Lyn Franks, Democrat, to challenge LeDoux for HD 15


This isn’t Lyn Franks’ first rodeo.

She challenged Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux in 2018 for House District 15, but lost to the Republican incumbent in the General Election, 1,380 to 1,139 votes, in what is a perennially low-voter-turnout district that leans Republican.

Franks had advanced to the General Election last year on the 193 votes that she received in the primary, enough to propel her to the past two opponents, Patrick McCormack and Rick Phillips, 143 and 84 votes respectively.

Franks is an adjunct instructor at the University of Alaska Anchorage. The 63-year-old from Winter Haven, Fla. has a masters degree, is married to Marla Mosher, and has served as the district chair for the Alaska Democratic Party. She is on record for enshrining the Permanent Fund dividend in the state Constitution.

She has filed a letter of intent to run against LeDoux in 2020.

If there’s any question about how Left she is, one need look no further than one of her recent social media posts:




  1. An experienced woman with sound ideas for the people of the state, not some misguided idea that our loyalties lie with corporations. She’s got her head on straight – more than I can say about that flip-flopping prolifer lawyer.

    BTW, ratemyprofs is right on! She TEACHES like we were taught in the 70’s and before! Read (a LOT), do your assignments, listen & take notes during lectures and show up for class!
    It’s university, not preschool. Students then KNOW history, unlike so many under age 45 yrs nowadays!

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