Mayor Bronson appoints new chief fiscal officer


Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson has selected Grant Yutrzenka as the chief fiscal officer for the Municipality of Anchorage. The prior CFO, Travis Frisk, left in July and Yutrzenka has been the acting chief fiscal officer since September. He was as the assistant general manager and chief fiscal officer for Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility. 

Yutrzenka has over 30 years of financial and management experience in public accounting, fisheries, and telecommunications working for Anchorage Municipal Light and Power, as well as in the private sector for companies like UniSea Inc., GCI, and Alutiiq/3 SG, LLC.  

He has served on the boards of Anchorage Community Development Authority, Solid Waste Services, Cross Country Alaska, and the Anchorage Junior Nordic League.

“Grant’s breadth and depth of experience in management, finance and accounting, spanning both the public and private sectors, has well-prepared him to serve as the Municipality’s next CFO, a role he has ably performed in an Acting capacity these last few months,” Mayor Bronson said.

Yutrzenka has a Bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in accounting from the University of Alaska – Anchorage. His appointment must be approved by the Anchorage Assembly.


  1. AWWU has been the most humane civil city departments through the covid wool over eyes debacle. Perfect choice.

  2. How many CFO’s is this now ? How much taxpayer resources are being expended with continuous revolving door of personnel in this Admin ?

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