Mayor Bronson announces members of Anchorage economic revitalization team


Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson announced the members of the Anchorage Economic Revitalization and Diversification Advisory Committee:

  • Paul Landes, Senior Vice President, Consumer Services, GCI
  • Shawn Williams, Vice President of Government Affairs & Strategy, Pacific Dataport, Inc.
  • Caren l. Mathis, Sr. Principal Strategic Planner/Senior Project Manager, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
  • Bill Popp, President and CEO, Alaska Economic Development Council
  • Julie Anderson, Commissioner, Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development
  • Bill Taylor, President and Founder, Colony Builders, Inc
  • Evelyn Rousso, Associate Principal, MCG Explore Design
  • Alan Erickson, Chief Technology Officer, Covid Secure App
  • David Hoffman, Owner, Craig Taylor Equipment
  • Jim Szczesniak, Airport Director, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
  • Lori Brewer, President, Café D’arte Alaska
  • Hugh Ashlock, President, Dimond Center Holdings LLC.
  • ACDA executive director Mike Robbins will serve as the chair for the committee.

“I have the utmost confidence in this group led by Mike Robbins to aggressively pursue economic revitalization, expansion and diversification for Anchorage,” Bronson said in a statement. “They have the skills to speed up our economy and a talent for being able to work with diverse stake holder groups.

The committee’s first task will be to identify and recommend for implementation immediate action items from Bronson’s transition report, Robbins said.

The committee will have its first meeting Wednesday, Sept. 8. The first report to the Mayor’s office from the Committee is expected to be complete by January.


    • Great going?, but once it’s built, who’s going to pay for it all the upkeep and any earthquake damages. Remember that it was up in that area where the 2018 Earthquake created a mess..

  1. Good luck. No matter what the recommendations, it will be obstructed by government employees making six figure salaries who never missed a paycheck during the pandemic.
    I suggest everyone buy stock in shovel manufacturers – soon we will all be government workers being paid to dig holes and fill them back in.

    • They won’t have us using shovels. That makes too much sense and is far too efficient. We’ll be using spoons.

  2. At least its about revitalization and not Equalization/Equity committees that we have running rampant here in Juneau.

  3. See this for what it is…a government appointed committee making recommendations to the government on how the private economy should be run.
    In a free market economy entrepreneurs, private individuals separate from government, identify market opportunities and then act to exploit them in order to earn a normal profit by providing goods and services that consumers demand.
    In a centrally controlled economy, like Soviet Russia, the State decides and controls the means of production to give the people what state planners think they need or should have.
    Setting up government committees to advise government on how it should spend our public funds to “revitalize” our private economy is just a big step down the road to full blown centralized planning and control of the economy.
    Government’s role in the private economy is to protect our property and other natural rights and to ensure that we have a level playing field to compete on.
    Government has no business trying to direct our private economy along the path it chooses…that’s just a form of socialism/communism.
    It’s unfortunate that Bronson can’t see that.

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