Marijuana task force named to review state taxes, fees


Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy announced appointees to the Governor’s Marijuana Task Force. The governor created the task force to review the current marijuana tax and fee structures and regulations applicable to marijuana operators and provide recommendations for improvement to the Office of the Governor.

In addition to the Alaska Department of Revenue commissioner, the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development commissioner, and the director of the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Agriculture, Dunleavy appointed the following:

  • Aaron Staissney (licensed marijuana operator)
  • Sam Hachey (licensed marijuana operator)
  • Gary Evans (licensed marijuana operator)
  • Brandon Emmett (licensed marijuana/concentrate)
  • Ryan Tunseth (licensed marijuana retailer)
  • Frank Malone (limited licensed marijuana cultivator)
  • Leif Abel (standard licensed marijuana cultivator)
  • Nick Miller (member on the AK marijuana control board)
  • Jana Weltzin (public member)
  • David Pruhs (representative for city, borough, or municipality)

The Task Force will meet monthly and submit a report of findings and recommendations by Jan. 13, 2023.


  1. It is shameful that he only appointed marijuana advocates, so we’ll only get recommendations for lower taxes and fees, and decreasing regulation. One more step down the rabbit hole of evil.

  2. What about an oath integrity force we need that. I guarantee you the one an only company that will ever be up for sale is dominion voting systems. We need an oath integrity force why are oath breakers bullet proof on earth. It’s like the ones committing the worst crimes are oath breakers. Why dose it get covered up and it just goes on an on till we end up like we are now citizens. Look at our country it’s oath breakers that caused this.

    • The greatest oath breaker of our lifetime is a guy named Donald J. Trump. Maybe you should bang on about him for a while. At least then we’d all understand what the heck you’re talking about.

  3. Weren’t there supposed to be so many taxes gathered through the sell of legal marijuana that the streets were going to be paved with gold, the bums would be gone, the schools would be the best in the country? Lol

  4. It is about time that the taxes were revisited for Cannabis. Presently, cannabis is taxed at $50 per ounce for flower and $15 per oz for all waste products. That comes to $800 per pound plus the cost of waste products. When the wholesale selling price for legal cannabis is only $3200 to $3600 and after expenses, there is little to no profit and businesses will fold.

    A point of sale tax is the better way.

  5. Seems like the deck is stacked in favor of the MJ Industry with this panel. Why aren’t there any medical, religious, and/or civic leader advisors appointed?

  6. My opinion may not be popular, but it is why the Democrats are leading in the culture war. I say STOP this illegal taxation of small business. Free the entrepreneur from this tyrannical theft of profits. Stop marijuana discrimination. Don’t believe me?
    This is why Fetterman won … even with his mush brain. The Boston tea party rioted over a 3 CENT TAX! THREE CENTS!
    Where’s your sense of Liberty patriot!?

  7. I agree with you. Was appalled that it was not more balanced. “community member” means nada. Is this person pro or con?

  8. I’m not understanding why some people are so up in arms about marijuana being legal. No one’s forcing you to smoke it. If others want to fry their brains, let ’em. Heck, maybe they have the right idea. At least they can enjoy blissful ignorance while America descends into a communist hell hole.

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