Lynn Gattis files for office


Former Rep. Lynn Gattis has filed for office — but is it for House or Senate?

Gattis is the former representative for House District 7, but she left the legislature after running for Senate and losing to Sen. David Wilson for Senate Seat D.

Now, she could run for either of those seats. Colleen Sullivan-Leonard is retiring from District 7. Christopher Kurka has already filed for what is a the safe Republican House seat in Wasilla. Wilson is up for reelection this year, after serving his first term.

Gattis said her big focus will be the eoncomy of Alaska and doing what the state did after the 1964 earthquake, which is to rebuild through big projects.


    • Well Lynn is a long time business woman and I assure you she stays within her budget. She is calm and knows how the legislature works. She would bring much needed leadership to it.

  1. Rep Sullivan-Leonard has been a very reliable conservative in the House – very intelligent and hard-working. I’m afraid that Representative Gattis was anything but that – for example taking out funding for Public Radio in the subcommittee process so she could then ceremoniously put the funding back in later when the media were present. If she actually does run we need someone more reliable than she was when she was in the House. Her staffers quietly indicated she was helter-skelter. We have neither the time nor the money to be represented by people who work both sides of the street, and we need people with Rep S-L’s insight and leadership. Senator Wilson is a bit of an enigma; he is OK but it’s unclear if he will ever get his feet under him and become a leader.

  2. Well if she does it will be a three way race. Just saying…I pulled over 4k votes on a state wide campaign and she got 6k. I spent 1/10th on my campaign. I have lived all over the valley from Settlers Bay to now Meadow Lakes. I feel I will be competitive. I have a great committee, I stand for the full PFD and you can check out my Website. StephenWright for State Senate DOT Com…

    Thanks, Suzanne for Not deleting my Comments.

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