Mayor Bronson defends youth, vetoes authoritarian Assembly takeover of Youth Advisory Commission


Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson today announced his veto of AO 2022-69, the ordinance passed by the Anchorage Assembly to take over the supervision and appointment process to the Youth Advisory Commission.

“It has become apparent that this ordinance that passed has become a vehicle for attempting to silence the voice of youth in our community. The primary effect of this ordinance is to enable the Assembly to bypass the Youth Advisory Commission and select a Youth Representative who has not been selected by the youth of Anchorage,” Bronson said in his statement. “It is sad, that the ordinance was introduced to the Assembly without the Assembly first consulting the Youth Advisory Commission or even advising them that it was coming. Democracy is government by the people, and in this great nation, the people are able to act through representatives elected by them. Our youth, however can’t vote and so they have limited opportunities to participate in our democratic institutions. Anchorage’s Youth Advisory Commission serves this problem by giving the youth in Anchorage a meaningful voice and opportunity to participate in government. Diminishing the role of youth and stripping them of the few powers that they have is simply unacceptable. The Alaska Supreme Court has instructed that government should guard against tyranny in the form of unchecked aggrandizement of power and preserve our constitutional framework enabling citizen participation. Accordingly, I am compelled to veto AO No. 2022-69.”

The Assembly Leftist majority passed the ordinance last week over the objections of the youth and the mayor. They Assembly has the votes needed to override the veto, and it’s unclear if the mayor has an argument to make to the courts about separation of powers.


  1. Just driving around anchorage I see our mayors accomplishments all over. The city looks nice and it’s busy. Thank you wise citizens of integrity for voting mr Bronson to our mayor. Mayor Bronson thank you for your wisdom integrity and guts sir. Team anchorage

  2. The groomers and pedophile enablers on the Assembly don’t want youngsters on the Advisory Board who know when they are being groomed and conditioned by homosexuals and other perverts.

  3. I have never asserted this before, but in this instance the assembly must override the mayor’s veto. Mayor Bronson’s understanding of this matter and his agreement with the disrespectful behavior these young women displayed before and during the last assembly meeting is completely wrong.

    • Then you consider more active protests appropriate?
      The sort of mostly peaceful demonstrations the left brings to cities like San Francisco, Portland?
      Oh, right, this IS Los Anchorage! Will of me to have asked.

    • WHAT IN THE BLAZES IS THEIR DISRESPECT.? They simply stood up for their right to speak the truth. They can’t vote, so the only other way is to speak up!!.. it is the Assembly that IS SHOWING DISRESPECT for OUR Youth.. denying their right to speak the TRUTH. We MUST NOT “cow down” to the Assembly’s leftist agenda.

      • Read the comments from the previous article (see link above) and all will become clear. Barbara was late and the YAC ladies didn’t let her cut in line at the last assembly meeting.

    • The Assembly deserves the disrespect they get. They don’t respect the voters who put Bronson in. They don’t respect the Eagle River community which is why we’re trying to break off into our own city. You can be an apologist all you want for them, I don’t begrudge you for that. Keep in mind that the Assembly chooses these fights and while they have the power, for now, it goes to their heads and they need to be put in their place.

  4. Why can’t we just say it? We have 5 alphabet authoritarians on the Assembly. These people don’t have children, don’t want a family, probably came from traumatic upbringings, are young and career-minded and have no concept what the average person goes through in life. They hide behind the LGBTQIA2S+ victim shield and because of that are able to spew the most vile and evil rhetoric. All this is motivated by a radical far Left social agenda they were taught by their college professors. Why doesn’t a conservative member on the assembly or in government just say it publicly? Let the real conversation about this begin. It might be hard but, we will be better off for it in the long run.

    • LGBTQIA2S+ could be a good thing, Dean.

      Let’s Get Biden To Quit Immediately Ain’t 2 Soon… maybe the + means a second helping…

      It could work… ball caps, tee shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, can’t un-see something like that.

  5. This assembly wants to run Anchorage into the ground and continue to override everything that he does, they are doing their very best to destroy Anchorage and turn it into another liberal progressive shithole. If Conservatives can’t get off their butts and vote then this is what they get and the rest of us Conservatives have to suffer for their laziness.

  6. This is obviously a personal issue for you, Barbara.

    One must wonder why.

    Is it because they are young, and you are not?

    Is it because they are strong, and you are not?

    Is it because of their intelligence, whereas yours is obviously lacking?

    How exactly have they offended you, Barbara?

    By being the antithesis of what you consider yourself to be?

    Respect is earned, Barbara, and you have within your own words proven not worthy of said respect.

    Were it warranted, Barbara, I would pity you.

    I do not.

  7. Ladies, you may not want to annoy the “Leftist Majority” (Peace be unto them).

    A “Leftist Majority” powerful enough to close churches, depriving you of one of your most fundamental First Amendment freedoms, powerful enough to deprive you of your right to free speech at an Assembly meeting, to wreck your education, to corrupt city elections is powerful enough to do many things to you, none of them pleasant.

    We doubt your education included practical applications of Alinsky’s principles to find, fix, and finish the “Leftist Majority” at their most vulnerable… which is not a skillset the youth commission representative should need.

    Good news is among a couple hundred thousand Anchorage adults it’s probably a safe bet more than a few have that skillset and motivation to use it.

  8. Mayor Bronson a true leader for Anchorage! Thank you sir for standing up to leftist commies in the Assembly.

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