Mayor Berkowitz endorses Bloomberg for president


Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz has endorsed billionaire New Yorker Michael Bloomberg for president.

According to Politico, Berkowitz joins former Flint, Michigan Mayor Karen Weaver; former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. Two dozen current and former mayors have signed on with Bloomberg, the news site reports.

Bloomberg, the media mogul who entered the Democrat field toward the end of 2019, recently made a massive donation to the Municipality Anchorage under the Berkowitz administration.

In 2018, the billionaire former mayor of New York City arrived in Alaska’s largest city on a private jet to award up to $1 million for a public art project focused on climate change, which is one of Berkowitz’ top priorities.

The money was funneled through the Anchorage Museum, which is a partnership between the museum nonprofit that derives significant support from the Rasmuson Foundation and the municipality.

Bloomberg’s grant, the first in the nation under his climate change philanthropic initiative, went into setting up the Solutions for Energy and Equity Through Design Lab, or SEED Lab. In a vacant building in downtown Anchorage near the museum. The SEED Lab is a think tank and public art space to design projects that relate to climate change solutions.


  1. I’m not sure why the mayor thinks his view means anything. we’re all down on him right now so anything he says it’s going to be a 180-degree turn from where I’m at. But no doubt he is bought and paid for so this comes as a no surprise. What is a surprise is that we’re allowing clowns like this to make decisions in a red state.

    • Maybe he gets to make decisions because the people elected him. Personally I am glad Bloomberg came to Alaska and invested his own money here. Now there is one less vacant building in Anchorage. I do not know how anyone can see this as a bad thing.

    • Dems hate white male people…rich white male people… oh wait! Only the orange white male rich people. Bloomberg will get to skirt all the “fairness” they beat their drum about as well as be their rich, white nominee.

  2. Soon to be former mayor Berkowitz supports Bloomberg for President
    Shocking I’ll tell you. I saw him as a A.O.C. supporter. Fooled again.

  3. The Dems need a Billionaire to run against Trump…now they have one.
    The biggest fear to all the “big money guys”(on either side of the Aisle) is that someone like Bernie will win and finally tax their earnings appropriately.

    • Hahahahahahaha! Steve, do you honestly think the rich people will be paying more in taxes? First, corporations do not pay taxes like you think they do. People pay taxes, not companies. Companies pass along tariffs and taxes to the consumer, and they use our current tax code to avoid taxes.
      Second, money that rich people have are often tied up in stocks, art, cars, and other commodities that are difficult to determine their value. Commodities are only worth someone willing to pay for it. It’s impossible for the IRS to determine their actual value, and that’s partly why rich people don’t pay that much taxes.
      Third, Congress has created all sorts of loopholes for both rich people and their corporations to avoid paying taxes. The only way that Bernie or Warren will ever be able to actually get them to pay those taxes is to demantle our current tax code and start over. I don’t see any politicians willing to do that.
      Fourth, even Warren’s proposals to get rid of dark money donations from politics has loopholes that will still allow several dark money donors intrude into our politics. Same with some of Bernie’s plans.
      I don’t like any of the current people running for president or the man we currently have. I will probably end up voting third party again unless someone new comes along (and not Hillary!). That said, Bloomberg would be the LAST person to run this country. His stop and frisk is racist and led to an unproportionate number of minorities to be jailed for nothing more than being black. His tax on soda is ridiculous and hurts the poorest people, like the Native Alaskans who live up north, for an example. And anyone flying around in a private jet while spouting “climate change!” has lost my support. I’m tired of the “Do as I say, not as I do” and “For me but nor for thee” politicians and activists.

    • Steve Stine……’re forgetting that Bernie is also a big money guy. He’s not gonna tax the big money guys. He’s going to tax us!!!

    • No, Steve. Use your head. The biggest fear to all of us is that communist Bernie Sanders would ruin this country’s financial prowress and everyone would become a slave to the state and to a few powerful, unelected bureaucrats. Climatards, crazies, and unstable Democrats would be in charge.

  4. Bloomie’s just purchased himself another democrat. $2 billion spent in this year’s election cycle’s gonna purchase a LOT of democrats, maybe the entire party. Bloomie doesn’t want to be president. He wants to be an oligarch, in charge of the party he is purchasing. Cheers –

  5. This country does not need an anti-gun nut who is obsessed with disarming law abiding Americans while he himself is surrounded by a phalanx of armed bodyguards.

  6. Berkowitz and Bloomberg will have something in common in Alaska. They will both be handed their hats and shown the door. The more money Bloomberg spends on buying Alaska votes the more Alaskans will reject him. People who criticize the SCOTUS decision in “United” should reconsider. How else can multi billionaires be defeated other than with money from PACs being used to support their opponents.

  7. I’d like to see anyone come and try and take my weapons, socialist or not. This isn’t going to be another night of the long knives, the way they took over Germany.

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