Mask-em-up, coerced vaccines: Biden is all in on federal workforce rules


My body, my choice? Not so much for federal workers. Masks and coerced vaccinations are the new norm in the Biden Administration.

President Joe Biden is reimposing mask mandates at all federal facilities, and vaccine mandates as part of a rollout of department-level orders that began with the Veterans Administration earlier this week, proceeded through the Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security. Masks must now be worn even by those fully vaccinated.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy of Alaska is not expected to follow the president’s lead on this matter. Dr. Anne Zink, the state’s chief medical officer, said this week the governor will not impose mandates and in the past he has reiterated he will not. His stance is that a governor in Alaska doesn’t have authority to issue statewide mask mandate.

Dunleavy also has a standing administrative order prohibiting vaccine passports for state facilities.

In Anchorage, the new mayor, who on his first day in office wrote an executive order ending mask mandates on city property, said there will be no citywide mask mandate. For a libertarian-leaning guy like Mayor Bronson, there is no question about vaccine mandates. Like Dunleavy, he has always said it is an individual decision.

In the Kenai Borough, Mayor Charlie Pierce put out a strong statement Wednesday objecting to any child being forced to wear a mask in school. He has been a strong advocate for consistent, science-informed policy and personal liberty.

In Juneau, it’s a different story: Anyone entering or occupying an indoor City and Borough of Juneau facility or area of an indoor facility must wear a cloth face covering when required by notice posted by the city manager.

Biden unveiled his mask mandate for two million federal employees on Thursday. The mandate states that anyone who works for the federal government — including contractors — are required to show their vaccine “passport” or evidence of being vaccinated against Covid-19, or will have to be tested for Covid up to two times a week in addition to wearing a mask.

During a press conference, Biden snapped at a question posed by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, who asked why Biden was so inconsistent in his mask mandates, saying just a few weeks ago that fully vaccinated Americans do not need a mask.

Doocy said, “In May you made it sound like the vaccine was to the ticket to losing the mask forever.”

Biden replied angrily, “That was true at the time. I thought people would understand that getting vaccinated made a gigantic difference. What happened was a new variant came along, they didn’t get vaccinated, they were spread more rapidly and people were getting sick. That’s the difference.”


  1. There are at least 117 patents associated with the Corona viruses for research dating back to 1999 and the misnomered vaccines. There is nothing novel concerning Covid-19. Moderna applied for at least two “vaccine” patents before SARS-2 was publicly acknowledged present outside laboratory controls. Vaccinologists are very concerned that what are being referred to as “breakthroughs” of vaccinated individuals are actually cases of antibody dependent enhancement. This is a disaster for public health, vaccinated individuals contract the SARS-2, carry higher levels of virus and spread the enhanced problem rapidly.
    We must prohibit any private or government employer in Alaska from mandating vaccines or masks, and prohibit the mandated use of masks in public. The effects from the release of SARS-2, intentional or not, is being disastrously managed and increasing the risk and damage already caused.
    Previous serious diseases and viruses have been prevented through vaccines that are effective and safe. We no longer have polio, for example. Once vaccinated the individual does not need repeated testing and ADE or other multipliers making the health hazards worse were not created.

    • That’s exactly how the creator of MRNA technology explained it. The ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) has really prolonged the virus and not given it the opportunity to faze out.

  2. It’s all politicized, there’s no science behind it. Just like what happened to HCQ and now ivermectin they are suddenly demonized as unsafe and even deadly so big pharma can make zillions off a deadly vax.

  3. The Left, through Covid and masks, has found a means to exert broad control over people without solid reasons supporting that control. Average Americans will have to decide if that is something they want and whether it is consistent with our Constitution, laws and traditions. Unfortunately, the current President is senile and unable to provide principled leadership. I fear for our future.

  4. And when this evil administration tries to lockdown the nation again, (and trust me they will, it’s coming very soon), Americans need to say HELL NO! All of us unvaccinated just need to hold out for three years because by then most of the truth of the dangers and death associated with the vaccine will become more apparent than it already is. Why else would they want to push this in the arms of 100% of the population other than to cover up their crimes against humanity? Dead men can’t talk. Remember that, dead men can’t talk. We told all vaccinated morons that this vaccine will not protect you from Covid and that you all would be the super spreaders. Time always tells the truth. It’s just a matter of time. And soon the majority of you walking lab rats will be dead or too sick to function. Just wait, it’s only a matter of time.

  5. I chose to get the Trump vaccine to protect myself from the COVID-19 infested illegals that Biden is sending into the interior of the country to spread the virus and suffering of legal residents. The Democrats stole the election by blaming the illegal rule changes that allowed illegal votes to stuff the ballot boxes in their favor. They realize that to remain in power they must continue the charade into the 2022 congressional election. They are willing to shutdown America once again to make sure they remain in power forever. Americans must wake up and take their country back.

  6. Montana has a law prohibiting mandatory vaccination and masking. We need the same (except for leftist legislature and judges).

  7. As long as the usurper and chief is in office and not convicted for his numerous crimes against U.S. Citizens, America does not exist. We are currently living in a State of War against a communist insurrection. What they are doing now has been planned for over a decade. Trump warned us what was to come after they stole the election with the help of the CCP in China. It is time for all patriots to stand up and be counted for the sake of liberty and our Constitution. Alaska needs a full forensic audit of our elections and voting registration roles. Capt. Seth Kestrel (ex-military intelligence) has drawn up an Election Fraud map of the United States based on historical voter registrations by Party, changing populations by census and voter trends in elections. There is damning evidence of rampant election fraud in numerous States including ALASKA! Telegram has an election integrity section that tracks election integrity proponents by State, who are organizing audits. We need to start connecting Alaskans to our States group and push for a statewide audit! If anyone knows who is running our group please respond to this with a reply on who to contact.

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