my shoulders like a cape.
        I’m thinking these falsely voted in assembly members are not for America; they definitely are not for the best interest of Alaska! And why do they think they can go against our 1st amendment?! Why do they not get booted out for doing so?!
        There are people in higher places who are paying them well to follow the agenda. I’m thinking tho, that when those in high places, who have control over most of the assembly members have accomplished what they want, these assembly members and others who are under their control, will not be needed anymore and will be treated like peeons..they will no longer have any control over anyone or anything. They are just a pawn who will likely be discarded.
        Don’t worry True Alaskans, most of these falsely voted in assembly member’s days are numbered. Their end in power, will come. If/when socialism and communism takes a hold of America, they will be in the same boat we are in… I pray it doesn’t come to that tho. I also pray that these 9 falsely voted in assembly members will not only get booted off the Assembly, but get booted out of Alaska as well…Far out!

    • Barry,

      He proposed 7 million and cuts and the assembly voted to add to the budget. The mayor vetoed it and then it got overriden. Stop complaining unless you could do a better job.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t comic book guy and let them eat cake lafrance vote against the changes originally

  4. They must presumptuously not conflict with our US Constitution. Our freedom to communicate is sacrosanct regardless. The Mayor is correct. We would like the US Constitution to have application in Anchorage. The eight should consider resigning.

  5. I would love it if Bronson sent Constant and his fellow fascists a crate of Depends along with his veto

      • Why do they want to override the US Constitution? No point in asking them at meetings. They imperiously don’t answer questions, return phone calls or anything else for those they allegedly re-present.

  6. Anchorage has three branches of governemnt, executive, legislkative and judicial. MRAK is not one of the three and does not get to decide what is Constitutional. The courts will uphold the assembly ordinance IMO. Public testimony is not silence.

    • Did you even read the article? WHO decided the Assembly’s actions were unconstitutional?
      I’ll give you some time to chew on that one.
      In the meantime how about a review of the Bill of Rights?

  7. What a contemptible and reprehensible assemblage of rogue reprobates those Marxist Nine really are.
    Anchorage voters, are you REALLY proud of your childish and unprincipled ass-embly members?
    I’m not.
    Every one of the Marxist Nine deserve to be facing not the mayor, but a firing squad.

  8. We are seeing this happen all over our country, and if we allow this to go on much longer, we will wake up under single party rule. We are nearing a point in our nations history where the only solution left will be national divorce. These so called progressives are willing to burn the country to the ground so they can rule over the ashes

  9. Seen a new (old) vote for Duncebar yard sign show up this week in the neighborhood. When I cleared the vomit from my mouth. I did some homework to determine that I am in DISTRICT 5. Stephanie Taylor responded quickly to my emails and she answered all my questions and then some.



    Her signs are to be delivered soon and I will be contributing what our family budget will allow.

    Above is a link for a district map color coded to help you figure out exactly what district you’re in. Getting busy people, Anchorage depends on it

  10. Anchorage….you get what you voted for. Rid the assembly of radical left wing nuts. Otherwise it will never change. Born there 59 years ago. Left 31 years ago. Still glad i left. Its an armpit.

    • 5. Just so you know the lunatic, automatic and duncamatic free spatial assembly meeting has been called yet again for tamale, the 28th, promptly at 3:30 pm in the chambers to override the Mayor’s veto because Anchorage really did not vote in a mayor of their choosing. The Anchorage Charter and inept lawyers have made this experience of yet another of endless, free, inevitable, spatial continous meetings yet available once more to Anchorage’s disapproving eyes. It’s like Central Jr. High again but without the principal. :*[

  11. Where is the municipal attorney in overruling the Assembly commie 9 when they defy actual laws?
    These ordinances are not defendable, why are they allowed into the city rules? WTF

    • The US Constitution equals “THE ACTUAL, FOUNDATIONAL, THE REAL LAW OF THE LAND”. The assembly are doing what is wrong in front of witnesses, cameras and all but thumbing their noses at us at the same time with impunity. I believe they should each be discharged forthwith for writing and upholding anti US Constitution conflicting ordinances.

  12. Every single member of the Assembly who voted for this ordinance, or votes for the veto override is negligent in their responsibility to represent the residents and taxpayers of this city.
    If you want to serve on the Assembly, your first and primary duty is to represent the public who elected you to office. That means, whether you like it or not, that you have to listen to them. Even if you do not agree with their position. Silencing the public is a dereliction of your duty as a duly elected representative of the public.

  13. Start suing the petty tyrants who are wasting everyone’s time and money Mr Mayor, the people are with you!

    • My limited research has absolutely shown that the US Constitution equals “THE ACTUAL, FOUNDATIONAL, THE REAL LAW OF THE LAND”. Therefore, what the assembly is doing is a bit wrong in front of witnesses, cameras while all but thumbing their noses at us at the same time with impunity. I believe they should each be discharged forthwith for writing and upholding anti US Constitution conflicting ordinances.

  14. I feel safer when i see private citizens carrying hand guns. This way if one terrorist and one insane person open fires there are ten other armed citizens who can defend the rest of us unarmed sheep before law enforcement arrives.

    Remember the Texas church? If its ushers and members weren’t armed, then the casualties would had been higher during that service. Because of the church’s members quick action and armor the shooter could not inflict more pain on more families.

  15. 9 commies in “their sandbox” they don’t like your opposition so kick you out if you don’t play by “their rules” regardless of what the mayor says or does or doesn’t do for them, the districts or the public in general. There has to be grounds for dismissal for dereliction of duty and or lawful means of termination of employment. It is sad to see elected officials run rampant with what ever laws, ordinances or mandates they so choose or don’t choose…

  16. Here’s the deal Anchorage. After the most divisive winter in its history only 40% turned out to vote for mayor. Half of them voted for a Marxist. You can’t live around the apathetic or people committing mass cultural suicide. Take your love, your wealth and your pride and get to a Red Pasture now and live well. The current system is feeding off you like a tick. Detach yourself from it and the system dies. Remain attached to it, it will take you down with it.

  17. This editor seems to enjoy and foster reckless name calling when referring to our democratically elected representatives. Referring to council members that uphold, honor, and respect the public process “the Marxist 9” is shameful. Please BEGIN to provide responsive, fact based reporting and table the highly opinionated, trashy, editorial commentary.

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