Manhole missing cover in downtown Anchorage after it mysteriously blew

Firefighters work to secure a manhole that lost its lid on Wednesday in front of City Hall in Anchorage.

The U.S. military may have lost track of an F-35 Stealth fighter jet in South Carolina earlier this week, but today in Anchorage Alaska, a manhole cover blew off its hole in front of City Hall and city workers began searching for it. As of this writing, it had not been found.

Firefighters and other city workers searched the roof of City Hall from the Clerk’s office, but the manhole cover was not spotted. The search continues. Update: The cover was finally found inside the hole.

The missing manhole cover may be related to a power outage reported around City Hall and at the Atwood State Office Building on 7th. Chugach Electric reports that 230 customers in downtown Anchorage are without power at this hour.


    • No, but it only took 3 minutes for someone to blame Hunter…sometimes it’s like a skipping record around here–nothing original, just the same half a chord over and over…

      • Oh, I see… It was YOUR hot air explosion that caused that unidentified flying disk! This one’s not a Chinese spy balloon, and it doesn’t look like any Ukrainian gas was involved, so we can rule out hunter on this one.

      • Jaded, if you think Johnny was actually blaming Hunter Biden, rather than cracking (yes pun intended) a joke, I see little hope.

        • I don’t know about you, but I don’t laugh at the same joke that’s told over and over and over…I was just hoping for some original thoughts or commentary–or maybe even a new punchline. But it’s true, I’m often disappointed in the comments being such an echo chamber of non sequiturs; still, there are periodic gems that provide a new perspective or insight. These just aren’t them.

          • I agree, It gets very monotonous when One Person puts himself in the spotlight time after time.
            If the DOJ would simply do their job He could simply serve out his sentence and be done with it.
            He has a lifeline of big city Lawyers that will keep ducking and dodging by going down every rabbithole possible just to keep Daddys boy out of prison.
            Who’s fault is that?
            Certainly not Suzanne or the commenters.
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    • Whether or not jaded was involved. Then again, proximity to the orbit of Jupiter might have had some influence…

  4. How much will this cost MOA property tax payers? It took fire fighters? What reason, they have no idea, and MoA employees are there just for a check and benefits. Smh…

  5. Suzanne the term for the object in question is called a person hole cover. Men and women are now equally qualified to crawl around in the sewers of our cities.

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    • Are you sure that “son” isn’t a female offspring with a prostate???
      To be save (it is after all at city hall) call it “androgynous material concealing an earth opening to provide safety, equity and diversity.”

  7. If it involves a manhole in the vicinity of City Hall, I would suggest putting Chris Constant in charge of the investigation. I am sure that he will get to the bottom of it in no time.

  8. As a youngster, more than once, I heard:: “Why are “manhole” covers round?”
    Ans: So they won’t fit through the hole.
    Theoretically, the circumstances imply an implosion. Now that would take some “splainin”.
    Thanks for the laugh.

  9. It would be best to not replace it until a thorough investigation can be done and studies can be conducted using MOA approved union contractors. Traffic studies, drainage studies, environmental impacts, all the normal procedures. Union payed guards under MOA contract should be posted for safety until all investigation and studies are complete and recommendations can be reviewed and a course of action found. Don’t forget the portable bathroom for the team. Then the project, whatever it has evolved to, can be put up for selective bidding. In the meantime, the area should be quarantined for safety purposes.

    • Do you mean the things next to the invasive species of cherry trees? Must be devices unknown to common citizens, but they must cost a fortune. Or maybe art.

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