‘Make America Great Again’ is racist, Alaska women’s group says



Hold onto your hat: The Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault took to Facebook yesterday to label all types of white supremacy, and “Make America Great Again” made the list.

“If we’re serious about eliminating domestic violence, then it is vital to understand and eliminate all forms of subjugation including sexism, racism, homophobia, and xenophobia and thus eliminate hate and bigotry,” the post stated.

ANDVSA called for confronting “Make America Great Again” as a “covert form” of white supremacy:

“We can take action to end hate in our communities by working to understand and confront the socially accepted expressions of white supremacy,” the group wrote.

ANDVSA posted their chart showing what overt racism is, versus socially accepted white supremacy:

Near the top, just below racial slurs, jokes, and the KKK, the group has placed President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan. If readers are to believe the group, MAGA is racist, in the same league as police murdering people of color.


The State of Alaska appropriated $12.1 million to ANDVSA in 2017, and $12.6 million for fiscal year 2018, for a total of nearly $25 million over two years.

The group states its mission as: “To be a collective voice for victims and survivors and to support those agencies and communities working to prevent and eliminate domestic and sexual violence.”

The group lists its specific and primary purposes as:

1) To provide training, technical assistance, legislative and legal advocacy, pro bono attorney connections and resource materials to victim services agencies and other stakeholders;

2) To provide coordination, planning, training, and technical assistance to those who are working to create and implement domestic violence and sexual assault prevention strategies and activities;

3) To provide communication and linkage among programs and organizations whose primary focus is the prevention and intervention of domestic and sexual assault;

4) To expose the roots of domestic violence and sexual assault in the institutionalized discrimination against women, children and those who are viewed as having less power;

5) To assure that voices, experiences and expressed views of survivors of sexual and physical violence are a guiding force and

6) To identify, challenge and change issues of gender, race and related oppressions that contribute to violence.

 ANDVSA was incorporated in 1980 and has receive hundreds of millions of federal and state dollars to help end domestic violence and sexual assault. It has adopted an ever-changing set of “primary purpose” principles over the years.

According to the University of Alaska’s 2015 Alaska Victimization Survey:

  • In 2015, 8 out of 100 women had experienced intimate partner violence, sexual violence, or both in Alaska during the previous year. This was a 33% drop from 2010, when it was 12 out of 100.
  • Intimate partner violence decreased by 32%.
  • Sexual violence decreased by 33%.
  • 6,556 fewer women experienced intimate partner violence in 2015 than in 2010.
  • 3,072 fewer women experienced sexual violence in 2015 than 2010.


    • Not only racist but, they do not help victims of domestic violence. I am living proof and have the story to prove it. We need to file a class action lawsuit against this fake organization asap.

  1. I am just amazed by this. How did this entity ever get my federal tax dollars to push this drivel. The chart is a racist, bigoted, political identity crock-o-crap. Defund this.

  2. Tragic that such divisive racist divide & conquer organizations like ANDVSA can be funded by our tax dollars. It’s obviously media and Globalist supported, because it intentionally leaves out the real terrorist hate groups like Anti-Fa (contradiction in terms) Black Panthers, and all the liberal George Soros funded organizations, which are dressing up and posing as Nazis, White supremacists…Ad Nausea! Just keep in mind that our Government and media are lying about the true identity of these Clinton, Obama Soros sponsored, trained and funded Terrorist groups!

  3. Unreal….I wonder how many soccer moms who support ‘Make America Great Again’ realize that they have been labeled a ‘Covert White Supremacy’ and that somehow they advance domestic violence by not working on Columbus Day…

  4. Very sad.
    There are so many women and children who are genuine victims of domestic violence and sexual molestation, and these clowns are taking money they receive to help those victims, and using it to pay staff to create stupid drawings and propaganda material, explaining that the the greatest country in human history is……..racist.

    These people that hate America, and see racists hiding behind very bush and under every bed, are pathetic.

  5. Is there a good reason we are not demanding their tax exempt status be withdrawen? And how about we demand they be defunfed of our tax dollars while we are at it?

  6. I will be calling my representative .. theses funds need to be returned … MAGA is a representation from Elected President of the United States that he wants for ALL OF AMERICA…it does not designate any one color .. BUT ALL OF AMERICA

    ….ANDVSA is a bigoted, racist movement

  7. It’s a real stretch to link “Make America Great” again to White Supremacy and racism. Educated guess says that is more of an anti-Trump agenda than a quest for a level playing field. America is a veritable melting pot. The U.S. umbrella encompasses any number of nationalities. We do not chose the color of our skin; the content of our character is a work in progress impacted by the choices we make to a large degree. No nationality has a corner on racism. See nothing wrong with wanting to see this country successful; making America great again does not mean one buys into white supremacy, racism, nazi-ism, etc., as implied. For the sake of argument, one might see a correlation between what Trump’s predecessor did or did not do (said or did not say) and the increased # of police officers being shot for no other reason than that they wear the uniform. So the story goes. The layered triangle is wrong on so many levels. Even includes the celebration of Columbus Day…really????????

  8. Is this organization an advocate for women or just fronting for a extreme leftist agenda? Unfortunately it seems more and more that you have to buy the whole extreme agenda or be labeled as a racist.

  9. This extremist, man hating race bating organization should lose all public funding. The author of this biggoted article should have a psychiatric evaluation.

    • Leave Suzanne alone – you would not have known ANDVSA existed had she not written. If you intended the comment about the author to be sarcastic, be plainer please! Yes, defund – and fire all their State employees for being racist. We have enough trouble with domestic violence without making it a race issue.

  10. The statement “Make America Great Again” implies that it was once great, then not-so great- and now needs to be made great again. If we look back to years ago- be it 10 or 20 or 50, we can see that we have become more accepting of other cultures, women have more support in pursuing both a career and a family, men are allowed paternity leave, and so on. To imply that these are things that made America not-so-great is indeed a slap in her face (America’s) because we are great. We do not need to be “great again” as we never lost that. When you think of trump agendas and the executive orders he has signed, and the things he has not supported, the list includes things that will harm our foundations: equality (talking about grabbing pussy, belittling people with disabilities, taking children and adults away from the only life they know, taking funding away from the way most of us educate our children) you can see the erosion of equality. We used to be proud of being the country that took the tired masses- we used to be proud of working towards the “American Dream”. We protected our lands, our subsistence indigenous cultures, and our offer of support for those who were down and out. Make America Great Again implies that to do so means to do what trump is and has done: allow hunting practices that will decrease the ability for remote populations to survive as they do and have done for year, giving consent (making it ok) to refer to a women’s pussy as something to be grabbed- making women defend their right to respect, taking money away from an already strained education system without finding just solutions, breaking apart families because mom or dad brought the family over the border in search of a better life, diminishing the support of planned parenthood away from helping the millions of women it has helped (again- directed at the female population), attempting to make medical care obsolete for many, attempting to disqualify transgender people by removing equal rights to serve in our military, taking away a woman’s right to choose, I could go on and on- so yeah, the slogan is representative of moving backward to a time when our country was striving to move ahead. It stands for a time when women were viewed as “part of the problem” when raped, when African American people did not have the right to live free and equal (though we have still a long way to go for that one), when any minority had to fight, and I mean fight, to be treated equal. trump’s slogan has encouraged racism, it has encouraged segregation, it has encouraged inferiority. Look deeper. I know this message will not change anyone’s mind. It is not meant to. It is an explanation of how many of us see what is happening to our beloved country now.

    • You place a different definition of what is great about America than those who voted for Trump do. And the things you are going on about show that you do not understand our founding and what made America different from the rest of the world.
      Most of the things you fear happening are not happening. Innocent people are not being deported in droves and families have not been ripped apart. Medical care is not obsolete or anywhere near it.
      The federal government was never not meant to run everything for everybody. The fact that it has been allowed to grab so much power and money is why you are so upset about who the president is. If they didn’t have so much power, it wouldn’t make that much difference to you. We were designed to have local governments control most of those issues so that if you weren’t happy about it, you could visit your representative or move. And some of those issues were to be in the people’s control, not government.
      Many do not agree with the brashness of Trump, but the alternative was worse. A corrupt woman who was married to an accused rapist that you probably idolize. It’s selective outrage.
      If you really look at things objectively, you will see that not that much has actually changed and by almost every metric, things have improved – GDP, employment numbers, stock market, etc.

      • You make a lot of assumptions here. Yes things have changed. Do you have your head in the sand? Obviously you are blinded by rhetoric. My message is clear. I use strong examples to make a point because of the forum. I do not expect not want federal gov. To run everything…another assumption. You degrade Clinton by saying her husband was an accused rapist but you support a pussy grabber? Hmmm. Innocent people have already been deported, and no, medical care is not obsolete yet…thanks to Obama. And you are a fool if you believe the numbers you mention are trumps doing, you are sadly mistaken. You put a “man” in office who has become a laughing stock to most of the world. And yes, that is embarrassingly far from great.

        • “Innocent people have already been deported” If they came here illegally, they broke laws and are not innocent. Would you say that an innocent person when to jail when they knowingly cheated on their taxes? We are allowed to have laws to control the immigration into our country and to enforce them just like every other country.
          Additionally, most that have been deported have been guilty of other crimes as well. Obama allowed many who were vicious criminals to stay here and many American citizens were raped and murdered when they didn’t have to be.
          Let’s look at “strong examples”
          -“giving consent (making it ok) to refer to a women’s pussy as something to be grabbed- making women defend their right to respect”: Ridiculous. Men treat women no differently today than they did last year. As I already said, many who voted for Trump have aspects that they don’t like about him. It’s possible to approve of some things and not approve of others based on principles, rather than the person in office.
          – “taking money away from an already strained education system without finding just solutions”: Nothing has been cut. There was a proposal to funnel some of money to encourage more choices for parents. I strongly support that. Education systems are to be run by the states, not the federal government.
          -“breaking apart families because mom or dad brought the family over the border in search of a better life”: He reversed something that was not done constitutionally and that also encouraged parents to send their kids to another country, landing many of them in human trafficking situations. Congress needs to pass laws, not the president or else we have a dictatorship. Even Obama’s lawyer for DACA (Eric Columbus) admitted it was not constitutional and would not hold up in court. He gave time for Congress to find a solution the way it should have been done to begin with.
          -“diminishing the support of planned parenthood away from helping the millions of women it has helped”: Unfortunately financial support from the federal government has not diminished.
          -“attempting to make medical care obsolete for many”: Attempting to fix the problems of the awful Obamacare is not trying to make medical care obsolete for many. Were you upset about the millions who were tossed off of their plans due to ACA? How about those who had huge increases in their premiums? Obama flat out lied about what ACA would do and people are suffering because of it.
          -“attempting to disqualify transgender people by removing equal rights to serve in our military” The military can and has rejected people for many reasons and many generals believe that they are a distraction that is not good for the military. A bill was passed that transgender medical needs would be paid for in the military. That would encourage every transgender who wants surgery, but can’t afford it to sign up and those surgeries are extremely expensive. Also, transgenders have a much higher suicide rate. That is not good in the military.
          -“taking away a woman’s right to choose”: Just what can you no longer choose today that you could choose last December?
          These are also ALL just a difference of political opinion. Most are fears you have and that, at worst, would affect a very tiny percentage of the population.
          I know that your hatred doesn’t allow you to see anything but that Trump is evil. The left loved him for years when he was a Democrat. I think that is why they have such contempt for him now. He even received awards http://www.theamericanmirror.com/1986-trump-received-ellis-island-award-along-rosa-parks-muhammad-ali/ and was praised by Jesse Jackson http://dailycaller.com/2016/08/29/1999-jesse-jackson-praises-trumps-commitment-to-minorities-under-served-communities-video/ He was never accused of being a racist until he switched parties. That whole narrative is getting really old. Those in power like the division and chaos and are stirring it up. That is not who America is. We are a generous and tolerant country. That has not changed because Donald Trump was elected.
          Whether or not you believe it, the vast majority of people who voted for Trump are not racist and they want what’s best for the country. They also really do want many of the same things that you do. It’s a shame we can’t have civil conversations anymore or be allowed to have an opinion that varies from the Democrat party without being called all kinds of names.

          • There is just so much wrong with your message, I do not know where to start. So I won’t. You are right- it’s getting old. You will see…you will see. And no, most of us who are democrats never liked trump and what he represents.

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