Matt Barth: Rank the Red or we lose our seat in Congress



Let me start by saying I am no fan of ranked-choice voting, and I believe we should work to repeal it. In the meantime, it is the system we have. We must choose to win, regardless of liking the system or not.

As conservatives, we are hesitant to change, mainly because so much of the change we see around us is terrible, so we fight against it, as we should. Where we fail is refusing to adjust after we have lost the fight. We must shift quickly, adapt to the change, and commit to being successful until we implement a better system.

Thousands of us sit back upset, complain, and wallow in self-pity instead of figuring out how to win with the new rules. We put our emotions ahead of our core values. We already lost our U.S. House seat to a Democrat because of this refusal to adapt, but fortunately, there is still a chance to fix it.

We need to learn from this failure and thank God some of the pain from this misstep will be short. Conservatives will quickly retake the seat if we rank Republican candidates #1 and #2. That is all it takes, and we send a Republican to Congress.

No conservative can honestly say Congresswoman-elect Mary Peltola better aligns with their values and positions more than Nick Begich or Sarah Palin, so rank them #1 and #2, and we will win!

I do not care if you like them; they are the ones we have, and we must come together to secure a victory. Since the candidates have not come together on this issue, we must take it upon ourselves to be the leaders of our movement and rank them both. If we refuse to adjust, we simply hand our opponent, who will likely vote in lockstep with the Biden agenda, a victory, and we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

All it takes is #rankthered and we stand a chance to defeat Biden’s anti-Alaskan and anti-American agenda. 


  1. Good luck with this. The two sides would bother prefer to burn down the state than budge.

    The most toxic politician in Alaska against the most toxic political name in Alaska. Mud slinging for everyone.

    And who loses? We all do.

    • You should look past NB3’s last name and get to know the man.
      I have and did, in fact I met him and visited one on one with him tonight.
      I voted for him the first time, and will again. (I held my nose and ranked Sarah 2nd, to “rank the red”)

      Nobody is more Conservative than I am, and I believe that NB3 should be our next representative in Congress….

    • Thus said the spokesman for the left. Vote accordingly Alaska. Apparently the ADN has been abandon, even by the left. Perhaps we can pick it up for a few pennies once they go broke.

    • Hey Jon: That’s what you got. A Democrat–MARY—A Big Spending, Tax Raising Liberal, that you get to vote twice for. You should be happy, you got what you wanted. NURSE: Next patient please.

    • Jon:
      Thank you for taking a stand. Not enough people do that these days.
      However, can you please not screw over the rest of the state while doing it. Suck it up and put the party that is interested in your personal liberties in, instead of the party that wants to squash any voices that disagree with them, and take away your right to self protection.
      Look, I do not want either of them, they are both flawed. Nor do I want Murkowski anywhere near DC again, but I would rather have a RINO that I disagree with 70% of the time, than a democrat I disagree with 100% of the time.
      Suck it up buttercup, hold your nose, do what is best for the state and put your personal feelings aside.

    • Huh. Did I miss out on the the ‘3 for 1’ sale on tired political labeling?

      Pretty clear you are trying to emulate a conservative, but are falling way short.
      Are you trans-conservative or something? (Do I need to learn new pronouns?)

      If you want to ‘pass’ – perhaps you should try saying something nice about white people?
      You never know, just might help!

    • I am no Palin fan but the woman was born and raised here just as also was Mary Peltola. And you don’t think Peltola won’t be a liberal tax-raising big spender? I predict she will jump right into the pond with the rest of the swamp left, continuing the downward spiral of our state and nation. I will say for Palin, she seems to enjoy going against the tide and currently the tide in Washington is flowing left, therefore she likely will go upstream and not jump into that pond. I will rank her over a Peltola.

    • Jon, are you for shutting down the oil industry? Losing your 1st, 2nd amendment rights? Record inflation, border crossings, crime, paying college debt, more IRS to go after small businesses whose costs will be passed on to consumers? Did you believe in vaccine mandates that lead to thousands of discharged military and healthcare workers, school closures? Parents being called domestic terrorists for wanting a voice in their children’s education? Being compared to nazis by the president? How any conservative can vote Democrat in this political climate is mind boggling.

  2. I didn’t see a single Peltola sign in my neck of the woods. She really doesn’t need to campaign much, or do anything more than just sit back and watch the two Republicans tear each other apart.

    The Democrats learned how to play this sort of system in Maine -> The party tells one of their candidates to drop out, and they drop out. We could learn from that.

    • “……We could learn from that……..”
      Conservatives never learn, even if the lesson includes intense pain. Hardened hearts and thick skulls preclude learning.

  3. Great commentary. It’s too bad most of the people here can’t Do as I did, hold my nose and rank them one and two. Sad really. We will probably be stuck with a Dem for 4 years.

  4. Hey Jon: That’s what you got. A Democrat–MARY—A Big Spending, Tax Raising Liberal, that you get to vote twice for. You should be happy, you got what you wanted. NURSE: Next patient please.

  5. Hope both sides listen.

    Nearly 50% of Begich voters were not of the same “rank the red” mindset. About 29% of Begich voters picked Peltola second. Several conservative, lifelong Republicans told Must Read Alaska they voted for Peltola second to block Palin from office. They find her too polarizing.

    Another 20% of voters didn’t vote for anyone else after they picked Begich.

    • Better the Wicked Witch of the North than the Wicked Witch of the East (Hillary) or Wicked Witch of the West (Pelosi). And probably even better than the Nice Witch of the North (Peltola). Most likely, we’ll end up experiencing the tenure of the Nice Witch, and it will almost certainly be like Good Ole Mark Begich, the nicest Demonrat I ever met. A nicer and friendlier guy you’d be hard pressed to find. His vote brought us ObamaCare. Did you thank him?

  6. I still have to say Begich is unknown to me.
    The name is scary, and blood is thicker than water, the Spruce Hen does not fall far from the tree, and I just don’t know.

    • I thought you radical leftist extremists do not believe in human nature, Whidbey?
      You know darn well that all the woke (and patently insane) neo-Bolsheviks believe that human and biological nature is whatever they want it to be, such as in their denial of fixed biological gender.

    • “Cooperation almost always wins out over conflict……..”
      Were you born in Fantasyland? Cooperating with criminals never works, despite what the liberals tell you. Eventually, you have to destroy them, or they will destroy you.

  7. And with that Democrat, you’re going to get Democrat results. Are you happy with the higher crime and higher inflation? Are you happy with the over 5 million illegal immigrants since a Democrat took the White House? Are you happy with all the fentanyl also coming across that same border? If you honestly think that Sarah Palin wouldn’t work to reverse this awful trend, then go ahead and let that Democrat win. As for me, I’m ranking the red!

  8. Well I guess you could follow Barth’s advice, or not. Its not going to matter. Personally, After voting a straight conservative ticket since 1978 without error or omission, I finally wised up and joined the majority of Alaskan’s who are eligible to vote…….

    I took a pass in the last election and I’ll likely do so in the next one as well.

    • So, tell me please, now that you’ve cut off your nose to spite your face, how are you feeling?

      Judging by what you wrote, you think you’re feeling perfectly fine, but deep down in side you know you’re doing nothing more than lying to yourself.


    • Thanks.
      I would rather have you sit it out and not vote, than pull the “I hate Palin so much I voted Democrat” BS. A non-vote is much better than a protest vote.

    • “…….I took a pass in the last election and I’ll likely do so in the next one as well……..”
      I hope you’ve surrendered all your firearms, too. Your surrender and submission will eventually need to be complete.

  9. BEGICH: Concerns–his last name, his relatives, his limited website info about his positions, his past vote for Berkowitz: Positives: his endorsements; his demeanor and positions during interviews; not a career politician
    NOTES: most people have someone in their family–parent, child, sibling–that does NOT represent their view of the world; Begich COULD have lied about voting for Berkowitz . . . most politicians would have; if the people supporting Begich are liberals (Showers, Allard, Vance, etc.) then their are no elected conservatives

    PALIN: Concerns–her drama, her spending, her disconnect from the state, her suspect commitment to finish the job, her endorsement of Bill Walker; Positives: reliable on social issues (Pro-life, Pro-religious freedom), liberals hate her, well-connected so carries a bigger voice than one House seat usually would
    NOTES: Don Young himself had a penchant for drama and spending; while she spends a lot of time outside, she is not a transplant to Alaska; she is conservative enough to bother Pelosi ;); just because she is not as conservative as some would like to believe does not mean that she is not WAY more conservative than Peltola; do we really want to pick our candidates based on personality? the media will always give you a “nice” liberal to vote for if that works with voters . . .

    PELTOLA: Concerns–she aligns with the anti-American socialist agenda of the left, she will vote with Pelosi and Biden, she did not run on policy except for pushing her pro-abortion stance; Positives: she seems likable . . . at least while the media treats her as their darling and the conservatives shoot at each other leaving her unscathed
    NOTES: All Peltola had to do was show up and smile . . . and later she can vote for the Green New Deal, new gun restrictions, and national laws in favor of abortion.

    In short, we don’t choose our candidates in a vaccum. You might not trust a Begich claiming to be conservative. That does not mean that you should trust a Peltola claiming to be a liberal. You might not trust a Palin who is not as conservative as you would like. That does not mean that you should trust a Peltola who makes no efforts to appear conservative.

    Maybe I’m wasting my time. Perhaps, Alaska simply does not care for conservative values such as smaller government and greater individual freedom. Perhaps, aligning with Pelosi, Biden, and Obama is really what Alaskans desire. Hard to believe in a state that voted for Trump twice, but I guess we keep sending Murkowski back to DC as our representative . . . I’ve got concerns about all the candidates, but I will be ranking Begich and Palin (and Chris Bye) ahead of Peltola. Begich, Palin, and Bye all give us the best chance of moving conservative policies forward. Please vote like it if that matters to you.

    • Before you put your foot in the mouse project going why don’t you look Nick up and listen to some of the people that have looked him up might help actually but will never see you admit you are WRONG about him. Raised by his maternal grandparents in FL. Grandfather a pastor , raised in a Christian conservative home.

    • “…….Positives: his endorsements……”
      Don’t forget that Nick endorsed Uncle Mark for U.S. Senate the year that Andrew Weissmann framed Ted Stevens for bribery, and got away with it so completely that he is still repeatedly trying to frame Trump for something…….ANYTHING.
      Great positive comment.

  10. What you say about “rank the red” being the only way for Republicans to hold the seat is exactly correct. My only disagreement is your opinion that afterward ranked-choice voting should be discarded. Alaska voters showed their good sense in approving a system that can improve elections and politics and will be a model for other states.

  11. This guest writer hit the nail on the head and I see it the same way.
    Will look forward to more from this writer.

    RCV inherently punishes political competition and aggressive media coverage – because it creates hard feelings and bullet voters. Under RCV, candidates are instead rewarded for ‘making nice’, mysteriously dropping out as a favor, and using identical talking points. Which ultimately takes away actual voter ‘choice’ when candidates eventually adapt and learn to ‘go NPC’, grey, tasteless, featureless.

    Palin and Begich are not going to adapt, make nice and cooperate unfortunately – they are treating this race as a traditional primary. Advantage: Peltola. I prefer Palin as the MAGA candidate, and would accept Begich as a consolation prize, but this system is designed to force Alaska Republicans to duke it out in the final round of voting, maximizing Democrat chances to steal the seat. I’m not optimistic.

    I would suggest a rapid recall for Murkowski, as she is responsible for this mess….but a recall isn’t a closed Republican primary – Democrats/Natives would just come to her rescue again. And 2028 is a long way away.

      • You are correct that they cannot be recalled by voters, but they can be impeached or expelled, and U.S. Senators have historically been both impeached and expelled.



  12. I’d prefer Begich. However…with Peltola we know what we’ll get and there will be a few pro-Alaska surprises.

    Palin is a sheer opportunist and besides her screeching rhetoric, there is nothing about her to even suggest she is conservative.

    So with Palin we don’t know what we’d get, besides someone drawn to media heat like a moth to a porch light.

    I vote R 99% of the time, but Palin won’t be 1st or 2nd.

    As a matter of fact, the more I hear about being a “responsible” conservative and voting Palin, the more tempted I am to vote Peltola 1st.

    Have you no idea how arrogant you sound in your and your kindred’s way of telling us how to vote?

    If Palin’s elected, she’ll be sniffing around in 2024 for a cabinet job if the GOP returns to the White House.

    • Ah yes, another “I’d rather cut of my nose to spite my face than vote for ___________.”

      You can fill in the blank however it suits you.

    • “…….If Palin’s elected, she’ll be sniffing around in 2024 for a cabinet job if the GOP returns to the White House……..”
      An Alaskan Secretary of the Interior, or Secretary of Energy, or even Secretary of Transportation could be huge. Secretary of Interior Walter Hickel was key in the history of TAPS, which I would guess you enjoy your PFD from. So what would be your problem with that, exactly? Because it’s the woman you love to hate?

  13. Why not have a vote for none of the above? If 50% votes none of the above then bring in another bunch within 30 days to play your ranked choice voting. This voting scam locks out any other party, ie. libertarian, green, constitutionalist. Sick of this red or blue ticket BS.

    • “Why not have a vote for none of the above?…….”
      Because we’d never get anybody elected, and we would end up being in a 24/7/265/forever state of political campaigning. Think it’s crazy now? I can’t imagine a better path to true political anarchy than voting no to everything.

  14. Alderson must be a Democrat. Palin would at least vote more aligned with Republicans. Petola has already said she would support CRT, HR1, all the big spending bills. Petola will vote with the Democrats. Palin won’t. Begich won’t.

    • Sarah Palin was a consistent liberal as governor. More liberal than Bill Walker . She doesn’t have the moral or intellectual fortitude to stand up to the left.

      • “…….She doesn’t have the moral or intellectual fortitude to stand up to the left.”
        She might now, after what the Left did to her, which essentially created the mold to what they’re now doing to Trump.

  15. I could never vote for Palin. Period. You can hate Peltola’s politics but there’s no doubt she cares more about Alaska than Palin does. Sarah is toxic. She’s far more dangerous than any lapdog democrat.

    I’ll Bullet vote for Nick once again and let the chips fall where they may.

  16. Matt, I agree with everything you said and this would work if Palin wasn’t on the ticket. I just don’t trust her and feel like a vote for her is a vote for a RINO. I wish she would just drop out for the Permanent Election. The out come of this race was really lost when Al Gross dropped out. Had he still been on the ticket the vote splits would have been distributed better between the two parties and we would have seen a different outcome. Sadly, even The Quitter Palin didn’t rank choice Nick. She said she voted 2nd for Mary, that speaks volumes about her opinion on her own party. I wish Palin would stick to AZ and her self obsessed self and leave Alaska out of it.

  17. I’d absolutely rather have Palin (first preference is Nick Begich, of course) than ANY democrat. And very especially Peltola.

    Her ads showing on TV here in the Kenai market (via translator from Anchorage) have Peltola claiming to fight for freedom, when she is trying to hide from being in favor of murdering unborn children. Shameful on its face, and disingenuous deception (some might call it lying) to the voters.

    • Oh, Peltola will absolutely fight for your freedoms. Your freedom to kill the unborn. Your freedom to mind altering drugs. Your freedom to get a useless college degree.
      The freedoms she will not fight for are those protected under the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendments. Those are the very same freedoms her democrat caucus is trying to squash, and she will walk in lockstep.

  18. I rarely have one choice I’m excited about voting for in an election and definitely not 2. I doubt there is anyone who doesn’t feel this way which is why I am convinced that proposition 2 did not legally pass. The fact that none of the gutless politicians, DNC, or GOP are demanding a forensic audit of the vote for proposition 2 shows that either they are complicit in destroying what little credibility was left in our elections or are too stupid to question it – whatever the cause, they definitely shouldn’t hold an elected office. Sadly, they will and people will twist in the wind about how we ended up this way.

  19. Sometimes I wonder if commenters on MRAK are operatives for a Democratic super pac, who are tasked to make stupid comments like the one from Jon Anderson, here, in order to destroy the morale of conservative voters and make us all look bad. #Rankthered

    • If Palin gets elected, Alaska will be represented by a fiscal liberal for decades. If Peltola gets in, we can replace her in 2024. I would rather have a short term Democrat than a long term RINO who is indistinguishable from a Democrat.

      • Jon: So you are saying your SMARTER than Trump.. And that you can see into the FUTURE, and that we should all listen to you. The Zombies are lining up. To Follow Their Leader.

        • Sarah will never love you. Ever.

          But it’s funny as hell to see one of the lead Palinheads accuse anyone of being a zombie.

      • “If Peltola gets in, we can replace her in 2024.”
        That is mighty optimistic of you.
        I am pretty sure whoever gets into the House for the next Congressional term is going to be there until they decide to retire.

    • That would make sense! I don’t understand any conservative who would vote for Peltola. I’d leave the ballot blank, before ranking a Democrat.

      I’ll be ranking the red.

  20. Not convinced. A RINO is as bad and the people of America are fed up, done with liars and crooks. The GOP needs to hear them. They voted in Trump, the GOP lied again. Now hes gone, the true colors come out. Dont chastise us, Chastise the hypocritical GOP. Yes use fear to scare and manipulate. “Oh no a progressive will win, what shall we do!” Hopefully become motivated enough to elect solid people who dont lie cheat and take advantage of others. Grow a spine and stand up for principles and stop telling us we need to compromise our values so a jacked up party gains control. That jacked up party needs to step up, or lose. Ill take care of my own life thank you. Hopefully enough fed up Alaskans are ready to stand for something better than just voting Red because of fear. Fear= False Evidence Appearing Real.

  21. And look at the choices we get from the 2 sides. That’s the best they can offer and we stupidly vote for them. Thousands of good people and we choose another politician who will vote for their own interests and lie about it.

  22. Yes! Rank the red!

    If Palin wins, she’ll quickly tire of the drudgery of being in congress – all the meetings, the handshaking, the meet-and-greets, the tedious committee and floor sessions, having to read all those legislation summaries, and mostly because, as one of 435, there won’t be that much limelight to bask in. The only good she’ll do is helping the republican party to take the majority. Once she’s ticked of that box for her resume, she’ll do what she’s really good at: quit. Then we’ll be able to elect a real representative.

  23. Nope. Can’t do it, won’t do it. If for no other reason the rhetoric I’m reading from GOP leaders.

    I am a citizen. I am not a Party Member.

    I never thought that in all my years I’d hear such distasteful language in this republic, from either side.

    There is a conspicuous absence of leadership from either side of the spectrum, it is merely a contest of jingoism now.

    So no, despite Peltola’s many failings, the more I read and hear GOP hysterics the more inclined I will be to cast my first “D” vote of my life.

    The fact is, we are a republic. Those who represent us have to have a defined sense of empathy and ability to work with people of different priorities and values, without that, we fail as a republic.

    So NO to Palin, lackey of jingoist-in-chief.

  24. Once again, the comments above show the complete disconnect with the typical Conservative voter to adapt and overcome. Conservatism and Liberalism are ideologies. You either support one or the other especially in this divided political system currently in play. The numbers from the vote showed that Conservatives working together would have won. It was simple infighting and stubbornness that lost this election, nothing else. If all of you never Palin/Begich bullet voters can’t see past the personality to achieve the ideology, then sadly you will condemn this state to control by the Liberal minority. When in England, you drive on the opposite side of the road. You still drive, but by a different set of rules. In Canada, you govern your speed in kilometers per hour, not miles per hour. You are still covering ground, but using the rules in place to determine how. It’s the same with voting now in Alaska. The rules changed. We can still get from A to B, but we need to get there using the rules currently in place. Stiff necked stubborn resistance only hurts the Conservative ideology and promotes the Liberal ideology.
    Please wake up and use your God given brains to consider this.

    • Justin: Really well written. I was going to go Bullet for Sarah, but now reconsidering. To all the SCREAMERS out there, this post by Justin is how you change minds.

    • I suggest you move beyond ideology. That creates problems beyond your near vision.

      One problem with making it into an ideological contest, fewer people are involved in defining their orthodoxy.

      That has happened with both the Democrats and the Republicans.

      The Democrats used to be a moderate organization with a focus on the economic issues of blue collar workers and small farmers. Now the organization is now run by revisionist radicals and their message, their jingoism has no firm reality to rest upon…so they create one.

      The Republicans used to be a moderate organization with a focus on the economic issues of white collar workers and businessmen. The Republican party now is increasingly being influenced by reactionaries and their message, and their jingoism also has no firm reality to rest upon, so they also create one.

      The more influence either one becomes, the more precarious our republic’s survival is.

      So…with my vote(s) I will not support the radical jingoist Palin.

      That’s a long winded way of saying, radicals have no place in American politics.

      So it’s not so much being anti-Palin or anti-Trump, it’s just that so many of us are tired of those lunatics of the Left or the Right.

      Folks just want that one calm person who says “I’ll do all my best for all my people” without inciteful accusations…basically an old fashioned Republican or old fashioned Democrat…either one, just represent us

  25. Still waiting on the Division of Elections to release the information on who Mary Peltola voters ranked second. Must be some damaging info in there for them to be slow walking the release. If Peltola voters ranked Begich second he has a very big problem come November. And for those who are considering bullet voting – don’t do it! You are basically letting a potentially biased or corrupt election official(s) rank your vote for you with a quick swipe of a pen. Would have been much more secure to allow those who didn’t want to rank the vote to be allowed to X out the remaining slots, but then RCV was not designed to be secure – it was designed to keep Lisa Murkowski in office. It appears to be working as planned.

    • I like your comments. I hadn’t realized that Peltola’s 2nd rank votes are still not public information, and agree – it will be telling. I look forward to MRAK reporting this information as it becomes available.

      -Voting record shows Palin (abrasive, no vaxx, anti-Obama) is anchored by MAGA social conservatives.
      -Begich is trying to straddle the line and pick up anti-Trump Republicans and Democrats that don’t feel comfortable going fullbore ‘woke’ with Peltola.

      I can accept a pragmatic argument that moderate Begich is better than losing the seat entirely. I don’t agree with it, because that thinking is exactly why we ended up with Murkowski, but its an honest argument at least.

      But these Begich boosters insist on pushing the dishonest line that Palin is somehow the real ‘RINO’- when the voting record clearly does not back this interpretation.

      I get that its a tactic to try to drag Begich through the 1st voting round – but its being executed so clumsily, they come off as D-voters doing bad R-impressions, just to throw a turd into the swimming pool.

      • Remember that our US rep is only one voice and one vote in Congress.

        Whether Congress turns R or stays D this next cycle our Rep has to be able to deal and work with other Reps representing other interests and viewpoints. It’s a more than full-time job, specially if you’re the tiniest of them all. If you’re divisive, if you’re a bully, if you’re not an effective salesman…then it’s not for you.

        If you are concerned about your fame and spend your resources promoting yourself, the fewer resources you’ll have to promote the interest of your constituents.

        So…never Palin. Ever. See “divisive” and “bully”

        • Counterpoint:
          ‘Divisive’ – yes, supporting RW positions tends to make progressives hate you.
          They much prefer the brand of Republicans that will kneel to St. Floyd, push ‘commonsense’ gun control, and seem vaguely embarrassed by pro-lifers.

          It will be interesting to see who the Peltola voters ranked second. Who did the progressives prefer as the moderate ‘kneeler’ in this race?

          Don’t over-inflate importance of the House seat. It took Don Young decades to have any clout whatsoever. Nick Begich would be a ‘literal who?’ until the 2050s – at best. Sending Palin to Washington DC, on the other hand – much like AOC or MTG, she’ll have the hostile attention of the national media from time to time. Trump demonstrated repeatedly – that hostile media attention can be manipulated for benefit.

  26. I am Ranking the Red starting with Nick Begich as my first choice for a Representative to push Development of Alaska Resources, Alaskan Jobs and Alaska.

  27. I disagree with this article. Sarah Palin is just another narcissist. She has demonstrated time after time that she is only in politics to advance herself. Remember that she resigned from the governorship because the job was too time-consuming and she wanted to spend more time cashing in on the National publicity she achieved after running for Vice President. She doesn’t care one but about Alaska or Alaskans. And if she was elected, she would be an embarrassment for Alaska, probably aligning herself with idiots like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert. I would much rather have Mary Peltola representing Alaska in Congress than Sarah Palin, and will rank Mary above Sarah in November,

    • Do you know of any politician that is not a narcissist? Perhaps you know of one that is not only in politics to advance themselves?
      Please share the names with us. I am eager to know what politician is in it for the greater good.

  28. In order to get Sarah Palin out of Alaska politics forever, and hopefully out of Alaska, Conservatives will have to bite the bullet again and rank Begich #1 and leave all else blank, or vote for Peltola as #2. It’s the price 50% of Conservatives will pay to finish her off. We did it in the Special Election and we’ll do it again in November. NB3 filed for Young’s seat many months before Palin got her nose into it. Palin is a mental mess and has created an unmendable division among Conservatives. She is poison.

    • You are absolutely correct there Julia.
      We have to destroy the village to save the village.
      Better to have a Representative that will vote lockstep with the economy destroying democrats, who will vote to disarm the law abiding and responsible citizens, will push for letting criminals walk free, and open the borders to drug traffickers. Absolutely the best move.
      Household incomes plummeting? Who cares? Cost of living skyrocketing? What’s the diff?
      Homeless on ever street corner, not just downtown? Yep, that is preferable to letting Palin get the seat.
      Want to retire comfortable? Not on the stock market that is coming if the Dems continue to hold full power in DC. Looking forward to WWIII? Keep doing exactly what you are doing. The moment the Iranian nuke hits Tel Aviv, the end of the civilized world is days away. Ohh… but the democrats are pushing for the Iran nuclear deal. Sure… a regime that has lied about everything since 1978 will live up to the deal… Right…
      You really think that choosing to let a socialist get into Congress for a full term will make Palin go away? Really? Not exactly realistic. Better to have a RINO you do not like, than a known enemy of the citizens of the State.

      • Wow CBM, nice job of making a bunch of stuff up! I am not sure where you came up with that complete load of nonsense. The unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in over 50 years. Wages are up. Biden and the democrats have finally enacted an infrastructure bill that will employ millions and pay great wages, while fixing crumbling infrastructure that has been neglected for decades. Trump tried for four years to get an infrastructure bill passed, but the Republicans in Congress blocked his efforts. The only legislation Trump managed to pass was a huge tax cut for millionaires and large corporations, which created a huge deficit. Biden’s strategy of helping Ukraine stand up to Russian aggression seems to have worked. While the war has caused energy prices to spike, that has benefitted Alaska’s finances, and every Alaskan will be receiving a larger dividend this year to help offset higher fuel prices. Then there is the fact that Trump and his MAGA followers tried to stage a coup, and Trump is a brazen criminal and a wannabe dictator for life who almost certainly will be indicted and prosecuted over the debacle involving his stealing top secret documents and then lying about not having them, If the choice is more prosperity and progress under Biden, as opposed to the failed Trump administration, I choose Peltola over the crazed narcissist that is Sarah Palin.

        • Nonsense and lies, every bit of it.
          It is especially insulting to be fed the lie about the supposed “insurrection”, in which not one gun was carried by any so-called “insurrectionist”, and in which the only person killed was killed by the police. Go peddle your hysterical and astronomically exaggerated lies elsewhere.

        • Making stuff up. Not really.
          Unemployment rate is not an accurate gauge of the employment market. Workforce participation is. And guess what is quite low right now? Yep, working age people who are not seeking work.
          But… infrastructure funding…. The reality, and history is abundantly clear on this, massive funding programs like that simply increase the cost of the projects. Right now, in major construction projects the cost is skyrocketing. It is so bad that the BiPartisan Infrastructure Law might actually result in less work happening than if it never passed.
          Trump, by the way, did get a lot of infrastructure work done. He got budgets increased for most Federal Agencies that provide grants to States for infrastructure improvements. But, you will never hear about that in the news.
          The tax cut for millionaires resulted in an average 16% cut for the lowest earners. Yes, the poor people get a 16% tax reduction. But, again, you will not hear about that in the headlines.
          Higher fuel prices, please tell me you are not buying the Russia/Ukraine war is in any way responsible for that. The practically doubled before Russia even mobilized troops to the border.
          Prosperity under Biden.
          Like lower household income, higher food and fuel prices, food scarcity? Dependence on other nations for our energy needs? Maybe you think letting your utility company control your thermostat is the right thing to do, but I do not.
          Perhaps having China 100% in control of the materials we need for our green energy economy is a good idea in your book, but not mine.
          The amount of unsupported and unprovable claims in your reply is staggering. Here is a pro tip. Read more than just the headline. Usually around the 10th paragraph you will get the real info.

          • Wrong as usual CBMTTek. Oil prices were around $80/bbl before Russia invaded Ukraine and shot up to $120 shortly after the invasion. Source: oil The labor force participation rate fell to around 60% during the pandemic, and has been increasing steadily since Biden took office. Source: ‘ Trump’s tax cut was enacted in 2017. IRS data on the 2018 tax season released in May 2019 shows that savings for taxpayers were uneven. Taxpayers who saw the largest refund increases had an adjusted gross income (AGI) of at least $200,000. Tax returns showing an AGI of less than $100,000 paid less income tax overall, but returns with an AGI just above $100,000 (many middle-class families) owed more tax, on average. I could go on and rebut your other points but you just made stuff up in your post So it’s not worth my time.

        • There is a technique called “lying with statistics” and your reply to my comment below is a master class in it.
          First of all, the cost of a barrel of oil is not what I was talking about, it was cost at the pump. Gas/diesel cost will inflate the cost of everything else. And, the cost of a gallon was close to double what is was in Jan 2021 when Russia invaded Ukraine.
          Try comparing the workforce participation BEFORE the panicdemic shutdowns. I find it difficult to believe that a leftist such as yourself even thinks that is a valid comparison.
          Tell me, do you prove global warming is reality by comparing July’s average temperature against January’s?
          If your so sure you are correct, why fudge the numbers???
          Finally, comparing dollar reductions instead of percent tax paid is another way of lying with statistics. Tell me, do you think the richest among us noticed a few additional dollars in their refund? Whereas, I am absolutely sure the lowest earners were thrilled to see their tax burden go down.

          • Sorry, edit for clarity:
            “I find it difficult to believe that a leftist such as yourself even thinks your data is a valid comparison.”

          • You know what. I am even going to go further than that.
            The moment you choose to use workforce participation from the depths of the panicdemic compared to today, you demonstrated one of three things. Either:
            1. You are stupid, or
            2. You think I am stupid, or
            3. You are so desperate to prove your point that you will knowingly use bogus stats to avoid admitting you are wrong.
            Any of the three are enough to dismiss everything you have to say. If you are willing to deliberately provide cherry picked information to rebut one claim, you will do so again. Not going to waste my time discussing issues with someone who is so confident they are right that they have to lie.

        • “……The unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in over 50 years…….”
          Never mind the fact that you can’t find anybody to work and everybody is looking for employees. The official rate is perfect!
          Maybe that’s because nobody qualifies anymore because they can’t pass a drug test or qualification requirements, so they aren’t even looking for work?
          Works for me, as long as they live on the street down in the balmy temps if Southern California and not in the Sullivan Arena.
          Come to think about it, I remember the high unemployment and stagflation of 50 years ago. Bought my first house in Anchorage in the mid-70’s paying nearly 11% interest, and never had trouble finding work…….because I worked.

  29. Actually, Julia’s strategy is sound. Sarah will put her Wasilla home on the market if Peltola wins again in November. She is relocating to Florida. Our joint custody scrap is creating a huge pile of hardship. Sarah has a master plan just for herself. If she wins, she plans on being Speaker of the House, then a run for President in 2024 or 2028. She has lost all sense of reality and the entire family is turning into one gigantic psycho case. Please do not rank Sarah for the sake of the children. Begich 1. Peltola 2.

    • “…….the entire family is turning into one gigantic psycho case……”
      That is obviously true of you, too. BTW, is your sister still in jail?


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