Man indicted for three counts of murder of unborn child


Anchorage District Attorney Brittany Dunlop announced Thursday that an Anchorage Grand Jury indicted Iohani Wilhem Dean, 21, on three counts of Murder of an Unborn Child, Manslaughter of an Unborn Child and three counts of Assault for the domestic violence assault of Chloe Fuimaono, 21, which led to the death of her unborn child. 

The charges are interesting, since abortion is legal in Alaska, with no limit on abortion based on how far along in pregnancy a mother is. An abortion can be performed at any stage and not be considered murder.

Although it’s a felony to “murder an unborn child” if it’s intentional, Alaska law carves out an exception for abortion: The law does “not apply to acts that cause the death of an unborn child if those acts were committed during a legal abortion to which the pregnant woman consented.”

The child who was killed was more than 36 weeks old at the time of death.

Dean has a history of violent incidents throughout this year, as seen in his Alaska Court system file. Dean will be arraigned in Anchorage Superior Court on Friday, Dec. 8. If convicted, Dean faces a sentence of up to 99 years of imprisonment, a fine of $500,000, or both. 


  1. Another Double standard. Another example of how us sinful people use unequal weights and measures which is an abomination. proverbs 20:10 “Unequal weights and unequal measures are both alike an abomination to the LORD.” False weights and unequal measures — the LORD detests double standards of every kind.

    Poor baby and poor mother if she truly wanted baby. Things happen. Looking on the bright side, the death of this baby and the grief following can make the mama a better mama for the next baby because of what struggles she endured and overcame by losing this baby.

  2. Another example of the disconnect from reality that sinful human nature — and idiotic laws — are capable of. Right up there with transgender surgery and homosexual “marriage”. But let’s not just beat up on liberals and leftists. Remember, abortion is used by alleged CONSERVATIVES and CHRISTIANS, according to consistent and very accurate polls.

  3. That unborn infant is known by God. The hairs on its unborn head are counted. It will remain in God’s memory. How horrific the Satanic acts of Anchoragites can be who dislike God’s love these days.

  4. Child killers/molesters need to be tattooed across the forehead if found guilty. Let the law of the jungle handle them once they get to their destination. Or if they survive and get paroled they should have the “scarlet letter” for life.

    • You’ve never heard of sex offender registries? Seems to me we already have that. There’s also the inherent prejudices of LEOs based on what APSIN says about a person.

      • Registries count on the offender doing the right thing and registering. I want public shame for such people. There is no forgiveness on this offense and someone who does it can not be rehabilitated. Of course I could be wrong. I’m not talking about the 19 year old with a 17 year old.

  5. Sin is a religious construct and if you’re not religious (as is likely the case w/ Mr. Dean); you’ve never sinned.

    I certainly never have.

    I vote that you religious nutters go jabber about your favorite fictional characters, fantastical afterlife destinations that no one has ever been to and maybe add in some stuff about a second coming but leave actual real issues of crime and punishment to those that have a less distorted world view.

  6. Pardon the community expressions of shock and attempts to comfort Christian believers with hope that a loving God is not limited by society chaos producing such harm. People who believe holy scripture understand that scriptures cite that God knows the number of hairs on one’s. How shocking to say to hat. The potential of that child remains in God’s memory. God’s will in every plane will be done. not just human anger departments will apply.

  7. “… three counts of Murder of an Unborn Child, Manslaughter of an Unborn Child…” How do you get three counts of murder out of the death of one individual?

  8. The prosecutors overcharge and present the possibilities to a grand jury who only considers investigatory evidence, selective witness testimony, etc. Most grand jury members are unsure of charging thresholds and have only the prosecutor’s explanation of written charging statutes. The grand jury doesn’t want to mess up so they often return a true bill on every charge. Let the trial jury sort it. It’s a timesaver for prosecution and a way to mau-mau the accused into a plea deal.

  9. We have some serious cognitive dissonance in our society if, for example, a drunk driver can hit and kill a pregnant woman – who was at that moment on her way to get an abortion – and be charged with two homicides. Regardless of your views on abortion, you can’t have it both ways: The fetus is either a separate human being with its own right to life, or it’s not.

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